Special Feature: The Truth In Haiti 2009 – 2010

Carelinks email out weekly news updates on the work of preaching and caring; if you’re on email you can request them by emailing info@carelinks.net . Here are some of the reports about Haiti as they’ve been released; as you read through them, surely you can perceive the hand of God at work.

We’re delighted to announce the birth of the first ecclesia in Haiti. For some time we’ve been in contact with ESMATH, a zealous Bible student and Bible Basics contact who had been through many churches in his search for truth. Brother Charlie Klennert of the Tacoma, USA ecclesia has had a lot of phone contact with Esmath, and it became evident that here indeed was a very sincere person who had come to a full knowledge of the Truth. During the course of our contact, Esmath became increasingly convinced of the error of the Trinity- when he started teaching against it in his church, he was eventually chased out. He started meeting with a group of friends who had also become convinced that the Trinity isn’t a Biblical doctrine. This group meet regularly at Esmath’s home. Esmath had been a lay pastor of a church and so has many contacts. He and his group have made a complete break from all Trinitarian churches. Here are extracts from some of the emails:

" I organize meetings for some friends who believe in the true Gospel ... a lot of good people are scattered among the false religions and drinking the bad milk of trinitarian doctrine. I need your prayer because the true Gospel should be exploded in Haiti where a lot of so-called pastors are working simply to gain money but they do not really care about bringing people to the true hope of the Kingdom of God.... I urgently need to be baptized... I see how ever since 1988, gradually God was at work open the eyes of my heart to see the real truth...

Brother Duncan went to Haiti in November 2009 and found this group as good as they had sounded by email and on the telephone. Their non-Trinitarian position had been confirmed for them by the aggressive rejection they’d all received from the churches they’d attended. And so finally we all gathered for the baptisms at a beach near Carrefour. ESMATH was first to be baptized, and then he proceeded to assist with the baptisms of the other brothers in the group: MOITEAU, PATRICK, FITO, LUCKNER, AMOS, WILFRED, WILLIERE, ABSOLU and KENZI.

Baptism of Esmath and then the rest of the group


Since leaving Haiti, we received the following email from brother Esmath:

“Peace and Grace be unto you in the name of Jesus our real example. I was so glad and blessed to receive your message this morning and immediately printed out some good documents that can surely help me in my teaching regarding the word of God. I have just created a new name for the ecclesia , this is “Eglise de Jesus Christ -Lieu de verité” means: Ecclesia of Jesus Christ- Place of truth.  We are having Bible study tomorrow and Sunday we are starting with our first Sunday service together as baptized brothers .This will be the inauguration and a lot of people in the area are invited to take part, either Pagans or so called Christians from other churches. We count on your prayer, so that the real gospel could be preached fearless for the glory of the Ministry of God our heavenly Father”.

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