Antigua Special Efforts

Three months ago the brethren and sisters of Gray's Hill Ecclesia committed themselves to a weekly effort witnessing in the immediate area where the hall is located. Christadelphians are no strangers to campaigning, but doing so on a weekly schedule was out of the ordinary. We can safely say that we are known in the neighbourhood and that our efforts can be seen at our Bible class. We have also extended our efforts to the local craft centre where we have a literature stand that is open to the public.

Thanks to the Christadelphian Advancement Trust we have a ready supply of over 4000 pieces of literature, as well as Introducting ‘Bible Basics’ and the Manual itself is on hand. It is our belief that this is the way of future preaching - going out into the world and meeting people. We will evaluate our work, even as the Lord remains away, and inform the brotherhood as regards our progress.

Literature Stand Antigua

Abiding Love, Preaching Committee Antigua

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