News from Europe / Eurasia

news from belarus 

I would so like Jesus Christ to return to the earth right now. I have a very hard time with my health, although the medicines you got for me have been a great help. The doctors say there is nothing more they can do for me; there are so many victims of radiation here in our area and all are told the same. We look for herbal remedies. I recently went to meet with the Brothers in Minsk and we had a nice time. We are hoping to be able to go to the Bible School. I am studying Beyond Bible Basics and doing the questions there.
Sis. Larisa

I am really excited because I am writing to a man in prison who never asks for money or anything, but I feel he has truly come to the truth after fanatically searching for it and studying our literature. I am so much encouraged. I am still in touch with Pavel, a very serious man who is in prison at Novosady. It is such a pleasure to write with him. I pray much for all your good work for the Lord.
Bro. Leonid

When I was moved to another prison I lost all my books, and now I find the worst thing is, I don’t have a Bible Companion, so I feel I can’t read the chapters with you each day to have fellowship, so please send me another one.
Bro. Aleksandr

We are very happy to be able to call you ‘Brother’, this is a new experience. Our home very much needs repairing, and we fear the coming of winter. We are reading the Bible every day.
Bro. Sasha

My brother and I are, as you know, invalids and housebound. We are reading the Bible much and hoping and praying for a better day in the Kingdom of God. We would like to be able to do more for our mother, especially as the house needs repair and we may even be thrown out of it. We have much time to pray but we would so like to be able to do more.
Bro. Valerij

Here the summer has been hot, but we have been blessed with good harvest which we are now preserving so we can eat through the winter. We recently held a small gathering of the Brothers in Minsk which was very good.
Bro. Vladimir

We want you to know that we are really with you in our prayers and we always long for your visits. We continue preaching to people here, and recently I went to Minsk to meet with the Brothers who came there and learnt more about the Bible.
Sis. Nina

news from bosnia 

We are delighted to announce the baptisms of MARIO and ADMIR in Sarajevo. May they hold to the hope of the Gospel until the end.

Despite all problems we stay strong in faith and see you as our lovely Brothers and our foundation for so many things; we have no fear any more. Thanks to you and the care you have given to us we are much stronger.
Bro. Ivica

news from georgia 

Here in Tbilisi we are fine and would very much welcome to see Duncan and Cindy soon. God be with you all.
Bro. Agakhi

news from iran 

Thank you, Brother, for the baptism. I take the risk to keep the pictures with me of us together afterwards. They mean everything to me. Pray for us here please.
Bro. A.

news from iraq 

I am OK here despite all problems, my prayers are with you. It was a pleasure to help with translations.
Bro. Sirwan

news from israel 

I am hoping to be able to make another visit to Ukraine where there are some people in the Crimea very interested in the true Gospel. All here send their greetings as we wait for Messiah’s coming.
Bro. Vladimir

news from italy 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of ASMAIT in Rome. May she hold to the hope of the Gospel until the end.

I was so very happy for your visit, it was an historic moment. And I am glad for the baptism of our Sister, and thank you for the clothes.
Bro. Naizghi

news from jordan 

We are all well here. Despite my isolation I have been thinking about the unity of the church, and I have sent an article about it.
Bro. Bassam


news from kazakhstan 

I am grateful that the Lord preserved me from my accident. I am strong and well by His love. It was a very happy day for us recently when we baptised Lidija; she was so eager for baptism after very much study with you.
Sis. Ludmila

We were visited recently by Brothers from England and there was a meeting held here at a hotel. We greatly missed the presence of Bro. Duncan and look forward to being with him at the winter Bible School.
Bro. Viktor

We are trying hard, so that all the great effort to establish our ecclesia here will not be in vain. We admire the great missionary work being done in other areas and we deeply respect it. We are trying to develop more singing and music in our meetings. All here send their greetings.
Sis. Elvira

news from latvia 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of ERIK and pray that he will endure to the end and enter the Kingdom with us.

Thank you very much for the Bible Weekend, it was very nice and I learnt a lot and grew in my faith.
Bro. Guntars

I am reading each day with you by the Companion, they are a comfort to me as I am facing a very hard situation. I am working for very small money, and I have only a shed to live in at the moment. Please pray for me as I do for you. I am still teaching some people here about the Truth and I am grateful for the copies of Bible Basics which I received for this purpose. My prayers are with all those affected by the recent terrorist acts and other catastrophes.
Bro Mikhail

Please pray for me as yet again I fell, this time whilst trying to board a bus and again I broke something. I have a small job cleaning, but the pay is very low.
Sis. Vaira

Things for us here aren’t good because of the way people are getting poorer whilst others become very wealthy. Our only hope is for the coming of Jesus Christ. I am oppressed by many problems in my old age, for example my boiler is not working, and here hot water has been cut off to our block so I have to boil it all myself. What can I say, do not grow old like I have done. I am all the more grateful for the Hope I have and which I wish I could share more with others.
Bro. Fyodyor

Marcus, newly baptised Sister and Gwladys in Latvia

news from lithuania 

I would very much like to come up to the Bible weekend in Latvia, I miss you there very much.
Bro Albinas

news from pakistan 

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Blessings and greetings!

