News from Africa

news from botswana 

Many of us are so ignorant of the precious gift called time; we never even appreciate it and take it as just an obvious feature of life. But, tell you what, time is not a human concept, it is of God, we cannot buy more than what God gives us. We cannot know exactly how much time we have, no wonder Moses prayed, “So teach us to number our days, that we may get a heart of wisdom” (Ps. 90:12). It is painful to notice that time is such a precious gift from God and yet unappreciated; we don’t work for it, we just receive it. We wake up in the morning and find that we have been credited with another 24 hours. Some overlook its value and out of immense ignorance equate it with money! What a mismatch! Brethren, let us not be prodigal with time, for it is not money, rather life and opportunity! We know that if we squander our time we are squandering our lives. Time belongs to God, it is not ours, so let us use it wisely (Eph. 5:15-17) according to the will of God, taking into account that it is a finite commodity. If we don’t use some of it today, no balance will be carried forward for tomorrow, so that we get 30 hours or so. ‘Tomorrow’ we will still receive a fixed 24 hours. And let us do things with our time that are worth trading with; I can’t take my precious four hours and trade it with mere sleeping during the day! There’s no ‘worth’ in that! We must always ask God to lead us when we are planning how to use our time in a day, week, month or year. To exclude His direction from our plans is sheer folly, because He is the Author of time.
Bro. Gaotingwe Bamotshabile

news from burundi 
I have been told, Salvation is free, but the Kingdom will cost you everything. Jesus went everywhere preaching, “Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand” (Matt. 4:17). If we read the teaching of Jesus it is very clear, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross” every Sunday morning? No! daily “and follow me” (Luke 9:23). I am now poor and jobless, please can you help me in my travelling in a door-to-door mission. God bless you.
Bro. Costantin, Mwagalwa.
news from cameroon 

I would like to ask for a Bible in English and other books which will help me.  I would also like to attend a meeting on Sundays, but it is a long distance between Fontem and Dschang.  I have been praying for the coming of our Lord and also for those who have not yet known the Truth;  I have two sisters in this position who I have been praying for.
Bro. Bernard Mbouna

Photo: Bro. Bernard Mbouna

It’s the rainy season here and as well as rain the weeds are growing so fast and keep us busy clearing them, so that they will not choke the plants.  Also, the rain is causing black-pod disease in cocoa pods – cocoa being our main cash crop.  In fact, I have to spray my farm every two weeks with fungicide in order to have a good harvest. My wife/Sister Bridget also works on the farm, and our two sons and a daughter are all lively.  We of the Munyenge ecclesia are very active in the truth in spite of the persecution from members of the Pentecostal churches and the Roman Catholic church. They try all efforts to thwart our preaching, but we continue, with the help of God.  Our Tuesday and Thursday evening Bible classes remain a regular feature, while we have set up another plan for the truth: intending every June and September to organise Bible Schools, these to be combined efforts of Owe and Munyenge ecclesias.  Last June it was quite a success, with the baptism of three of our contacts.  We now total 16 – 12 Brothers and four Sisters.  Another Bible School is being scheduled for Sept. 23-25, this year in Munyenge with Owe ecclesia joining us here.  Owe is some 18 miles away from here and has seven Brethren in Christ.  Our appeal is for literature and preaching aids. I should be very grateful if you could find me the following books: Teach Yourself Concise Encyclopaedia of the Bible; And, of course, a problem, please can you help:  In Matt. 11 v 12 violence seems to be encouraged.  However, I understand it does not in any way support violence, as we see Christ restoring the violent action of Peter during his arrest.  Also, the apostles never dared venture into violence;  they accepted it as part of their trial of faith.  More light would help, please.
Bro. George Nowuangeali

With much love I wish to report our baptisms as follows:  Nwengang James and Mondon Nicolas, whose wife gave birth two days before baptism.
Bro. Kum, George

Photo: Bro. Kum, George

I thank Brothers and Sisters for their prayers and help rendered to me throughout my illness;  I am now getting better, though I am still on monthly check-ups.  Psalm 20:1-2 says, “May the Lord answer you in the day of your trouble.  May the Name of the God of Jacob protect you. May He send you help from the sanctuary and give you support from Zion”, and 120, “In my distress I called to the Lord and he answered me.”  In fact, the word of the Lord is so powerful and He is holy, to be praised.  I hope I still have much to do in the Lord’s vineyard.  I thank Bro. Andrew Walker who  assisted me on his visit to Cameroon. I will be happy to receive a copy of, ‘Where There is No Doctor’ and other spiritual material.
Bro. Kenneth Mbah

Photo: Bro. Kenneth Mbar


Photo:  Sunday School of the Menji ecclesia, sent by John Atem Nkeng.

news from congo 

First of all, I would like to inform you that, I learned the Word of God with Sister Judy Holt from the U.K. by correspondence course in the language Esperanto.

I received both the Bible Basics and the correspondence course in French when two brothers from Cameroon came for the first time In DR Congo in July 2003.

I did photo-copies of the course and began to give it to other persons. The Ecclesia of Kinshasa and Kwilu Ngongo which were already established helped me by sending to me other books In French.

In July 2004, two brothers from Cameroon visited me in Matadi, I had my interview, and two of my contacts had their interviews too. We were two brothers to be baptized. From July 2004 till February 2005, we met in my house once a week. From March 2005, we are meeting in our Ecclesia's room. Currently, I remain the only baptized brother, the brother who was baptized the same day with me, does not come any more. I hold regular meetings: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with 3 contacts who study with me the word of God. We also receive to our meetings the and guests to whom we offer booklets. Our children also come to our meeting on Sundays. We also give to our visitors photocopies of Bible Basics.

I brought an old 486 computer, it helps us keep files of the literature downloaded on Internet. We feel the need to have a printer and a photocopier. Frankly, we distributed a good number of booklets, especially the guide for the reading of the bible. I have also some contacts apart from Matadi, I request that they progress in the study of the Bible and wish to see them become brothers in Christ in the days to come.

We also plan to use the radio, television and the newspapers to make known the word of God to the general public because some people suspect us of being a magic sect because they do not see us publicly as they do the other communities.

