God Is Love and God Never Gives Up

In Genesis we read that, God created man in His image and He said of His creation that it was very good. Man was given the power to subdue and live in the Garden of Eden. Adam who was in charge of everything, sinned against God. It was shameful because Adam was told that he mustn’t eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of Eden.

God knew that man had sinned when Adam and Eve hid themselves (Gen 3:9). But God had pity on them and did not destroy them. He showed His love when He provided clothes for Adam and Eve. God also showed great love to Adam and Eve after Cain killed Abel by granting them another son (Gen:25).

The earth was filled with people, through Adam, again showing the love of God Adam. The people were sinful in the sight of God. So God was very sad and sorrowful and thought to destroy people off the face of the earth. God showed his love again through Noah, saving him from the flood (Gen 9).

After the great flood, God told Noah to give birth to many people to subdue the earth. This showed that God does not give up but shows forgiveness. Also God gave Noah a covenant to show his great love.

On the face of the earth, the people multiplied more and more but became wicked. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19:24) but saved Lot and his two daughters from the city, this also showed His great love.

When the Israelites had come out of Egypt, they were to trust in God. God tested their faith in the desert of Sin, when they had no water to drink. The Israelite’s forgot the love of God in bringing them out of Egypt and grumbled at Moses and God saying: “Why have you taken us out of Egypt to let us die in this desert?” God did not give up on his people and he provided them with water to drink (Ex 17:3) again showed great love.

Mount Sinai and talked with God and was given the Law. Moses spent many days there (40 days and 40 nights). The Israelites thought that Moses was dead. They made their own God, a golden calf who they followed. God was very sad at this and told Moses that He would destroy the whole of Israel and make a great nation from Moses. But Moses cried and prayed to God to forgive the people. If God did not have love, he would not have listened to Moses.

Even after the bad report following the exploration (Ex 14:36,37), God merely punished those who offended. On the other hand, when Korah gave bad thoughts to the Israelites, he was destroyed with those who followed him (16:20). But God showed his love by saving the other Israelites.

Bro Dzingai Sumburera (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)

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