News from Europe / Eurasia

news from belarus 


The situation here is really catastrophic. I have the chance to buy my apartment off the State, but the payments are too much, my only chance would be to work abroad, but this is hard due to my health. I am open to ideas and assistance. So many things seem to pile up at this time. But “in God we trust”.

Sis. Danita


We are not looking forward to the winter here. It affects our illness and makes our bones painful when it’s cold, and we spend the whole winter inside. I tried to comfort myself with the thought that God loved us so much, that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us. I know this may seem very simple and obvious, but it was as if I came to this for the first time. And it gives me great strength, that He so loves us.

Bro Valerij [and Sasha]

news from denmark 

I would like copies of any tracts to use in town centre and street evangelization! I received 20 Bible Basics in English plus the book The Real Christ, I have just read the first chapter - it is very good. I also received pamplets in English which also are good in reaching the at least 50% of Danish population that understand English, and also the many foreigners that live here or visit Denmark during summer.

Bro. Johnny

I find it very strange that I've only met you once but you're such a big part of my everyday thoughts. I feel so humble when I think of you and the things you're doing. Love in the Name most high,

Bro. Morten

news from israel 


I am writing this on the Rosh-Hashana holiday, my way of celebrating is to think of each of my children, their spouses and grandchildren, and to pray for them, especially for God’s spiritual blessing upon them, as I so wish them to understand the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Sis. Anna

news from italy 


I am planning to go to Germany again next month God willing, my father is 89 years old and all alone. It’s sad that European society is so lonely.

Bro. Foster


Peace to you from the presence of the Lord. The work of the Gospel of the Kingdom is progressing well. You are all always in my heart and i remember you in prayers.

Bro. Festus

news from kazakhstan 


My father has now had two heart attacks. I am getting weaker myself. But the Bible becomes more real and interesting for me day by day. I am rather shy, but I have been speaking to a woman, Svetlana, about the Bible. Please pray she responds.

Sis. Lena

news from kyrgyzstan 


I see myself as a servant of God, I understand this to mean a slave of God, just doing what He wants. But all the same I am asking Him to show me how exactly to serve Him here.

Bro. Anvar

news from latvia 

We are delighted to announce the baptisms of JENA, OKSA, EDGARS, INGRIDA, ZANE, MARIS, ZOYA, SABRI, WALTER, MERON, AINA, EGONS, VITALY, OLGA, LIVIJA, NINA, GALINA, VIJA, ANDRIS, INA, IGOR and AIGARS . May God keep them all in the one way as we journey towards the Kingdom.


All here is as before. I am too weak to do much work in the fields now, I spend a lot of time reading our publications and also the Bible, and I suppose this has strengthened me spiritually, even if materially things are very difficult.

Bro. Petris


Photo: Latvian Bible School; Bro. Janis is on the far left. The School is held in a building which was derelict until brothers and sisters from all over the world rebuilt it into a Bible School venue and housing project. Now the empty building is a hive of activity for the Truth.

I wanted just to say thanks once more for the care that Christadelphians show to people. I see that our efforts bring smiles back to their faces and I think - it is essential that there are those who can give hope for those who are in desperate positions in these hard times. I myself also, of course, can not be proud of my luck, but I know that there are people in much worse situations, in terms of health and other things. So I just wanted to remind you, among many other reminders that you probably receive, that your work is vitally needed for lots of people. Maybe you are the only person in somebody's life that lets him/her see, that there is some justice/kindness left in this cruel world. But they never say it directly.

Bro. Janis

I beg to God patience, strength, courage, power, and energy for the work of working for the brothers in the refugee camp here. Love in Jesus,

Sis. Jena

Photo: Sister Jena with brother Robert, originally from Sierra Leone, at the Latvian Bible School


I think the planned music day when brother John visits is a great idea . I could take my violin to the Bible School.  

Sis. Ieva

Photo: Sister Ieva [left] with Hannah Aldersley from New Zealand, at the Latvian Bible School. Hannah decided to be baptized and we look forward to receiving news of this soon!

news from lithuania 

We’re delighted to report the baptism of IRENA, sister of Brother Ryszardas. May God bless her in her walk to the Kingdom.


I would as always very much like to come to the Bible Schools in Latvia, my health is a bit better (for which I thank God) and I can consider such a journey, but all is in God’s hands.

Bro. Mantas


I have felt the financial crisis biting me personally, as wages were cut by one fifth and my number of hours was reduced. So things aren’t easy. I think and pray for you all.

Bro. Albinas

Photo: Group photo after Irena’s baptism- Irena is 2
nd from the left, next to her brother, Ryszardas.


After so many problems and being without work for so long, I am so, so thankful to God that I have found work in a furniture factory, with a contract for a few months. I have received the list of those in Lithuania who have requested Bible Basics, and I am writing to them, I so wish to persuade at least one of the holy Truth we have been given.

Bro. Ryszardas

You are always on my mind and looking forward to seeing you again? I am trying to preach to people but it’s not easy. I am motivated by Romans 10:9: “If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”. But for this, people must hear the Gospel by a preacher.
May God bless

Bro. Kicho

news from moldova 


It was one of the hottest summers here ever, so our harvest was rather poor. I try not to concern myself with what we shall eat this winter. I find I am reading the Bible more and more as I get older, and somehow these earthly things don’t weigh so much on the mind.

Sis. Tamara

news from qatar 

I am really happy because I received the Gospel News here and literature for preaching. After my baptism in Nepal I have felt God with me very much, and here in Qatar I will try to do my bit for Him with other migrants here.

