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God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to look after it and care for it. Adam was not going to do this alone for Jehovah. God was time and again coming and inspecting the work Adam was doing. Adam was working with God until his fall.

We, as brothers and sisters in Christ have been mandated by Christ to take care of his farm - the ecclesia of God. We should do this voluntarily and devote our time and energy to bring a big harvest to the Lord at the end of our tour of work. This is a noble work, and no individual should claim superiority and work or labour as a lone ranger; rather we should emulate the apostles in their approach and also learn from the humility of our Lord.

The farm is the Lord’s so we should try as much as possible to work with God in our daily tasks. The vineyard is big and ripe for harvest, but the labourers are few. We should pray earnestly for God’s kingdom to come, while working with God in our lives. The apostles worked with God, and the fruits of their labour can be read in The Acts of the Apostles, and the epistles. They were quickened by the Holy Spirit and, even today, we are guided by the spirit word of God - the Bible. So let us all work with God. CHINA | Our new brother MA - seen here with Chinese Bible Basics literature

Bro Gordon Achieng (Manyuanda, Kenya)

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