I would like to also start to send the course by correspondence to hundreds of people by Internet. This is why we seek to be supported financially for this work. Concerning safety, there is the war in the East of the Country, but here in the Province of Bas-Congo, in the Western South of the DR Congo, we are calm and in safety. If you want to visit us, there is no problem, you will be well accommodated. Ecclesia of Kinshasa would be given the responsibility to organiz your voyage sending the invitation letter to you. Kinshasa, have several times received the brothers who have visited this country
Bro Hans Bruno Lutete

news from ghana 

It was good to hear from you how things are doing on.  However, due to the sickness of Sis. Cecilia things seem to be somewhat difficult in life, but the Lord will solve everything.  I have to trust in the Lord, as what is hard to a man is not hard to the Lord, but we must trust in Him. The present events in the world really foretell the Master’s coming to judge the world and set up God’s Kingdom on the earth.   With all my problems I ought to have time for the Lord’s work, which is the most important thing in our lives, so I need your prayers always, as I remember you all in my daily prayers to the Lord.  The ecclesia here is keeping on; we meet every Sunday morning for Bible discussions before Breaking Bread, also the Sunday School children have their lessons.
Bro. Joseph Oppong

Sister Cecilia Oppong:
After a period of considerable pain, she fell asleep in Christ and will be laid to rest 2nd October (God willing). Our Sister was a succourer of many, the home was always open to everyone and although only a small flat, Bible Schools and fraternals were held there. She was an ardent Sunday School worker for over 40 years where she nurtured a number into the Truth. The photo below, taken back in the 1960s, shows her sitting in the front row with her first Sunday School.  In spite of living a hard and difficult life she was extremely generous, giving, in faith, well beyond her means and always the Truth was her first priority. This is indeed a tremendous loss to Bro Joseph, his family and friends. We now all look forward to working together in the Kingdom to help bring all the world under God’s command. MH

 Photo: Sis Celia in tthe front row with her first Sunday School

Photo: Sis Cecilia and Bro Joseph with their family about 40 years ago


news from kenya 

I am on the farm, spending so much time in it (7 hours a day, every day, hoping that perhaps God will remember us this time).  It is greener (rainy and muddy all through).  I managed to plant millet and maize and cow-peas.  Now they are on their 60th day, with another 30 days to ripen.

The work of God is always my concern – I’m still on Christian life correspondence course lesson 16.  I will be through in two months. Is there a spare ‘Where there is no doctor’ because Lawrence went away with the book.

Now I do agree calling every day to ones neighbour, and make him face his God.  You know I had always stressed strongly about the neighbour because it will make our Lord really happy and that perhaps will make the outcome of our judgement lighter.  Remember him asking you, “What did you do to your neighbour when he fell?”

Christ I know is unique, being born in difficult circumstances.  A child to be born now needs a bundle and a half of money and material.  Affording mothers will tell you about modern clinics where the attendants are handy and where modern gadgets are found, but for the Lord Jesus that night and Joseph, there was no place except the manger – a place for donkeys and sheep.
Bro. Nelson Otimeo Anyals

Photo of Nelson with a friend working under U.N. as a human rights representative.

All our mail from abroad is stacked in the school boxes we use here. The Government, under the Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the rental fees, has not yet paid for the boxes and this resulted in their closure in mid-February.  We fear that the mail may be returned to senders if the 3-month duration expires.  The postal charges have gone up as from March 2005.  The new rate for the U.K. is Kshs.75 for letters. This is just equivalent to 1 US dollar, something which is costly for the developing world.

On 20th March we were visited by a hurricane known as Nyakoyi, followed by a heavy downpour that left many people homeless, properties of millions destroyed and even claimed some lives. The worst hit districts were Nyando, where I come from, and Suba.  I personally was lightly affected, anyway my health is fair with the wet conditions. We look forward to the hour and day of the Master’s return so that he may put things right.

I understand “How To Grow A Balanced Diet” is now out of stock. I eagerly await the outcome of your initiation with the Netherlands Charity.  We at this end experience the drought in full measure and when it starts to rain it is so short that our crops do nothing to stave off hunger in our midst.  We therefore welcome anything that can avert the problem. The drought resistant cassava is good anyway but its toxicity had previously turned lethal here in Kenya. For us sorghum and peas are good. Sorghum will find our black cotton soil so productive and hence a high yield.

Many world affairs today are conforming to the requirement of Bible prophecy.  Therefore whilst people are fearful and afraid of current developments, those who understand the significance of Bible prophecy look upon the scene with hope, for the signs of the times proclaim the imminence of Christ’s return.  The Present Day Events Report No. 455 on how Israel counselled the withdrawal of the settlements in Gaza shows their complete ingratitude to God’s masterplan of Israeli territorial landmark.  Maybe it will succeed but let them prepare for the wrath of God.  In short, they will not frame their doings to turn unto their God (Hosea 5:4).
Bro. Lawrence K’Owiti

I would like to encourage all my brethren and sisters world-wide to care for all people, not only those we are sharing the same faith with, as caring for one another is a very practical way of demonstrating our lives as Christians.  Care does not mean that we take total control of a person, but it is in many ways manifested through physical and emotional activities such as love, help, sympathy, empathy, danger, trouble.  The same way Jesus himself cared much for us to the extent of dying for us. So why can’t we do the same for others because as Christians we should follow Jesus’ footsteps.

Here on this side of the world we, as brothers and sisters, have not been in a position to adequately teach the saving truth of the gospel in some areas because of shortage of funds.  So on behalf of our ecclesia, Sisters’ group, Sunday School, here are some areas for which we are requesting more help:-

(a)     Bible school support

(b)     Orphanage support

(c)     Bibles e.g. NIV, RSV, King James editions

(d)     Sunday School teaching materials

(e)     Medical support

Is it possible for us to also have “Where There Is No Doctor” and  “How To Grow A Balanced Diet”?
Bro. Vincent Odhiambo.
Thanks a lot for what you sent me recently, they are of vital importance as pertaining to my salvation and the truth that I have found from the Gospel News.  You promised to send us the Bible, so that we can be spreading the gospel to the outside world, we have not yet received it.  Secondly, Bro. Sadique Bukhebi Joumer says he has not yet received the Kiswahili Bible Basics.
Bro. Emmanuel Joumer

Comment the books are either in the post or lost.

