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news from trinidad 

I recently had the pleasure of a visit from Bro. Colin and Sis. Cathy Badger who were in Trinidad and Tobago. My hope of getting off death row in the near future was recently terminated when the case seeking to get us off death row was postponed again. But everything is in God’s hands so I will continue to be patient, keeping my trust in Him. I enquired whether a case on my behalf, separate from that one, could be made to try to get me off death row, but I was told by Bro. Sam, who communicates with the lawyer on my behalf, that in that case, lawyers will be requesting that each inmate’s case be dealt with separately, instead of asking for a specific time for the life sentence we are supposed to be given, because each person’s circumstances are different, so it would not be right to give everyone the same sentence. It will therefore take some time for the whole process to be completed, but if I get my case dealt with separately, God willing, it may be the best thing for me at this point in time. If it is God’s will, with my clean past and prison records, this being my first offense, and the fact that I have already spent 15 years in prison, I should be dealt with leniently. Love in Christ.
Bro. George Constantine

news from usa 

Gospel News is very encouraging. The letters, which include personal exhortations, pictures and news of brothers and sisters and personal thoughts on passages of Scripture, are unlike any other of our publications. Reading and looking at the pictures of my brothers and sisters brings a personal warmth of love and sharing. So many have troubles I have been spared and most retain their positive outlook with the love of God and His only begotten Son. Yes, we need articles and study helps. Yes, we need books on prophecy. However, it is said, one picture is worth a thousand words and ‘seeing’ those of like precious faith is like a drink of refreshing water. By the way, for many years I have been in touch with Bro. Charles French of the GPL. I love passing on nice things: I asked him his thoughts on you and the CAT. I doubt anyone could have given a higher recommendation of you and C.A.T. May YAH continue to strengthen you for the work ahead and bless your efforts.
Sis. Eleanor Amerel

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