News from Asia

news from china 

We here have prepared more Chinese language pages for putting up on the carelinks website. We have more people here interested to be baptized. I listen to the Bible on audio files every day and it gives me strength each morning.
Bro Donald

We now have holidays from the college, I am hoping to use the time I have free for God, to read the Bible more, to pray more.
Sis Huang

I am finding Bible reading difficult because I have only English Bible. I really try to improve my English so I can catch better the words of God.
Bro. Jing

news from nepal 

I am reading the Bible more than before, I feel many new things opening up for me about God and Jesus. Please pray for me and my family as things are still not at all calm here where we are.
Bro. John

news from thailand 

I had a nice visit and fellowship with Bro Tim Galbraith of India. I received many copies of Bible Basics and I will try to distribute them.
Bro. Prasobsuk

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