I am a new reader of the Bible truth, being assisted by Bro. Eric  Wamalwa and Bro. George Wabwile, baptised believers of the gospel, sharing the true faith.  I have heard of a book entitled Bible Basics, the content of which have greatly interested me.  I would like to introduce  myself to you so that I may learn more as I continue searching for more scripture.  I also need some books to give me more information about the Bible.  Therefore I am asking you to kindly send me any books that are available.
Bro. Anasetus Khaemba 


Photo: Bro. Anasetus Khaemba

Much greetings in the Hope of Israel.  The lessons you sent have enabled our ecclesia to grow entirely in godliness so, brother, I would wish that you continue sending more to me.  The ‘Bible Reader’s Calendar’ is a good idea, in fact we have found it more useful to us and it is our desire to have it supplied yearly. Contemporary Christians believe that the Kingdom of God will be set permanently in heaven. This has made us disagree with them and put us in a position of teaching them the truth that the Kingdom of God will be set up on this planet earth and not in heaven, see Matt.6:9.  The matter of truth after revealed to them will win a number of them to believe the gospel, but most of them would reject it and by so doing the scripture is fulfilled where it says “the unbelievers will be condemned.”
Bro. George Maina Wabwile

Second line left Bro. Emmanuel Wantala with some Sunday School children.

Sis Matrine Maina and Bro. George Maina Wabwile with their young children Jacob Wanjala and Baraka Simiyn

I am very interested in the books which you have sent Bro. George Maina and Bro. Eric Wamalwa. Please send me Bible Basics; I will intensify my studies and teach my friends when you send this.
Bro. Emmanuel E. Kundu

Receive my greetings in the Lord Jesus.  I am grateful to be able to write to you informing you about my exodus from Pentecostal mission. Moreover I am a newly converted brother fellowshipping with Bro. George Maina and Bro. Eric Wamalwa. The Pentecostal popular notions have greatly diverted the views of the present generation away from the true Scripture.  The brothers in Christ mentioned above actually prove the right channel towards the Kingdom of God. I would request you to supply me with the book Bible Basics and any other copy available. I am sure, with your support, I will progress in godliness.  God bless you abundantly as we fight against obstructions towards the Kingdom of God.
Bro. Wycliffe W. Wasike

Photo: Bro. Wasike

I was pleased to learn about the position of brothers and sisters over there. I could not imagine such a large number. The high level of poverty in Kenya has greatly affected Kenyan ecclesias.  I have heard some are forced to run illegal businesses like brewing alcohol, commonly known as changla and bonsaa, and selling them to fetch some cash for sustaining their families. The book on “How to Grow a Balanced Diet” can help much if the information is applied correctly.  I have set up an experiment on horticulture and some cereal crops.  My intention is to pass the information to other people.  Africans can learn better from the practical and therefore I am thinking of setting up a field school for the purpose of teaching others using the above book.  Your proposal and efforts to help others learn to spread English is profitable since most of the people in Africa do not know how to teach English and therefore miss much because they cannot read the literature you have been dispersing.  May God facilitate this work.
Bro. Eric Wamalwa

I always receive the Magazine, may the Lord increase your wisdom.  I appreciate your daily prayers for my lifetime at Chwele Hall as I become stronger in faith (Romans 10:9-13).  Please brother! how can I receive a Bible concordance and an English King James Bible with references per verse for my studies?
Bro. Geoffrey Wanyama
Thanks a lot for everything, I have not received Introducing Bible Basics, but they will be of much benefit to me.

Malnutrition is hitting our population especially those with children.  The book How to Grow a Balanced Diet will assist our members in Christ to have every essential food on the farms for healthy living and thus avoid diseases, so please send it.  I’ve also not yet received the Eureka set sent me some time earlier.  The Bible Reading Calendars are essential for our members and very convenient. The other request I’m putting before you is the sending of the Present Day Events leaflets you sent in your earlier mails to me, they keep us updated on what transpires in the world. Because of drought which affectes Kenya and most African countries, the population will starve if the Lord Jesus’ coming doesn’t occur very soon. This requires plant breeders to produce resistant crops such as cassava, shorghum, peas etc.  Relative to these I refer you to ICPE Kenya,  KARI Kenya seed company for more information for suitability of one variety or more as they change with time and new ones are bred to replace the defaced ones.
Bro. Chrisantus W. Wasike

One of the articles in Glad Tidings No. 1447 had a cover picture saying “Nothing stays the same”.  Well David somehow altered the cover picture and imposed on it the photo of Bro Daniel
Walhambu to make it a real Kenyan edition – demonstrating “nothing stays the same”!
Bro. David Wanjala

Photo: The cover of Glad Tidings with the changes as mentioned..

I do thank you for sending me the Bible Reader’s Calendar 2005.  Please send me Bible Basics Study Manual.  I’m sorry to let you know of the latest development in my family. On 9th February 2005, our dear Sister, who is my wife, passed away on that chilly morning.  I have been telling you about her sickness which started in early January 1999.  It has been too expensive in our life, especially when I lost my job when our company collapsed. It has been a terrible life with sickness and my children had to stop schooling.
Bro. Jacob Okoth 

Many brethren, sisters and correspondence contacts claim that they are in lonely places, for this reason we wish to identify ourselves with those who fall into this category in South Nyanza area. You are welcome to contact us and heal yourselves wherever you are:

1.  Kabubu,  Box 1040,  Suna – 40400

2.  Kiagware,  Box 303,  Ogembo

3.  Kericho,  Box 1591,  Kericho – 20200

4.  Nyangweso,  Box 76, Nyangweso 40311

5.  Nyandenga,  Box 52,  Mbita

6.  Oilumbo,  Box 12,  Pala-Sarb

7.  Ndisi,  Box 306,  Ndhiwa – 40320

8.  Oruba,  Box 1040,  Suna – 40400

So please you are welcome to contact us.  Our meeting services start at 9.00.a.m.- 11.00.a.m. on Sundays. Also we have Bible study classes on weekdays.  Welcome personally and we will be very happy to see you, if it is possible.
Bro. Samuel Masawa

