Joseph As A Type of Christ

God shows how the life of Joseph foreshadowed the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Joseph, though not liked by his brothers, became someone great later on. The supporting scriptures that show that Joseph was not loved by his brothers and they thought he was an underdog are Gen. 37:4-8; Matt. 3:17; John. 15:25.

Joseph’s brethren were jealous of him because of his dreams, which pointed forward to the authority and influence he would have over people. Gen.37:5-11; John 19:15; Matt. 27:18.

Joseph’s brothers tried so hard to eliminate him but he was protected by God for He knew Joseph would be great amongst his brothers. They plotted his death but nothing happened because God had the last say. Joseph’s brothers cast him into a pit and sold him into slavery. He was put in prison in Egypt but without sin. God brought him out of prison and appointed him second to Pharaoh.

God gave him everything he needed and his brothers sought help in their time of need. They had to bow before him as a ruler for they did not know that he had become great in Egypt. Joseph did not turn against his brothers but did well unto them and overlooked their sins and later gave them the best land in Egypt.

We should ask ourselves what were the qualities of character which befitted Joseph for favour and rulership. In this lesson we see how Joseph’s life was guided and controlled by God so that His purpose with Jacob’s family would be fulfilled. We should note how God is guiding events in our lives so that when we follow His directions in His Word we will be amongst those who gladly honour Him in the wonderful Kingdom Age.

Bro. Herbert Tigerepasi (Lusaka, Zambia)

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