We shall judge angels. (1 Cor. 6:3)

In Paul’s condemnation of going to law for any cause, he points out that the Saints are destined to rule, or judge the world and to judge angels. The first is explained by the fact that the saints will be rulers and judges in the Millennial Age with Christ, but exactly what is meant by judging angels?

The answer is found by considering the use of the word in Scripture. It is applied (1) to those who appeared to the patriarchs (e.g. Gen.19), to Moses, Joshua, Gideon, David, etc. These were the Elohim (or mighty ones) who are described in Psalm 103:20. They are immortal beings who cannot be brought to judgement either in this age or the age to come, and certainly not before those who will be but “equal unto the angels”.

It is applied (2) to the “angels that sinned” (2 Peter 2:4). These were cast down to the grave and therefore cannot be like those of (1). The setting (v.5) shows that they must be some who failed in the work to which they had been sent (Angelos = messenger or one sent) and will come under Christ’s judgement at the end of Gentile times. The saints will not be made judges until after judgement has been passed on them. But there will be messengers sent forth in the Millennial Age (Isa.66:29) and others to whom a duty is given (v.21). Those so chosen will be responsible to, and under the jurisdiction of, the Kings and Priests of the age to come – the Saints who will judge and rule those sent with a mission to the world in the Millennial Age.

Bro. W. Mitchell (U.K.)

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