I am a new convert having received baptism on 24th April.  I felt very joyful beginning a new life in Christ, joining other Christadelphians.  My tutor has been Bro. Edwin Skinner from UK. I pray God to bless him in this life and reward him when Jesus comes. I cannot write everything here on paper but rather I say thanks to God for him.  I thank God for all His mighty works in me and most of all every breath for every moment.  Great is the faithfulness of the Lord who is my Father and Saviour, in whom I put my trust. I thank the Christadelphians all over the world, for indeed I have come to prove this as the real faith. As a matter of fact I was a Catholic, faithful all my life, before baptism into Christ, to all their teachings; I was through to the level of going to the seminary to train for the Catholic priesthood, having done philosophy and theology.  But the enlightenment of the Bible and the gospel that I have found through Christadelphians is very wonderful and gracious and I have come to see this is why the good Lord has preserved me and passed me through many hardships of this life. Now I feel prepared  for even more challenges in this new life in Christ, but I don’t fear, for the Lord is with me.  One big problem I am facing now is that I am married with four children and my wife is converted to a certain Pentecostal church, therefore she has been very much against me studying the material and lessons of Christadelphians for almost four years since I started.  The problem is to make her understand and give in to learn about Bible truths.  This is not easy, and I am calling for help and prayers from all brothers and sisters, for I cannot turn back, recalling the word of God in Deut 13:1-11 and in particular verses 1-3 and verse 6.  So I find in all means I have to convince everyone, including my wife, children and parents about the Bible truths.  This needs a lot of courage, wisdom and understanding, recalling the mind and advice of Jesus that we be wise and cunning as a serpent.
Bro. Peter Njuguna 

It has taken me a long time to write to you, this has been due to some common disturbances, but for now I’m O.K. hoping likewise you are.  I so appreciated the book from you, ‘Where There is No Doctor and I do thank you.  I am hoping to receive the coming issues of Gospel News.
Bro. Richard Oduma 

The signs of the times within and without the brotherhood clearly testify to the imminence of the Lord’s coming.  The Kingdom is at hand of that there is no doubt.  There is no time to be carefree or dilatory in the development of faith or to be entrapped by things that do not really matter.  Even ecclesial activities, being overly occupied in organising and arranging, can deflect attention from the prime purpose of life - developing the character of God and reflecting divine virtues.  This is the time for urgent and wise preparation.  The coming of the Lord will be a most rewarding, but an absolutely startling moment that we can but dimly imagine.  I consider that the sowing in corruption referred to in 1 Cor. 15:42 deals with the incident of death and the placing into the grave.  It is our desire to keep the writings of our Christadelphian fellowship to the brotherhood.  The world is in a frightful state, politically and morally.  The question of intrinsic evil in human nature has surely reached its summit; it is only one of many situations that seem to be insoluble.  We await the only solution possible, the return of our Saviour and Redeemer to change this ungodly world into a reflection of the Creator’s hand.
Bro. Martin W. Chemiati 

I have been very pleased with the Bible Reading Calendar produced by the CAT. it would be nice if you could produce one for next year.
Bro. Geoffrey Chichir 

How happy I am for the Gospel News which keeps me well informed of what is happening around the world.  I received the book “Where There Is No Doctor” and it is now used by a small town known as Enterara in the semi arid areas of Kenya.  You can just imagine how nice it is to see people in and out of my house seeking what to do with illness.  I have got two Bible students, one who can read and write and another who does not know Kiswahili or English language.  Thank you very much for the parcel that you sent.  I am requesting some notes on how to grow a balanced diet and the best method of farming.  I find it more useful to advise people on modern methods of farming than giving people money.

We are living in the last days just before the return of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.  This is a time when warnings are common words to us.  We are living in a world of warnings, terrorist attacks, AIDS, epidemics, droughts and so forth.  People are taking extra precautions to avoid terrorist attacks but the repeated word of God in Matthew, Mark and Luke have gone unnoticed.  As we continue our journey towards the Kingdom of God, seeing people being deceived and deceiving themselves are common.  We are now to stand on our guard for this day will come unexpectedly, just like the thief coming when you least expect him, and our Saviour Jesus Christ will come to restore order in this troubled world.  Just as Isaiah 11:6 puts it, “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together and a little child will lead them.”  As we continue with our journey this should be the signpost in front of us, struggling to be in this peaceful Kingdom of God with Jesus as the King, expecting Jesus Christ to appear at any time. So, brother and sister, let us take extra care not to be deceived, neither deceive ourselves but stand firm until the end comes.
Bro. Peter Thuo Kariuki

Photo: Bro. Peter and Sister Judy in isolation

Loving greetings to all beloved brothers and sisters world-wide.  We enjoyed the visit from Sis Beatrice Tenys who came over 30km from Kisulunu.  After reading five chapters of that day, Bro. Moses gave a word of exhortation on the subject of moving from Jericho to Jerusalem or Jerusalem to Jericho.  His main intention was to warn all of us to repent and confess our sin before God,and to love one another.  After sharing our Lord’s table Bro. John Simuyo extended a warm welcome to all members to meet regularly at our homes, building one another up in the bonds of the truth. 

We are very sorrowful to announce the falling asleep in Christ on 4th March 2005 of our beloved Sis Elizabeth, the lovely mother to Bro. Obonyo of Mzeria ecclesia.  She faithfully upheld the truth for many years in that part of the vineyard.  Our Sister now rests in the hope of eternal life at the coming of the Lord.  Several brothers and sisters from our ecclesia made a trip to Wanga, over 50Km to where her funeral service was held.
Bro. Gilbert Walela

Photo: Bro. Gilbert Walela right and his friend Sirengo who is interested in the truth.

What is a Christian?  Many people would answer that it is a name found in the Bible for the Bible is a Christian book, which is true.  But simply taking a name of some Bible character does not change one’s heart.  A name is important but it is an outward thing.  Some parents give their children Biblical names when they are born. Don’t trust your name for serving the Lord.  There is only one Name under heaven whereby we can be saved and that is the Name of Jesus as we read in Acts 4:12.