I wish you very happy Birthday of All Pakistan Christadelphian Church in Pakistan. Same day on June 11, 2002. the servants of God, Sister Liz and Brother Duncan Heaster sow the seed in the soil of Pakistan. Then they carried on at different times to water this crop and sometimes labourers like Sister Liz, Brother Steven and Brother John Stibbs took care and prepare this crop of APCC. Now it’s bearing fruits and also the seeds growing more crops.  We are thankful to the Lord for giving us these wonderful brothers and sisters like who helped us in every way they could to carry on and spread the Christadelphian teaching all around Pakistan.  Today we are having a special fellowship program with Brothers and Sisters to celebrate this day. We shall pray, share the word of God and have some fun and food. We shall also remember our benefactors in our prayers who made it possible that we could grow.  In last National Council meeting I suggested to all the regions to celebrate June 11 a day of happiness and joy to mark as the foundation stone was laid on that day.

Once again Lord Bless you all.  With much love and peace,


news from russia 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of LIDIJA (Kazan) and pray that she will endure to the end and enter the Kingdom with us.

We often think of all the trouble Brother Duncan went to for Vitaly’s baptism and, despite all problems and the evil situation we are surrounded with here, think with joy of the things of the Kingdom and thank you for the Hope you have given us.  We continue breaking bread together.
Sis. Galine and Bro. Vitaly

I am frustrated by the lack of response to my preaching. I distributed many Bible Basics leaflets and manually wrote my address on them but I had no lasting contacts from this. I don’t seem to have the gift to preach like I saw in our dear and respected Sis. Ludmila Kuritsyna, so please pray for me.
Bro. Oleg

Sis. Chernyakhovets is really doing a good job with the Morning Star journal. It is good for me to see that those baptized are remaining faithful and not being influenced away from the truth. I am frustrated at the lack of response here, I even get depressed about it.
Sis. Ludmila K

[We are sorry to report that our sister was knocked down by a car and spent some time in hospital shortly after writing this. We understand she is healing].

We are very happy to say that our young daughter has started reading the Bible.  Because we are so isolated here the cost of everything is very high because of all the transport required.  It is very hard for us to survive.  Please pray for us.
Bro. Sergej

We are planning a visit to Uzbekistan to see the Brothers and Sisters and do some preaching, please pray for us.
Bro. Alexei

I am really pleased that Bro Duncan baptized my daughter Natasha. She is so happy and says she feels she is getting closer to God daily. She has such joy!
Sis. Olga

We recently had a visit from the Brothers, it was very nice. We plan on going to the Moscow Bible School and would love it if we could meet you there.
Sis. Larisa

I recently distributed 1000 leaflets, I am so eager to give my life to spreading the Gospel of truth, but I am lacking in the financial ability to do so as I would like.
Bro. Sasha

I am pleased to inform you of more who want to study the Bible lessons here.  It was encouraging to read of the first baptism in Iraq.  I feel very limited in what I can do here because of total lack of funds.
Bro. Aleksandr

I am healing after my illness, and was able to go to the Bible School in Kokshetau, and then I went on to Taynsha where I decorated the grave of my late husband. We think so much about you, it is such a joy to get your letters, and we are always praying for God’s blessings upon your constant and dangerous journeys for the Brothers.
Sis Raisa

I am very depressed and anxious, because I wrote three letters to you, and also to Ukraine to Sis Ludmila Chernyakhovets, but no replies were received. Now I receive letters from you, asking why I’ve not written! So now it is clear, that our post is being controlled. I am very frustrated, as you are my beloved family, and it feels as if we cannot now easily be in communication. I truly pray for you all each day and the postal problem and lack of contact from this is very hard for me.
Bro. Boris

We love you and are with you. We are concerned for our Brother Andrej in Izhevsk, it is so hard to be the only Brother in an entire city. We so await any visit from Duncan & Cindy!
Bro. Aleksandr and the sisters

Here the summer has been hot, but we have been blessed with good harvest which we are now preserving so we can eat through the winter.  We recently held a small gathering of the Brothers in Minsk which was very good.
Bro. Vladimir

I recently went to the south of Russia with the Brothers, all was good and we baptized one woman.
Bro. Rinat

My dream is always to be able to get to the Bible Schools because, for me, my faith is my life, it is all I have.  I am so very grateful that you lovingly remember me and bother to write to me.
Sis. Ekaterina

Here things are somewhat strange with nature, animals being born very large or deformed, and the plants also the same. We think it is a sign Jesus will soon come as we don’t understand in our village what is going on. We here are all very much looking forward to the next visit.  We are preparing now for the winter.  When the river freezes and vehicles can drive over it, we are more connected to the rest of the world.  We pray for you all.
Bro. Ivan and family

news from serbia 

I appreciate receiving Gospel News , thank you very much.
Bro. Zoltan

We now have received from the printers the colour version of What Is The Gospel? and I have sent some to Bro. Marcus for him to see. We are working with the money given from CCCE to place more adverts.

Bro. William

news from spain 

I hope that you've been OK. I'm fine too, forgive me for not writing. God is good always and I should say that He loves me. Also pray for my dear sister, she is suffering a lot, also in hospital. My brother is still in the prison, please pray for all this. Pray too for me, I really need your prayers that God may give me courage in all that is happening. Thanks for everything.
Sis. Gela

I really appreciate your support spiritually. I have had to move house recently but that is now completed thanks to God.

Sis. Lena

news from turkey 

My friend has come here from Syria, and he is interested to be baptized. I am teaching him. I am very happy for the true doctrine and baptism you gave.
Bro. Hasan

I am hoping to baptize my friend Mehmet next week. I have made another 500 photocopies of my leaflet to give to people. I am being sent to Greece next month with my work and I am hoping to preach to people there. Pray for our victory there too.
Bro. Scotty

I am writing this email from Iran. I have come here to see a Russian Sister who is married to an Iranian.

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