Obedience and Faith

Saul was enthroned as king of Israel at the age of thirty and he ruled Israel over a period of forty years. King Saul was a person with a problem of obedience. On one occasion he failed to wait for just over a week. Instead of waiting for the rightful person, the prophet Samuel, Saul performed hastily the religious duties which should have been done by Samuel. On another occasion he was told by God through the prophet Samuel to destroy the Amalekites but again he disobeyed. Instead he spared the Amalekites’ king, Agag. He also spared the best of the Amalekites’ livestock. If he had only obeyed he could have passed on his throne to his descendants. Instead he was, alas, rejected as the king of Israel (1 Sam 13:8-14; 15:1-23).

Our Lord is not delighted in what good things we do, what offerings and sacrifices we make. He wants us to obey and heed His precepts. We are not to be like Saul who followed his own wisdom. We ought to be obedient to God through Jesus Christ and leave all in God’s hands (1 Sam 15:22; Mark 12:33).

We must take the first step to respond in faith and obedience to the gospel. As Christadelphians we all share in the very sure hope of living for eternity on earth with the Lord (Psalm 37:9-11).

Bro Elvin Muntemba (Kitwe, Zambia)

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