The Bible is truly the word of God written by holy men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21).  Even so, just believing the Bible does not save us if we do not obey what it says.  It says that we must believe on Jesus Christ and we shall be saved (Acts 16:31).  The salvation comes from the person of Jesus Christ whom the Bible tells us about.  We must believe on him, and what he taught.  The Pharisees of Jesus’ time were proud of the law and of their knowledge of it, but still they refused to believe in Jesus and crucified him.  So one can even know the Bible well, but if we do not accept Jesus and understand Jesus as the Saviour, we cannot be a true Christ follower.

Education is good in many ways, it opens the window of the mind but it cannot touch the heart.  Many people still walk in darkness although educated, e.g. Nicodemus was an educated man.  In John 3:3-10 we see that he was a teacher, indeed a member of the Sanhedrin, but Jesus emphasized this issue saying that unless one is born anew he cannot see the Kingdom of God.  Paul who was also an educated man said (1 Cor. 2:14) that the natural man, that is one who has not been born again, cannot receive nor understand the things of the spirit, because they are foolishness to him.
Bro. George Ndlegu

Photo: Bro. George Ndlegu at his sugar farm

Heavenly greetings to all brethren and sisters, it is good to be reading of their spiritual fightings in order to be part of the promised Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ for which we are all waiting. I pray we will continue reading from our brethren and continue holding on to what we have  received and pray for our Lord Jesus Christ to come back soon.  The Tsunami disaster in Asia is a sign that his coming back is approaching, otherwise it is a lot of sadness to see the havoc done and ours is to pray for all those affected.
Bro. and Sister Thomas Yongo

On rabbit keeping which you mentioned I am looking forward on ways and means of keeping them since they can offer delicious protein meals to my family.  I have talked to a secondary school nearby which keeps them and they say they can sell some for me if I so wish for four dollars that is about 300 K.shillings at the current exchange rate.  The housing unit, especially the wall around, I can make using local timber available but the roofing needs iron sheets and nails and some wire mesh to keep them from rain and from predators like dogs and cats and these are to be bought from hardware stores. This is a venture for the future which I hope to tackle.

I attended A.G.M. and Bible conference in Nairobi and was happy to meet many brothers and sisters from all over Kenya and U.K. as well.  The U.K. team was led by Bro. Allan Sutton and we finished off by having the emblems.  This was a true show of one fellowship and one body of Christ and of the Kingdom which Christ is the head.  We must do this with understanding as the hour has come for us to wake up from our slumber because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.  The night is nearly over, the day is almost here, so let us behave decently as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy, rather clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ and do not think about how to gratify the desires of sinful nature (Romans 13:11-14).
Bro. Raphael Aimo

Loving greetings to you all brethren through Jesus Christ.  Thanks for Gospel News with love of Jesus from your dear brother Alex and family here in Nyeri.  Sorry I have delayed to write to you.  Now we are teaching some students so that next time they can be baptised.  Also the number has added up to six students.
Bro. Alex K. Mwaniki 

Thank you for the books you sent me, I got them well. I have distributed these to brethren and sisters. I also sent three to brethren and sisters at Kabubu, the remainder to Drumbo.  Total ecclesias in South Nyanza are eight.  Those people who did not know English are now using these Kiswahili books.
Bro. John Kine 

Since I started reading Gospel News in May/June 1999 I have admired and appreciated it.  These efforts fulfil the scripture to go and preach the gospel message to all human beings in the world.  Nothing will stop us doing the Lord’s business and to be living witnesses for the truth.  We thank our God the Father for creating us.  We thank our God the Father for sending us a Saviour, Jesus Christ.  We thank our God for the hope of everlasting life, and for His mercy and lovingkindness.  We thank Him for the life given to us as free with nothing to pay, it is a gift.  Our God has given us salvation through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to whom all things point.  We have enough evidence to believe by reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Heb. 1:1-3,  God spoke through the prophets but in the last days through His Son, Jesus Christ, to whom He has given power to give us life after death.  We must not be like the 10 lepers healed, only one thanking our Lord Jesus Christ,  Luke 17:11-19.  David had to give thanks to the God of Israel for delivering him from his enemies: Ps. 50:23; Ps. 105:1; Ps. 106:1; 1.Chron. 16:7-36. Paul in his letter to the Ephesians 5:20, we should give glory to God every day through Jesus Christ.  We should as brothers and sisters in Christ give thanks to our Creator.
Bro. John Owalo Onani 

In the middle of October Bro. David Green is coming to Kenya for the Bible School, so when I meet him I will give him the copy of the remaining disc of the Bukusu translation of Bible Basics, for easier printing.  I also accept that, due to other complications computer typing in Kenya is very expensive and has made us lose too much.  For this moment I have accepted all the first prints be done in U.K. then be sent for corrections and returned for second prints. On the Bible Basics disc which I have, I did the corrections first before doing its recordings.

Tongaren ecclesia is expecting to be bought a plot for Sunday worship.  This was accepted at the last AGM conference.  For this we thank God for His blessings.  I also praise God for the project of translating our Christadelphian books into Bukusu language. People have marvelled at the translation and some have pressed me not to give up. Some people like the language but have rejected our doctrines.  They have complained very much about our Bible truths, which we are translating into our local language, this is because they do not read the Bible themselves, they are being read to by their pastors.  The Catholic follower, after reading our doctrine in Bukusu language, came out and condemned me that I have started destroying people from their truths. I was told not to produce such books for it will destroy people from their beliefs
Bro. Isaac Kapa

Nowadays Vatican is known as the holy City, but through Bible investigation we have seen that Jerusalem was prophecied about four thousand years ago.  At first it was mentioned in the time of Abraham when Melchizedek was the King of Salem.  Jerusalem then appeared on the pages of history in relation to God with Abraham as his servant.  From Abraham developed a nation called Israel, with Jerusalem its capital city.  We are told in the Bible that Jerusalem will be the centre of all nations of the world (Ezek 5:5).  Jerusalem will be the great city of the coming Kingdom and the throne of the coming King will be established in Jerusalem (Matt. 5:34-5). The Lord shall be King over all the earth (Zech. 14:9,16).  Vatican, the holy city of Catholics, has deceived many by saying that they ascend into heaven and stay with God.  This is a big confusion.  The Vatican can offer no blessings and it will vanish from the face of the earth (Rev. 18:21).  The basic doctrines of the Catholics have no relation to the expositions of Biblical promises and prophecies.  The time of Christ’s return is drawing very near so those who are not baptised into Christ must choose between the two cities – which one will you follow?  Now is the time to learn the truth concerning the gospel of the Kingdom and be baptised into the name of Jesus Christ; but remember the gospel was central to the Kingdom of God which will be established on earth, not in heaven.
Bro. Isaac Kapa Sikolia

