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We live in a success-orientated society. If someone has succeeded in business and climbed the social scale, he is labeled successful and wins the respect and admiration of his fellows. Success can be a wonderful experience. If it has been achieved by hard work, the acceptance of responsibility brings a sense of deep satisfaction seldom coming in any other way. But one of the dangers of success is that, apart from pride, snobbishness can develop; it can even turn a positive and radiant personality into one who disowns humble beginnings and refuses to acknowledge those who helped him to achieve his high position.

Success, therefore, must always be handled with care for, however successful, the possibility of later failure, perhaps through circumstances beyond our control, is ever present (remember Haman in the book of Esther!). So it is a sobering thought that however successful you may be, there is always that possibility of ultimate failure. The important question is, has your success equipped you to handle failure?

Wise is the person whose success is founded on spiritual principles and who is constantly reminded by prayer and meditation that all achievements are given by God, to be held in trust and used for His glory. Whatever comes our way, success or failure, we will be able to meet it with the guidance of His wisdom.

Bro David Banda Yelulani

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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