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I received the New Testaments with commentary, they are really wonderful. I am distributing them to people. I like the way the Bible Companion is in it, as always we ask people to read the Bible for themselves, but people, especially Russian Orthodox, have no idea how to actually do this in practice.

--Bro. Leonid

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We are very pleased to report the baptisms of ALI, MEHRAN, DAVOUD and DARIUS; may God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.


Thankyou for the books. I have given them out to some friends, some are interested, but would like to meet you personally. Thank you that you care for us Iranians here.

--Bro. Mehran

Photo: Bro. Mehran after his baptism in Antwerp

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I am just writing to tell you that things did not go well for me with regard to my application at the immigration. My case was first rejected in May 2011. I was sent to the appeal court , at the beginning of November; I went to my appeal hearing, and no decision was taken, and I was told that my case will be taken to the foreign affairs service, I have to wait until I hear from them. I am very stressed, it even worsens my health . When I came here, I was following my wife as I last saw her in 1994 during the war in Rwanda ,and my son was 1 year old , now he is over 18. When I arrived here , I was informed that the woman was married to a Danish man. It is not good news for me ,but I had to be realistic and strong enough to take it as it is. I am desperate please pray with me.

--Bro. Mayele

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We are very pleased to report the baptisms of OMID, SAJAD, TAYEB and AZADEH; may God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.

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We are very pleased to report the baptism of Sister H; may God keep her strong in the path to His Kingdom.

NEWS FROM ISRAELview as web pdf  


I would so love to come to my native Ukraine for the Bible School, I envy you all there. But age and health and other reasons mean I don't have the energy or other resources to get there. May God bless you all and send Jesus back soon.

--Bro. Vladimir

NEWS FROM KAZAKHSTANview as web pdf  

We understand that with the rising transport costs you can't sponsor the fares all the way from Kazakhstan to Ukraine for the Bible School. We have such fond memories of you all and love you all and are looking for the return of Christ to unite us all.

--Sis. Elvira

Thank you so much for the winter welfare parcel, it arrived OK, wasn't tampered with, and the Post Office workers didn't try to extort anything from me for receiving it, your love and grace really registered with me.

--Sis. Balpysh

NEWS FROM KYRGYZSTANview as web pdf  


Here we are all fine, living together in the house we are slowly reconstructing. At least we have made it warm against the Winter. We continue preaching here and there finding interested persons.

--Bro. Anvar

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We are very pleased to report the baptisms of ALGIMANTAS, ALEXEI, ELDAR, ERIC, IVAN, LARISA, ANDREJ, HAMID, ALIREZA and EBRAHIM. May God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.


I thank God my son has work, but he works such long hours and often 7 days a week, so I am at home alone a lot. I think of God, read the Bible a few times in the day, pray, and try to imagine the Kingdom for which we are waiting.

--Sis. Irena

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It is so good to be in contact again! I do not forget you and am so grateful for all you taught me. I do still believe and am often praying to God in daily situations.

--Bro. Hristjan

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We are very pleased to report the baptisms of YAKOV, VASILY, LIDIJA and OLGA; may God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.


The Bible School was really a spiritual recharging for me, I returned home and to my work in the factory very positive. I gave a Bible Basics to the duty nurse in the factory, she provides first aid when needed, but sits doing nothing most of the time. She has read it, and is now reading a Bible I gave her. So I am hopeful for her progress spiritually.

--Bro. Oleg

PS This lady has now been baptized.


Things are quite hard for me, I have lost my job, have no mobile phone any more, and I ask for your prayers as it seems God is testing me beyond what I can take even though I know the Bible says that shall not happen.

--Bro. Andrej

Bro. Andrej [left] with Bro. Leonid from Belarus and Bro.

Evgenii from Ukraine at the Winter Bible School


With joy I read about the Brothers and Sisters at the Bible Schools, and other news. I am with you all in spirit.

--Bro. Alexei


I am so sad I can't get time off work to come to the Bible School, I have to work all the time to support my wife and the children. I am in touch with Sis Ludmila in Borisovka, we are trying to teach someone the Truth and will inform of the progress.

--Bro. Mikhail


Things are very hard for me, I am trying to sell my apartment here in the town and move out to the village, I can then grow some food and have some cash for helping my daughter. Please pray for me. I do remember you all with love in Jesus.

--Sis. Svetlana


As the years go by in our association with each other, I realize more fully how what you are doing by preach- ing the true Gospel, baptizing people and nourishing them, is in fact leading people really to eternal life. This is the most wonderful thing that could be done in this life. I for my part try to do the same here.

--Bro. Valerij


I would appreciate more copies of The Real Devil, I have distributed my copies to people here and they didn't return them. This problem of evil is something which it seems weighs upon the Russian soul, as our classical writers speak much about it, and I find people very open to what we have to say about this matter.

--Bro. Vadim

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We are very pleased to report the baptisms of IGOR, VIKTOR, KONSTANTIN, VALYA and ALEXEI; may God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.


We here in our ecclesia are struggling with our health. The New Testament Bibles are wonderful, I love the commentary, and so much is making more sense to me.

--Sis. Nana

Sister Nana, left, showing other sisters photos of a Bible School


You are always most welcome to visit us here. I keep discussing with my daughter about baptism, she wants to be baptized, but I worry she is too young and not serious enough. Please pray for us.

--Sis. Marina

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