Bro. Yogendra

news from russia 

We are delighted to report the baptism of OLYA and KOLYA; may the Lord guide them as they journey to His Kingdom.


I am rebuking myself for worrying so much about my health, about my death, about the future... Jesus taught us not to do this. The Bible teaches us to be thankful, and our thought for the future should be concerning the coming of the Kingdom. I am so sorry I am so frail and a burden upon my brothers. I thank you all for your support of me in various ways. I hope I shall make it up to you at the coming of the Kingdom, and that the King Jesus shall also make it up to you.

Bro. Boris

I continue trying to take care of Brother Boris, he is extremely frail and I fear will not come to another Bible School. However, I am hopeful of attending, God willing. Please pray for a woman called Aleftina, who has been attending our meetings and has studied Bible Basics. She must decide herself whether she wishes to be baptized, but in my view she now knows all the doctrines.



We were very encouraged by the meeting in Moscow, and the support received. We had a successful journey to the South to visit our daughter and brother Slava and his family. We so value all our brothers and sisters, knowing we shall live together eternally in the Kingdom soon to come.

Bro. Alexei & Sis. Vera

Photo: Alexei and Vera are in the centre; newly baptized Kolya and Olya standing far right.


Yesterday evening I met with Brother Igor Sipiagov and we broke bread, it was a very sober but strengthening meeting and I went away feeling so much stronger in Christ.

Bro. Igor Pr.


I am writing this on the 2nd anniversary of my baptism into Christ. I am so grateful for the part played in my life by you, in bringing me to Him. Also today day, sister Nastya and I announce our engagement, please pray for our planned wedding! For all these things I give thanks to God all the time, for His grace and love for us.

Bro. Kostya

Photo: Sister Nastya


Here we are all OK, I am so glad that in my old age I have created new habits, namely breaking bread each week and reading the Bible every day. Things are very tough for my family who remain in Kazakhstan, please pray for them.

Sis. Raisa


Thank you for the online exhortations in Russian, it’s simply wonderful to be able to download them and listen to them. I was walking today listening to the exhortation given in Riga, and it was as if a great weight was lifted from me. May the Lord reward all your efforts for Him, they give such strength to me at least.

Bro. Andrej


Sometimes I wonder how I manage to stay alive, so I assume God hasn’t finished with me yet, and I have some work to do for Him, some character to develop, weakness to overcome.

Sis. Tamara


I still remain under the impression of the great loss of our dear Sister Ludmila Kuritsyna, although it happened some time ago. Our brotherhood truly lost a wonderful servant. I continue to write some hymns and songs, and translate some from the English hymn book, and I hope this is an acceptable service to our brotherhood.

Bro. Vadim


My granddaughter Regina was hit by a car and has been in a coma for three days as I write this. Please pray for her. I can suffer my own poverty and lack of things, but I find it so hard to see this.

Sis. Galina

news from serbia 


I am told by those I preach to that they have no time to read the Bible, but for me this can never be true, because if we love God, if we have relationship with him, then we will want to read His word, it becomes a natural thing, not something we must make time for. But I so wish I could persuade people of this.

Bro. Vladislav

news from syria 

We are sorry to report that our brother Sabri, who was baptized in Latvia, was deported back to Syria and imprisoned on arrival at Damascus airport. We have however heard he has been released from that prison, but we have no further news, and our thoughts and prayers continue with him.

I request your prayers if at all possible to get away from here, it is really so hard to live in Christ here.

Bro. Hannan

news from turkey 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of VIKA, originally from Ukraine, and RAMIN, originally from Afghanistan. May the Lord guide them both to His Kingdom.

I am thinking much about the inspired words of John- “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren”. These words are my inspiration.

Bro. Parviz [ex-Iran]

Please pray for me in my meeting with the United Nations, and also please continue your support for Brother Ramin, he is in a hard situation. Please please, pray for us here as we seek asylum.

Bro. M

Please be praying for me as I now travel to Ankara for my next interview with UNHCR. I really cannot return to Afghanistan, I so fear.


Thanks to God, He helped us to do our medical examinations without having any problems....we have done the examinations last Monday and the rest of the week we have participated in a fruitful course about the culture etc. of the USA , also about the processes of how to get into the airport in Istanbul then to USA final destination.... it was really so helpful for us to get good ideas about the place we are going to in USA. We are only waiting the fly date to be given for by the ICMC or IOM...hope it is very soon.

Bro. S and family [ex-Iraq]

news from turkmenistan 

My sister, our Sister in Christ Bilbil, is expecting a baby in September. So it’s some news for us here. Otherwise things are quiet, although we await the coming of Christ more and more. God Bless.
Sister Guncha

news from ukraine 

We are delighted to report the baptism of VLADIMIR- may the Lord keep Him strong in the way to His Kingdom.


Thanks a lot for the baptism! I keep reading the literature you gave me.

Bro. Vladimir.

Photo: Bro. Vladimir just after his baptism beneath a bridge in central Kiev


The last month I have been working in the shop every day, with not a single day off. As soon as I can I will make arrangements for the January Bible School. The crisis has hit everyone here, very hard. If there is work, then one must work so hard; and if there is no work, then things are really impossible.

Sis. Ludmila


I have been out of contact because our internet and phone was cut off, but now I am working again, feeling better, and able again to have contact. My prayers are always with you and I hope if at all possible to come to the Poltava Bible School. Where I am, you are nobody and nothing if you have no job or income, so being unemployed was very hard period for me.

Bro. Valentin

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