The Book of Genesis

The book of Genesis written by Moses contains fifty chapters. It starts with the revelation of God’s power through creation: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (1:1). It reveals how God works through His ministering spirits, the angels, immortal beings and also through believers who are mortal. If you want to know how the God of the Bible has a purpose and real vision for the creation, read the book of Genesis and you will conclude how we must believe and acknowledge the almighty power of God.

First the creation of things and then man, (who was created in God’s image) who was given dominion over the earth, but not heaven (1:26). God made the first man, Adam, and provided a help meet, Eve, to share and enjoy the fruits of the creation in the Garden of Eden. This was on this planet earth. Everything was very good but finally SIN entered, and death followed for the human race (Rom 5:12).

In Genesis 3, we note three questions put to Adam by the Creator:

  • Where are you (verse 9)?

  • Who told you that you were naked (verse 11)?

  • What is this that you have done (verse 13)?

These three questions needed answers.

Afterwards, people lived many years on the earth, the longest 969 by Methuselah (5:27). Sin reigned in the human race but God made a covenant with Noah to preach the message of salvation, but nobody listened or paid attention to this servant of God for a period of 120 years. As a result, God acted by destroying those rebels, all except Noah and his family (ch 6). After Noah, the descendants of mankind started to migrate through the whole earth.

God called Abraham, the father of the faithful, and made a covenant with him. Read ch 12 and you will see how the God of the Bible works. God blessed Abraham with a son called Isaac, and Isaac had two sons, Esau and Jacob. Jacob was blessed and also named Israel. Jacob had 12 sons who formed the twelve tribes of Israel. One of his youngest sons, Joseph, was blessed and used as a type of Jesus to save his brothers in Egypt: “And God sent me before you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to keep alive for you many survivors” (45:7,8).

The book of Genesis gives a true vision, mission and purpose of God’s plan to keep and provide an everlasting solution - a leader, Jesus Christ, on this planet earth.

Bro John Onani (Sindo, Kenya)

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