Making Your Ecclesia What It Should Be (Gal 3:28)

The Christian ecclesia is a fellowship of believers who are united in a common belief and understanding of God’s word. Love is the binding force of this fellowship and an expression of all it believes. Without the dynamism of love, no organisation can exist that calls itself a church and it cannot fulfil its function as part of the body of Christ. An ecclesia that lacks love is easily recognisable, it may have the trappings of feverish activity but it no longer cares for people.

While the ecclesia of Christ is a divinely appointed organisation, it is composed of very ordinary men and women. Yet these people are, according to the Master, the ‘salt of the earth’. The living Christ inspects those who are, by his grace, living within this ecclesia. Their loyalty to him must exceed their allegiance to any other organisation, yet within the boundaries, they manifest such love that those who come into contact with it may be drawn memorably to the Lord of the church. Through the love manifested by the local ecclesia, men and women may wish to come into meaningful fellowship with Jesus.

Make your ecclesia a place where the warmth of Christ’s love is felt. This can only be possible when each, as an ecclesial member, radiates Christ’s love through all their actions.

Bro Faria Makendeni (Ratelshoek, Zimbabwe)

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