News from the Americas

news from haiti 

We’re delighted to announce the baptism of ESMATH, MOITEAU, PATRICK, FITO, LUCKNER, AMOS, WILFRED, WILLIERE, ABSOLU and KENZI. May the Lord be with them all the journey through, to His Kingdom. Soon after their baptism, the earthquake struck... see report elsewhere in this issue.

news from jamaica 


This shows that I have received your letters and magazines to date. Thank you very much for sending same – I read them, then either pass them on to any interested person here in the Home, or send them to the Meeting Room for those who wish to read them. You do not seem to know much about Jamaica as a part of the Brotherhood, or do you not think of us here as a part of your Mission Field?

I was baptised here in Kingston in 1957 by Bro. Alan Eyre and have been a member of the Kingston Ecclesia ever since; apart from five years in the UK where I did service at the Home and Hospital in Acocks Green, Birmingham (being a trained nurse). There I worshipped at the various meeting halls. I am now 96 years old and have been living in a Home for the Aged for five years. My complaints are: high blood pressure, Osteo-arthritis, Pernicious Anaemia and I have suffered two strokes, so can no longer stand or walk. But thanks be to God, my other faculties are alert, except for a stomach condition which prevents me eating most of the usual food-stuffs. I live on a small pension from the Government and a little help from Brothers and Sisters.

Sis. Daisy Allen


I have a high regard for the Jamaican Ecclesias – having visited three times. We do not get much news from Jamaica for Gospel News. So Jamaicans, please write so that we can know how you are and if possible, send some photo’s. MH

Harvey River

The Ecclesia outside the Ecclesial Hall with a sister from Canada.

Mount Pleasant

Sis. Iris Thompson outside Round Hill Ecclesial hall.


news from trinidad 

George wrote last week to say he is enjoying computing lessons at nights and that he is making prison officers shirts in the daytime, so he is kept busy.

Bro Glyn and Sis. Helen Pyper.

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