Photo: Sister Getquin Sikolia who was recently baptised

Nice to hear from you this morning. It’s again a good time for me here in Kenya to communicate with you again this day for I am happy with your encouragement and testimony to me because you have done wonders in my eyes for the material you have been sending since I was baptised in 1994. Therefore continue to service me until our Lord comes back to establish God’s Kingdom.  At this moment would you please try to help me with the following if available – three Swahili Bible Basics, Introducing Bible Basics and any other literature for which I will be very thankful.
Bro. Jospeph M. Wanjala

It is some time since we communicated but this does not signify that we here are inactive in the Lord’s service.  With the help of your two course books Introducing Bible Basics and Bible Basics Study Manual, we have witnessed five baptisms in our ecclesial meeting alone, two others under our instruction have been baptised in other ecclesial meetings and three are still under instruction class (about to finalize their studies).  This gives us strength and joy as we experience the truth bearing fruit. Our ecclesial members,    who are now scattered throughout Kenya due to job placements, are constantly phoning us about new interested friends who would like to study the truth.  We have run short of the study materials and would request your assistance in that regard.  We have tried to direct a few to you and hope they have written.
Bro. Shawn Tyler

news from malawi 

I really thank you for what you do for me, both naturally and spiritually. I truly believe that, in you, God has sent me someone to care for my life.
Sis. Bertha Khonje

Many thanks for sending me 10 Bible Basics, which help me in my preaching. I am in isolation and if you can find an old Bible (KJ) I shall be grateful. Many thanks, too, for your words of encouragement and for your prayers for us in our difficulties.
Bro. R. Kawonga

Thank you for the Bible Basics you sent me. I decided to do a course here on home job opportunities, but it is very difficult here compared to your country. When you have a certain career or skill then you have opportunities. On the shortage of Bibles, it is a big problem and I am asking you once again to assist, but if it is difficult, try to send one English Bible and two or three (if possible) in Chichewa. Brother, can you supply some magazines in order that I can grow spiritually in these last days. I would like your views on the question of growing and smoking tobacco and making and drinking beer.
Bro. Maxwell M. Table

Comment: I neither smoke nor drink beer and would recommend that to others as a way of life, but it is a matter of personal choice. Smoking is generally reckoned to be bad for one’s health and bad for those inhaling the smoke from smokers; it is also very expensive. There are many methods one can use to stop smoking. The vast majority of Christadelphians do not smoke, but a few, for various reasons, may do so, and it is not for us to either approve or condemn. One can argue that growing tobacco is no worse than selling it to other people if one works in a shop which sells it. What use one’s crop is put to is not one’s responsibility as nicotine does have some medicinal qualities, e.g. being used in the treatment of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s diseases and epilepsy, it is also valuable as an insecticide. If the argument is, ‘Don’t grow tobacco because it contains nicotine’, nicotine is also found in tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers and the leaves of cocoa.

As for drinking, it would seem the scriptural injunction is wise, as we would expect, “use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities” (1st Timothy 5:23). Jesus did not condemn the drinking of wine at the wedding at Cana, indeed he turned the water into wine. It is over-indulgence that is condemned. Alas, alcoholism is a major problem these days and Duncan’s booklet, ‘Living With Alcoholism’ has proved very helpful with some useful information. MH

Photo: At Mukurimba Ecclesia

Let me take this opportunity of thanking you for Gospel News; I beg you to continue sending it to me. I have been a Christadelphian since 1980.
Bro. Stenford Chipfumbi

Thank you for always sending me Gospel News and thank all those who help you with it. Could you kindly send me a Revised English Bible, as I find it helpful.
Bro. G.M. Chisanga

Thank you very much for the book, ‘Where There is no Doctor’. I have already started organising meetings of my neighbours to study the book and discuss local health problems - prevention and paying attention to the guidelines and precautions. Coming world physical changes (earthquakes) etc. are signs of the near coming of the Lord Jesus. Thank you very much for your information. It is only when the judgments of God are in the earth (world-wide) that the inhabitants will learn righteousness and the effect of this will be peace (Isa. 32).
Bro. Henderson Sosola

I would inform you that Gospel News reaches me safely and I would like to ask you to send me books so that I may be strengthened in my Christian life. I have started the ecclesia here (at Matimati), so evangelizing materials are much needed. It would also be helpful if I had a bicycle for visiting students and brothers and sisters and for hospital visits. There is a famine here in Malawi, most especially in our region. Anyone who can assist us, please do so, adding your prayers for us. Be informed that in the Matimati ecclesia I am also serving people with disabilities, e.g. blind and disabled
Bro. N. Njerwa

Could you send me Bibles and other books for teaching. I thank God for His powerful call. I have been reading Gospel News for many years. Since I started to worship God I have understood the joy and peace of true Christianity and am glad that I was baptised. Brethren and Sisters here are keen to spread the gospel as Jesus instructed. I am thankful for Gospel News as it has revealed to me something new, as I was very confused before, but I have now found the Bible much more profitable. This gives me the hope of inheriting the Kingdom of God on earth. I could not turn down the Hope I have of Jesus’ second coming and am waiting for him. It is difficult for me to go to Zomba because it is far away from Machinga.
Bro. John Muthumpwa

I am happy and profiting in my spiritual life. Please send me the book, ‘Where There is No Doctor’. Gospel News helps me because there are many reports and news items which are encouraging in our spiritual life, and it acts as a mirror where we can see what our brothers and sisters are doing. This news can make a brother or sister know where they are in their spiritual life. Thank brothers and sisters who take part in sponsoring we brothers and sisters. Back in March we had a Bible school in Mzimba North conducted by Bro. Arne Roberts and other brothers and we thank them for their willingness in coming here. We met brothers and sisters from many places. In our ecclesia we are not many brothers and sisters; although few, we all enjoyed the Bible school.
Bro. Humphrey Banda

