Be Righteous In All Things

It is fearful to think how many of us live in daily unrighteousness in what we call ‘little’ things, and then venture to approach God in prayer and the Lord’s table without confession. His ears are open to the righteous.

Do not forget that nothing so arrests the attention of the world and makes it believe in the reality of Christianity as righteous acts that are to one’s own disadvantage. For there is no disguising the truth. You cannot serve God and the flesh; you cannot fear God and be heaping up riches for yourself.

You may love money, and many a seemingly good opportunity, but if you walk strictly in practical righteousness, eternity will be the greater. If you enjoy and trust in ‘the grace of God’ that has brought you salvation, remember and practice its lessons, and see that you live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world. Search out all the wonderful Old Testament promises made to the righteous man, and remember that you are not heir to these even spiritually, unless you walk in practical righteousness.

Happy indeed, is the man who standing before God in the righteousness which He has provided, walks before his fellow-man in that practical rectitude which adorns the grace which we have received.

Bro Henderson Sosola (Lilongwe, Malawi)

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