Let Your Light Shine (Luke 2:7)

Whether it be royalty or commoner, people of high or low estate, famous or unknown, the birth of a child is heralded as an occasion of great importance and is celebrated as such. It is true that the form of celebrations vary according to the position or standing of the family concerned but, nevertheless, the significance of the event is made known to, and celebrated by, all concerned.

It is a sobering thought that, by divine choice, the Son of God was born in such humble circumstances. Not for him the comfort of opulent surroundings and adoring family and attendants. Jesus was born in a stable in the presence of the animals gathered around the manger - a feed trough in which he lay. No one in Bethlehem had any place for him.

There are many, even in this day and age, who have little or no room in their lives for Jesus and so it behoves us, as followers of Christ, to play our part in reflecting the love and the glory of God in order to draw them closer to him. Let this new year be our starting point and the light of our love: lead others to Christ.

Bro David Yelunani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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