Please be informed that we really enjoy reading Gospel News, it provides us with the sort of material that is not only excellent, but also what is required for our lives. That Gospel News is not ceasing publication is exactly what we want to hear. Praise be to the Lord! I would like to register my heartfelt appreciation for the assistance you gladly send to me and to the Christian community at large.
Bro. James Nyoni

I am a Malawian aged 35 years, with a wife and two children. My wife, Grace, and I are very proud to be among the readers of Gospel News; it really has changed our life. I came from the Central Region of Malawi, a remote village, where the gospel news is not common due to these problems (a) missionaries have established churches in towns (b) no testimonies about gospel news (c) people are not educated enough because of shortages of schools (d) lack of transportation (e) lack of communications etc. We therefore plead with you to come and visit us here mainly at my homeland area with the purpose of preaching the word of God to my race, or you can send your fellow friends who are willing to spread the gospel news to Africa and to assess the situation here. Many people want to know the word of God, but because there are no preachers it is difficult for them to understand it on their own. Our family is ready to welcome any Sister or Brother wishing to preach the word of God here and we also promise to answer all letters from anyone.
Bro. and Sis.Mac Micky Mbawe


Photo: Bro. and Sis.Mac Micky Mbawe

Brother, the wine you sent me on 6th April 1999 has run out, so I am requesting you to assist me with more. Many people now believe that Christadelphians do teach the Truth. One of my students is now doing lessons 1-40 and in his comments he has said he did not know (1) why Peter was called a Satan nor (2) the teaching on the prophecy of the dry bones and other teachings. Also, Revs. of CCAP church and of African International Church (AIC) are asking me to give them copes of Bible Basics; if you can, please send them to me.
Bro. Joel Singini

I want to let you know that on 27th May ’05 we opened a new ecclesia at Nangulungwi and we had a Bible School from May 27th –29th. This meeting was attended by 98 people from various ecclesias, may God be with them. After our meeting, five people were baptised, one Brother and four Sisters. Of course we are very happy to receive them; may God bless us all.
Bro. G. Michael

I am very happy to have the booklets you sent to me; I believe these will help me in my ministry. I appreciate the envelopes, which will help me to write to you freely.

Nsanje has four members. We have two other ecclesias around this area, but to travel is expensive. Concerning the drought in Africa, many people are suffering from it. The crops you have listed are the best, being drought- resistant, also groundnuts. While writing, I must say just how pleased I am with the Bible Reading Calendar and my desire is to have it yearly. Indeed, our redemption is near. The Bible says when we see the troubles we must make ourselves ready to meet Jesus.
Bro. M.P. Mngunden

Long years ago the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt and the Pharaoh treated them harshly. They just wanted deliverance. God was much concerned with His people and heard their groanings. He called Moses to lead the people to Israel. Although at first Moses opposed the Lord’s word, he was strengthened and given Divine powers to carry out his task. During their wilderness journey they faced many hardships; many died and the group wished at one time to go back to Egypt. Why was the Lord taking them into this land? We learn from this that Moses bowed down and prayed to the Lord. Brothers and Sisters, what does this tell us? We are on our way to the Promised land (the coming Kingdom of God). In our wilderness journey we, like the Israelites, face serious problems; we suffer hunger, poverty, drought etc. This is also a time of temptation; God is testing us in order to know whether we will be obedient to Him. How many of us are still serving the Lord? Are we serving the Lord or idols? May God bless us all.
Bro. S.W. Wanyekheyi

I thank our Heavenly Father for the support you give me by sending Gospel News and the Bible. I am a regular reader of the Magazine and I am encouraging you never to grow tired of the great job you are doing; it is indeed the Lord’s work and no one will reward you but God Himself; the Bible says, “Be not weary in doing good”; “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise”; “He will not forget your work and your love”. I always say to myself that God’s ways are not our ways; He has arranged everything beforehand.
Bro. Thom Bicycle

Photo: Bro. Thom Bicycle

If you could add extra copies of Gospel News and send to me I will deliver to Brothers and Sisters in Mozambique/Mabwara, but most people do not know English. So, please, can you assist us to write the Gospel News in Chichewa? Additional to that, if you can start this, don’t forget the pictures as well, as done in the English copies.
Bro. John Mwaliwa

Thank you for sending me Bible Basics which I found very useful. Our church is about 8m long and 5m wide with iron sheets. We have about 36 members. I will be happy to hear more about what you said concerning drought-resistant plants. Please, we need more Bible Reading Calendars; it’s nice to know that we are all reading the same things daily.
Bro. S. Lombe

news from mauritius 

The ecclesia in Mauritius situated at Dr Jector, Les Trefles, Rose Hill was very glad to receive visits from the following Brothers and Sisters and also encouragement; they have helped us a lot spiritually:  (1) Bro. Michael and Sis. Vanessa Floyd from S. Africa from April 30th to May 9th  (2) Bro. Steve and Sis. Wendy Weston from England, from June 7th-16th  (3) Bro. Paul Tanner from England, from August 7th-21st.  All the Brothers gave us much exhortation and encouragement and they visited many Brothers and Sisters in all parts of the Island.  May God bless all their works.
Bro. Harold Lafrance

news from nigeria 

I must firstly thank you very much for your Christian brotherly care in helping me to grow. May the Almighty God add more days for you and your family to do His work and will. Kindly continue to send me various books.
Bro. Igani U. Eteng

Photo: Thyolo meeting

Photo: The three baptised and now members of the Ikwueke ecclesia: Bro. Silas Ukachukwu, Sis. Grace Enyiogu and Sis. Florence Umesi.

