God Doubts His People (Genesis 27:22)

When Isaac grew old, he decided to bless his son Esau as the firstborn son. Isaac gave all the procedures for the blessing. In Genesis 27 verse 3, Isaac told his son to go into the wilderness and look for an animal. In verse 4, Isaac’s wife Rebecca hears what her husband tells his son Esau. She says to her son Jacob “I have heard your father talking to his son Esau saying, ‘Bring me an animal and prepare delicious food so that I may bless you before I die.’” Going through the chapter, we read that Rachel encouraged Jacob to prepare food more quickly so that he could obtain the blessings first. In verse 22, Jacob has brought the food before Isaac. Isaac touched his body and discovered that the voice was that of Jacob but the arm was that of Esau. Here Isaac shows his disappointment with Jacob.

What does this tell us? Isaac in this chapter represents God, and Esau and Jacob, you and me. We are the children of God but the way we behave makes God disappointed with us. We serve God on one hand, and on the other we are so unfaithfull and unworthy. Do you think God knows what our position is? Please be careful.

Bro S W Wanyekheya

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