The Need for a Deeper Love (Mark 12:30)

However much you love the Lord Jesus Christ, you will have a sense of inadequacy when you compare it with his love for you. No-one can love you as he does but that should not prevent you from striving to deepen and increase your love for him. The Christian life that lacks the incentive to love the Master with increasing devotion is in danger of becoming stale. Without love, there can be no spiritual progress.

To accept the challenge of love you must often meet with Jesus in prayer and meditation, for you cannot love Christ unless your mental energies are directed towards him and your spirit is in harmony with his divine spirit. You know from the scriptures, and from the experience of numerous disciples, that the Master gives himself in a very wonderful way to those who love and serve him. You need to accept his offer and allow him to work his perfect will in your life, to allow your love for him to mature and develop into an offering that is acceptable to him.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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