Great News from Washington, USA.

"On Sunday 26 November, 2006 Brother Michael Warren of the Vancouver, Washington USA ecclesia had the honor of baptizing Scott and Lisa Ketelsen of Tacoma, Washington.

"Scott and Lisa had been members of a church for ten years in Puyallup,Washington but were excommunicated a year ago for believing that Jesus was the Son of God, and not "God the Son." There were others excommunicated also, whom Scott and Lisa have been in regular contact with, and whom they've shared Bible literature with.

"Scott and Lisa met Brother Warren through an online advertizement he placed on Craigs list seeking other "Biblical Unitarians" who were in isolation or seeking like-minded believers. Scott and Lisa had already come to a basic understanding of the Truth, but were not familiar with Christadelphians. Over the past few months they have spent numerous hours listening to MPR downloads on Bible doctrine, and reading Christadlephian literature.

"Although both Scott and Lisa had been baptized before, they both felt a need to be rebaptized in the name of Yashuah the Anointed One, the Son of God. They believe that the new knowledge they have received over the past year is so important that they wanted to commit themselves to the true God, and His Son, in the presence of like-minded brothers and sisters.

"There were 22 people present at the baptism and at the dinner that followed at the home of Brother Wayne Franklin, and his wife Sister Jill. Many members of the Vancovuer Ecclesia, and brothers and sisters from the surrounding area came to witness the baptism, and to fellowship over a wonderful turkey dinner! "So, we welcome Brother Scott and Sister Lisa to our worldwide brotherhood!"

"The Vancouver USA ecclesia has also been very busy mailing out Introduction to Bible Basics booklets all over the USA and Canada. We mail out hundreds of booklets every month. Sister Jill Franklin should be applauded for her hard work and dedication to this outreach! She spends hours every week stamping envelopes and booklets with our ecclesia's post office box. She also places a form letter in each envelope and mails them! We've begun to get Q&A sheets back from some of the folks who are reading the booklet. Please pray for this Carelinks outreach that we will see a great harvest of souls in this endeavor. Truly, the need is great and the time is late. There is a great harvest to reap, but there are few laborers!

"If you would like to become more involved with outreach here in the USA and Canada, please contact the Vancouver Ecclesia regarding helping out with Bible literature, or with projects you can help support through Carelinks USA.

In Our Shared Hope,

Brother Michael Warren on behalf of The Vancouver USA Ecclesia, and Carelinks USA."

"Have they not heard? Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world" (Rom 10v18)

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