News from Europe / Eurasia

news from belarus 

We were sorry not to get an invitation to a recent meeting held in Belarus by visitors. But we are preaching still, and I have Brother Maksim staying at my place over the summer.
Sis. Larisa

We really are looking forward to receiving wheelchairs from Bro Duncan as we find it now impossible to get around; we keep on reading and hoping that Jesus will return soon.
Bro Valerij & Bro Sasha

Comment: Our two brethren are invalids as a result of nuclear radiation.

Please pray for us here as things are so hard. We live on the 5th and top floor of our block, and we have such aggressive neighbours who threaten to kill us. The children are scared to go out and go down the stairs to get outside. We have just so many problems, it’s hard to explain, but please pray for us. In addition, my health is weak, as you know I am an invalid from the atomic radiation.
Bro. Aleksandr

I break bread, but I think much of the great responsibility that comes from eating the symbol of His body and blood, and being called upon to partake of this! I feel very sober about it.
Bro. Edik

I am eagerly looking forward to starting on the Carelinks chicken project here and also raising rabbits. I am preparing everything. I want to publicly complement Sister Cindy on how well and how quickly she has learnt our Russian language! God bless you all for taking such concern with a small farmer like me.
Bro. Ivan

Things are as usual for us here, but I am so busy with our land, trying to grow as much as possible so that I and the grandchildren can survive over the winter. We think and talk of you often and I try to teach them from the daily reading of the Bible.
Sis Nina

news from bosnia 

We are OK here and our new baby is fine but, as before, I have problems with my job, and we are trying to raise chickens again. Please pray for us and support us.
Bro. Mustafa

We remain here working towards the coming of the Kingdom. Bro. Renato got a job in Dubrovnik as a waiter, so we are missing him here.
Bro. Dzenan

news from estonia 

We are delighted to report the baptism of IVAN and the acceptance of the new ecclesia in Tallinn by the CBM.

I eagerly look forward to coming to the Bible weekend in Jurmala!
Sis. Ege

Photo: Bro Tiit Kabrits, Estonia

news from finland 

We are delighted to report the baptism and receiving into fellowship of HENRIK and MARKU- our first brethren in far north Finland.

There were eleven people yesterday at the meeting we held. Markku gave first a short witnessing speech. Then I spoke of the status of Christ. I compared Jesus and Constantine and spoke of the making of popular "Christianity". It gave much food for thought to the Lutheran and Adventist people who attended, so they told us!
Bro. Henrik

news from israel 

We are delighted to report the baptism and receiving into fellowship of ZLATA - baptized during the recent bombardment in northern Israel.

I was today in touch with Sasha, Raia and Natasha. All send greetings and support us in our desire to preach more. I will find details of more newspapers in which we might be able to advertise Bible Basics.
Bro. Vladimir

news from italy 

Finally I received my passport after three years’ waiting. I hope I have learnt patience in this process, as I see from the Bible patience is a fruit of the spirit we have to have to be like Jesus.
Bro. Naizghi

news from kazakhstan 

Life here is so hard with such low salaries, and I have to somehow provide for Olga as she is now finishing school and wanting to study further. Despite all that we are happy, above all because we know the Lord. We so want to come to the next Bible school in Poltava if we can possibly manage to.
Sis Valya

We warmly invite you to be with us here. We have had some small problems but some of us now have been baptized for some years and we trust we will endure to the end as Jesus said.
Bro. Yuri

I am so sad to have missed Bible Schools recently, my daughter came from Germany with the grandchildren, I’ve not seen them for some years since they went there. So it is a great agony not to see them and I am so glad they came to us. We continue gathering together for Bible reading with the Sisters. So many in our society are caught up with the struggle for survival that they’re not interested when I tell them of God and the Bible. We so long for you to come to us.
Sis. Svetlana B

I am writing this note just after our breaking of bread, to say we pray for all brothers and sisters, and always for Duncan and Cindy, and we so welcome them to us if they can come. We are with you all.
Sis Svetlana Kon.

