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The disciples were doing what their Lord had instructed them to do, but suddenly they found themselves in grave danger. They were battling against waves and wind and they were afraid. Although they were in the place where the Lord wanted them to be, everything seemed to be working against them. This experience is similar to that of many modern Christians. You may be serving God to the best of your ability, and as far as you can ascertain you are doing His will, but things seem to be continually going wrong. Doubts assail you, and you may feel haunted by the fear that even the Master has deserted and failed you.

When the first disciples were struggling with fear the Master saw that they were in serious trouble and made his way, across the water, to them. Then when he was near the boat, it seemed that he was going to pass them. In their fear, he spoke to them. He joined them in the boat and their fears immediately subsided. Whatever may be your trouble or difficulty, the Master knows all about it. To know his guidance and feel the joy of his presence, it is necessary to invite him into the situation in which you are placed at the moment, and ask him to control your life.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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