News from Asia

news from indonesia 

The Ecclesia is progressing very well , and they are planning, God willing, to enlarge the hall to accommodate the increase in membership.

Comment. This is tremendous news and may we all pray for the Lord’s blessing upon the work in Indonesia.

news from philippines 

We rejoice in the visiting exhorters from Pangasinan, Bro. Francisco Espartero and Bro. Luming Arambolo and from Isabe Sis. Mars Jemino and Sis. Luz Arambulo. The small children we contact in other areas look forward to being in God’s Kingdom. Thanks always for Gospel News for providing more news, and more in the future, God willing. Please continue your support for Bangui and may God’s blessing be with Gospel News that our brothers and sisters may continue to receive and keep it.
Bro. Cerinio Lorenzo

Warm fraternal greetings in the precious hope we share. The copy of Bible Basics and the Gospel News that we continue to receive do not only truly enlighten us in the Truth but have become our especial spiritual mentors. They also greatly widen our atmosphere of knowledge and recognition of how the Word of God dramatically worked in the lives of men and women designed for the age to come. They add grandeur to our ecclesial library.
Bro. Sergio Bumadilla

Photo below:


The first Bugallon Ecclesia celebrated on 8th September 2005 their 20th Foundation Anniversary at the back of their old hall it was established on 8th September 1985. Bro. Sergio A. Bumadilla and his family were the first converts. The joyous celebration was attended by about 70 brethren and sisters. Sunday School pupils actively participated in the programme. The speakers dealt with Christ’s Second Coming and the Day of Judgement. Attendees were truly enlightened and enjoyed the memorable event. Although isolated and “burdens were set over to afflict” their ecclesia, “they blessedly multiplied and grew” stronger in their faithful journey towards the Kingdom
of God.

Bugallon Ecclesia held their Outdoor Memorial Meeting on 2nd April 2006 at Maxine Paradise Resort, Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines to ease the heat of the summer. The brethren and sisters and some children enjoyed greatly the serenity of the scenic places and the refreshing, cool breeze fanned from the China Sea.

Below: Bugallon Ecclesia Sunday School pupils enjoyed overwhelmingly their whole day educational tour on 2nd May 2006 along the coastal towns of Western Pangasinan.


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