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There has been a fair bit of excitement in the ecclesia in Soweto because unexpectedly we were afforded a God-given opportunity to "air our views" on the local radio. This was thanks to our Bro. Zachariah Mulovhedzi having a relative working on Radio Jozy. For the month of June 2011, for one hour a week on Thursday evenings, two of our brethren braved the airwaves and were able to explain who the Christadelphians are and advertise the activities at our Bible Education Centre and Ecclesia. They were also able to explain many of our beliefs and faced the rather daunting task of answering questions from listeners...This was a totally new experience and Bro. Daniel Makhado (our linguist of note ­ he speaks all the 9 local languages) said the first evening was the most nerve-racking of his life! He was assisted some evenings by Bro. Obed Mafifi and both acquitted themselves so well and aroused such interest from listeners that they were invited to be on air for another month. This wonderful 2-month exposure has given the Christadelphians a welcome credibility in Soweto and many students are attending our Saturday seminars as a result.

During the month of July it was a pleasure to have 4 excellent seminars by our local Gauteng brethren: Stewart Gomeza, Obed Mafifi, Daniel Makhado and Emmanuel Mphambo. Coming from the same background as many attending, these brethren are particularly well equipped at handling and understanding many of the issues raised.

The ecclesia has been in existence for nearly two years, when we started with 10 members. Our membership is at present 15 ­ we have just had the baptism of William Kameza (a Malawian living in SA), and with the transfer of Sis Paddy Campbell we now have an experienced Sunday School teacher who has energetically `set to' with that valuable work. In all, it is a fascinating experience to work in this different environment where strongly entrenched views on ancestor

Bro Daniel Makado presenting a seminar worship, demon-possession and the Pentecostal prosperity theology hold sway.

There is considerable interest in the Bible as has been evidenced in the good attendances at our seminars ­ after our last Learn to Read the Bible seminar, which was held during September and October last year, 10 students received certificates for full attendance, as well as a New European Version of the New Testament, thanks to the generosity of the Christadelphian Advancement Trust. After one Saturday seminar, we invited students to witness Bro. William Kameza's baptism. It was a great opportunity to encourage students to make baptism the goal of their studies.

Some attend seminars just to increase their Bible knowledge and some want to become pastors (considered a quick route to riches), but there are the discerning who are willing to search the Scriptures, and these are a joy to nurture and assist in becoming true disciples of the Lord, who in turn, will take the gospel to many others. At the moment there are four from the last seminar who now attend all our meetings. What a privilege we all have, just before our Lord returns.

Animated discussions at the seminar

The Soweto Ecclesia

Student Synthia giving a whoopee of delight on presentation of her certificate and a NEV New Testament.

Sis. Leonie Verster (Soweto, S. Africa)

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