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Brethren Michael Floyd and Wilfred Alleyne from Birmingham UK were able to travel to Candu and experienced warm and meaningful fellowship. We arrived early Monday morning around 9-30 a.m. and settled in to our comfortable lodging at Templeton’s house. There was a week’s school holiday, so we were unable to witness the crèche in operation but there were still over a dozen local children being cared for during the holiday. From enquiries it seems that the crèche is functioning well with nearly 30 children attending. Everything was neat and

Playtime on Jungle Gym tidy and cupboards all locked up. The borehole is working well after the last renovations by Bro John Shrosbree and all the village benefitting. The ecclesia has many interested friends locally and in neighbouring villages and although we planned to have a class nearby, this class was cancelled at short notice. This allowed us to spend more time with brothers and sisters and fix the many problems with Dorothy’s computer. Various problems were discussed with the members and possible solutions put forward. The area has been blessed with excellent rains over the past few months so there is no sign of the drought that was so devastating last year that saw so many cattle and sheep dying. The rain tanks are full and the area is wonderfully green. Sadly, the wash away of the roads meant that the car experienced potholes and dongas (South African for deep sided gully created by soil erosion) that were far beyond the call on normal duty. Shock absorbers will need to be checked carefully when back home! Only 4x4 can get down to the crèche. Bro Wilfred led a Bible study on “What happens when you die” which was well attended by members and friends. The unaccompanied singing was wonderful and the meeting vibrant. We were blessed afterwards to interview two ladies that had been attending for over a year and heard excellent confessions of faith. When asked when they would like to be baptised, we were pleasantly surprised to be told – “how about tomorrow morning”! Plans were put into place to arrange baptisms in the Bashee river, about 10k’s away. Next day we had a braai which we had planned for approx 20; over 35 were eventually fed. A long journey to take the cook Sister Nozuko Bula home was then undertaken in the dark. A memorable experience not to be repeated!

Bro Michael Floyd (Port Elizabeth)

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