view as web pdf Do We Celebrate Natural or Spiritual Births?

Setting our eyes once more on John 3:5, we noticed Nicodemus; a master of Israel, did not know the obligations needed by God from his forefathers Abraham and the prophets etc, to come to Him in humility.

When we are baptized we show that our old sinful life is put off and that we then put on the new man in Christ. The question is whether we should consider and celebrate natural births or spiritial births? Do we take the idea, ‘except a man be born again’ as serious. Hardly ever we hear that a bro/sis. is celebrating a spiritual birthday. Most do celebrate the natural. My opinion is, we do both if need be. We may use both as a form of preaching the Gospel, especially on natural birthdays where, on most occasions, nothing is mentioned of the importance of one’s spiritual birth which is eternal. We should tell our friends and relatives that our spiritual birth is more important than our natural birth.

Comment: In my own Ecclesia we have an arrangement whereby a nice card is sent to each of us on our baptismal birthday. This helps us to consider the honour we have in being born into God’s family. MH

Bro Bua Moses (Cameroon)

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