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My family, our Ecclesia and I are pretty well here in Kinshasa. We thank you so much for the work you are doing for God. Be blessed! Our prayer is to be together with Jesus Christ in his Kingdom soon.

Bro. Kim's in his office, reading the Gospel News Below: The Kinshasa Ecclesia and Bro. Jadot

About the Bibles, we have shared these among brethren and sisters in Kinshasa. I have difficulties about the pictures because my camera was broken when I came from Mbandaka last month and I can't have another. But, I used my best to have these. After Kinshasa, we sent the French Bibles to brethren, sisters and friends who don't live in Kinshasa (10 Bibles at Mbandaka, 10 at Nkana, and 5 at Kunzulu and 5 to Maluku).

I am learning English and I am now in the first level and we must have three levels (three months each level), which means we will have nine months. I am not at all able finish to pay tuition fees for six months; I pay 20$us per month.

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