I am taking my 4-year-old grandson to the ecclesia here, I spend all my time looking after him and my invalid husband; his illness now affects him psychologically, so it is very hard. I am looking forward to having a break through going to the Bible School. Only my prayers keep me sane through everything.
Sis. Elvira

I have recently got married but I am hoping my wife will be baptized soon. I very much await the coming here of Brother Duncan.
Bro. Tolik

I received more literature from you and I will try to distribute it. I pray and I hope that people will more seriously respond to the call of Jesus.
Sis. Tanya

news from kyrgyzstan 

I am pleased to say that Brother Rashid was freed from prison and is now working building a house. I am so very happy for him. Things are very hard for us here and truly I rely only upon God.
Bro. Anvar

news from latvia 

We’re delighted to report the baptisms of the following deaf folk: DIANA, JANIS and MARYTE; and also ULDIS, OLGA and RUSLAN. May the Lord bless them in their somewhat isolated walk to His Kingdom.

Photo: Bro Marcus with Sisters at Riga tea party, Latvian Summer Bible School

This three-day residential Bible School enabled some fifty Brethren and Sisters to enjoy fellowship together and to study and discuss a wide range of topics at the Jurmala University. In order to keep costs down Sis Cindy undertook to organize the self-catering with a number of other helpers.

Photos: some of the brethren and Sisters.

Below; the lecture theatre and literature table.

Above; Preparing for breakfast.

Below; enjoying a meal at the Latvian Bible School.

Things are hard for me as my mother has died and I find myself constantly in tears. I am praying so much, God is my only refuge. I just believe more than ever that truly there is a God and that He has led me, through you, to the right understanding of Him.
Bro Andrej

I send greetings to all brothers and sisters. I am very depressed and suffering at this time, but I decided to make this effort to greet you all and say I love you all in Jesus Christ.
Bro. Ruslan

I see more and more that it is how we live our lives, rather than our understanding of theories within our brains, which is what God is especially eager to watch and reward. Also, I’ve been thinking that God loves it when we show initiative in loving and serving Him.
Bro. Janis

Here it is hard for me because my former friends from the JW organization are calling me an abomination and spreading such stories against me, as I am now telling more people about true doctrine. I miss you all, and feel lonely here.
Sis. Sarmite

My son Roman is now working in Cyprus and I am very worried for him, please pray for him.
Sis. Anna

As you know I can’t move anywhere beyond my room. I am still able to read my large print Bible, I read the chapters from the Companion three times each day, because I am so forgetful and it worries me that I can’t remember what I’ve read. I want to thank Sister Cindy for coming to see me so regularly and faithfully and caring for my health.
Sis. Aleksandra

I ask for your prayers as I am really not feeling well, and I need to be very fit to do my work as it involves heavy lifting. On one hand we must preserve our health, so we can serve God more, but on the other, we also have to provide for our families, so please pray for me.
Sis. Anita

news from lithuania 

I send greetings to all. I think of you all often despite being busy and also with some medical problems.
Bro. Albinas

news from moldova 

We’re delighted to report the baptism of VITYA. May we all soon be gathered together in God’s Kingdom.

I have now moved to a new apartment, it’s been so hard to get used to it, after so long where I was. I am so grateful to God that things are just a little easier for me. I continue to work long hours, but today I have a day off and so I wanted to write and say I remember you all and remain always grateful to God for His grace.
Sis. Elvira

news from morocco 

I am preaching to many people here mostly on internet (despite some problems). I enjoy listening to the audio talks on Please pray that the Gospel of the Kingdom and the true nature of Jesus will spread here in our country.
Bro. Salim

news from norway 

Thanks so much for the nice Bible School in Jurmala! It was so lovely to see you all. Three sisters from Australia were here for a visit. They stayed here two days. It was nice to meet them.
Sis. Helena

Photo: Sis Helena
news from russia 

We’re delighted to announce the baptism of NINA, wife of Br Viktor, in Ulyanovskaya obl., and also VERA, wife of Br Alexei in Kazan. May they all come to God’s Kingdom together.

