No one with Greater Love Than This

There was a boy who loved to see the passenger train passing near his home. Every day he went near the rail line waving hands to greet the engine driver and the passengers. One day the boy found a bad thing. Oh! The foes of the world have broken the rail bridge. The train is nearly due and it will plunge into the river and all will die! He has no chance to run to town to get help. What can he do to stop the train? The train is very near, the rails are rattling. No this, no that, the boy himself stood in the middle of the rails waving his hands forcefully to stop the train. However, he knew that the train could not stop in the emergency.

The engine driver was alarmed and tightened the brake but the train crushed the boy, his friend. When all disembarked from the train, oh! They saw the great danger of the broken bridge. They noticed that the brave boy had saved their lives.“There is no one with greater love than this,” Jesus said, “for a person to give his life because of his friends” (John 15:13). Jesus, Son of God, gave his life in order to save us from eternal death.

Bro Leonard M Lar (Ndhiwa, Kenya)

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