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Thank you for the article you wrote in the last Gospel News, including the photo in remembrance of Bro William Casivant. It was a good article. Bro John Warner (San Franciso Peninsula) even mentioned it to the ecclesia on Sunday. I do miss Bro William.

The prison work does keep me busy besides the family and work in the ecclesia. Some days it is hard to keep up because I also have to pay attention to my health these days. I do find the prison work is difficult because of authorities, but it is like that all over the world. The sad cases are the sex offenders. I never in my life thought I would be dealing with this subject, but there you have it. I am finding they are not all the same, but they are lumped all the same and branded for life like Cain. There is Megan's Law which will not allow any sex offender anywhere near children, which means they can NEVER attend an ecclesia. Brothers and sisters have to go to meet with them if possible. Then they have strict rules. I'm learning more about this all the time.

One man in prison in Mississippi is a sex offender and there is no ecclesia for him to attend. He didn't think he could become a Christadelphian. He is about to finish Bible Basics and just wrote that he has stopped doing any other Bible studies that have anything to do with the Trinity. I will be sending him another Bible course soon.

Love in our Lord Sis Marilyn Seagoe

Comment: Sis Marilyn has done much to help prisoners come to the Truth for many years. Incidentally, I forgot to add Trinidad, where we often publish news from Brother Constantine who also learnt the Truth from ‘Bible Basics’ whilst in prison on Death Row. That makes seven countries where prisoners have recently been converted to the Truth from ‘Bible Basics’ in Prison. MH

Sis Marilyn Seagoe

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