I went to Kazan recently to meet with the ecclesia. I am enjoying reading Beyond Bible Basics and resolve to try with all my strength to serve God in the time remaining.
Bro Andrej

I have had some contact with Brother Frolov in a village far from here, he is doing well in his faith. I try to keep in touch with various Brothers and sisters around here. One of the problems is that some of the visitors from the West are giving money in an unwise manner. It’s better to check these things with Brother Duncan or Marcus. Otherwise we are well here and think lovingly of you all.
Sis. Ludmila

I am happy to report I baptized my wife VERA. We are trying hard to preach but few are interested! We are reading the Scriptures all the time, and I have a lot of contact with Sister Ludmila from Ukraine, as editor of Zvezda magazine, which we so much enjoy.
Bro. Aleksej

I am sorry to tell you that Brother Valerij, his wife and two children were all taken to intensive care after eating poisonous mushrooms. It was even on Kazan TV. I made an announcement for blood donors for them and I was amazed how many calls I got. We here are really praying for them at the moment.
Sis. Svetlana

We are well here, but work keeps me so busy. I shall always be grateful to Brother Vladimir of Latvia who helped me to see the truth. It has changed me so much.
Bro. Andrej

Sis Vika and I are planning a journey to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, we hope to place more advertisements there in the newspapers. Please pray for us!
Bro. Alexei

I was recently in Kazan and stayed with dear Sister Ludmila for a night. I had a very spiritually strengthening time just being with her. Although you passed me to the CBM to baptize, I am so grateful for your teaching of me and always consider you my spiritual teachers.
Bro. Mikhail

I am sorry to report that I received the news here that my mother passed away. I am here still doing my alternative service in the factory so I don’t have to go to the army. I was very sad. Then the next day some drunk youths attacked me at night and took my mobile phone away from me. I know that God gives and God takes away and that He loves us, but I am more sad because my mother was not a believer. I share a room now with 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses and we have many discussions.
Bro. Leonid

I enjoy very much the letters I get from old Sister Ludmila in Kazan, and I am eagerly looking forward to Zvezda magazine.
Bro. Sasha

I was very pleased to receive some books, especially Miracles by Brother Billelo. It inspired me to write an article for our Zvezda magazine.
Bro. Valerij

I was able to go to two Bible Schools this Summer and I was glad about that, I just want to keep on thanking you that you baptized me and also my children, and now grandchildren. Truly we have the one hope and it makes me so happy it moves me to tears that this hope transforms my family.
Sis. Raisa

My health is still very bad, little things seem very big for me. I felt blessed by God to be able to celebrate another birthday, my daughter came to see me for it. I read the Bible more than ever before and the words all seem written just for me.
Sis. Tamara

I enjoy working on producing the Zvezda magazine. Always there are some things to work on, type or edit.
Bro. Andrej

I returned from my visit to Ukraine with our new Brother Shurik, who stayed with me a week. We had a wonderful time reading the Bible and discussing spiritual matters for a week, we also had good fellowship with Brother Oleg, it was a true spiritual Summer holiday for me.
Bro. Boris

We here in our ecclesia really enjoy the exhortations we are emailed from Brother Duncan, we discuss them here each week and try to remain strong in faith.
Sis. Vera

news from serbia 

I am regularly receiving and enjoying Gospel News - thank you.
Bro. Zoltan

I am very depressed because I have lost my job, life is so hard here without work.
Bro. William

news from spain 

I’m feeling bad here, because members of my family in Kenya are suffering and one child needs a heart operation. I pray so much for them but feel such a distance from them.
Sis. Gela

news from turkey 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of ERTAN - may the Lord bless his walk to the Kingdom.

Here life is very difficult for me, I am very much despised as a non-Moslem, so I think to return to Russia, but life is hard there too. I live in a very Moslem area and in all ways I differ from their culture, especially now I have been baptized. I am talking to a few people about the doctrines.
Sis. Anna

news from ukraine 

We are delighted to announce the baptisms of SHURIK, LENA, LUBA and SVETLANA may the Lord bless their walk to the Kingdom.

I am hoping to come to the next Bible School despite many problems, knowing that we must love Jesus more than family, or else we are not worthy of Him.
Bro Misha

We have big problems in that our house is falling down, other families live in it too, it is such a huge problem for us with such tiny pensions. We’re planning on going to the next Bible School.
Bro. Gennady

I am writing this from France, where I am temporarily working looking after an elderly Ukrainian woman who lives here. It is very nice here and I get time to read the Bible and feel really close to God. I am telling people here as best I can about the coming of the Kingdom.
Sis. Veronika

There are people writing to me from Western Ukraine, wanting Bible Basics in Ukrainian language, I hope they respond further.
Sis. Ludmila

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