I have received the book, ‘Where There is No Doctor’; I have also received the parcel sent by you, which you had earlier informed me about. I found the book, ‘Where There is No Doctor’ interesting because I am one of the Village Health workers in my village and trained by the Government. Most interesting of all is how the gospel is being preached to all corners of the earth. We here pray for all who make this success possible. We still need your help with literature (Bibles). We are trying in our new ecclesia (Ikwueke); we had three immersions in the month of March this year.
Bro. F. Umesi

One Brother and two Sisters have been baptised by Bro. J.O. Uwasomba from Okwe ecclesia. All three were added to Ikwueke ecclesia.
Bro. F. Enyiogu

news from south africa 

I would like to thank God for the wonderful job He is doing in us. Thank you, too, for the work you are doing. I am sincerely grateful for having distributed all the Bible Basics and other booklets. I have distributed them to High Schools where they were received with joy. Others have included Bible Basics in the school libraries. There are still 14 High Schools in the area next to where I stay which have not received any; they would also like some copies. The book ‘Where There is No Doctor’ has already saved my nephew. It is doing wonders helping the neighbourhood. I request reading glasses +2.5; I have to adjust things to about arm’s length in order to read. Please help. Is there anyone who could help me with an English course as I would like to improve my English.
Bro Francis Chauke

It is encouraging to see how Yahweh’s word is spreading to so many remote places, especially the last report from Pakistan. A few years ago there was no one there and now there are so many new Brothers and Sisters. So I want to thank all of you for this work you are doing. We have got really good news from Kempton Park for you to share: our ecclesia is experiencing, by God’s grace, a spiritual boom. This year we have had seven baptisms and this makes our hearts filled with joy and gratitude to our God for such loving kindness. First of all it was TRUDY, daughter of our Sis. Paddy, then our Polish friend, JERZY and his wife, KRYSTYNA and their daughter ANETA WLODAREZYK; they are the fruits of the ecclesia’s efforts to preach to the Polish community here in South Africa. I hope this is the beginning of a Polish ecclesia. Then my son, MIESZKO CWIECEK, was baptised, to my incredible delight. Then our Zambian friend, JOHN MULENGA went through the waters of baptism, and the wife of our Brother Peter Muliwa. All of us were uplifted at this harvest and encouraged to serve our God even more. I was quite moved by our new Brother Jerzy Wlodarezyk’s desire to find the Truth; he used to spend 16 hours a day studying the scriptures to make sure of his calling. He even wrote himself a book about Satan – this before his baptism. He spent his own money to print it and is already using it in his preaching efforts. This is quite unusual for a new convert. I would like to recommend this book to you. When thinking of how good it is to be in an ecclesia and count myself blessed to belong to such a wonderful place of worship, I feel sorry for so many living in isolation; my heart bleeds in despair; what can we do to serve our Brothers better and sincerely?
Bro. Wacek Cwiecek

news from swaziland 

Having been baptised late in 2002, I am an individual doing Christadelphian missionary work in my developing country, Swaziland. It is very unfortunate that other Brothers who were baptised into the name of Jesus under Christadelphian teachings have backslid. At my home town (Nhlangano) my wife, (Sister Lily) and I have put up a permanent Christadelphian hall. We have a promising Sunday School and loyal Bible students, altogether numbering 40 people (children, youth and adults). We are in the process of registering a Swaziland mission which will work towards spreading the truth all over Swaziland. We hold mid-week Bible studies, Sunday meetings and regular Bible seminars and have loyal attendees.
Bro. Fanuel Sithole

Photos: Above; Swaziland visitors attending the Bible seminar: Below: Nhlangano Sunday School children.

news from tanzania 

I was very pleased to have a copy of ‘Where There is No Doctor’, which I have found very helpful. Thank you a lot. It is the best for helping us understand how to keep healthy. Can you send me another similar written in French or an English/French dictionary. Thank you, too, for Gospel News and a copy of the booklet, ‘Demons’. Also thank our Linkman for aids he gave us during his visit in December last year. We do not have enough medicines at the Camp, but sometimes our visiting Brothers bring some, but they are not enough.
Bro. Habonimana, Isaac

Photo: Bro. Habonimana

We highly appreciate your favour in sending us the scriptural books, may He bless you in your constant duties of awakening Sisters and Brothers through His word. We very much hope that we will in a short while handle more and new booklets and pamphlets. The parcel contained 10 English Bible Basics though we always cry for the Kiswahili ones, as we are not fluent in English. These are also useful as they can be used instead of Holy Bibles, which we lack.
Bro. Jerome Bukambo

Comment: In no way, Jerome, is Bible Basics to be used instead of the Bible. We are making an appeal for Bibles, which will be in English, whereas you need them in Kiswahili. The cost of these is high and we hope some of our readers will be able to help financially in providing for Bibles both in Kiswahili and other foreign languages. MH

Photo: Bro. Jerome and Sis. Mgassa Bukambo

Please send us a copy of the book, ‘How to Grow a Balanced Diet’; we all depend on agricultural farming and that book will help us much. May God multiply mercy and grace to you all who are working in His vineyard.
Bro. James Mwangomo

We are confirmed well in our service to promulgate the soon coming of the Son of God and his reign on earth.
Bro. Mboko Asumani

We are the youth of Nyarugusu ecclesia. We miss the friendship that teaches us the correspondence course and Magazines like Gospel News and Glad Tidings. Those getting these are in Lugufu ecclesia, not here, so we hope we shall also get Gospel News like other brothers and sisters. We are asking that every youth in our ecclesia gets their own teacher in correspondence who will dicuss Bible topics with them; we are six in number who need this. Please write to the ecclesia at P.O. Box 331, Kasulu, Kigoma, Tanzania. Lastly I would like to obtain a Bible in English.
Bro. Rhamazam, Lewis

Thank you very much for sending me the book, ‘Where There is No Doctor’; I was very pleased to receive it because I have received the book of my profession. I am sending my article, ‘Why View Marriage as Sacred?’ for Gospel News; it is one part of my topic given at the time of our Seminar which we held in our ecclesia a few months back.

We are glad to inform you that the parcel containing ten Kiswahili Bible Basics has arrived safely. The whole ecclesia at Lugufu thank you very much for these, as they speak and write the Kiswahili language fluently. We hope they will be spiritually fed through them. We do praise God our Father for His tender mercy in sending the rising Sun from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death; to guide our feet into the path of peace.
Bro. Amnobe Iyungu

news from uganda 


Photo: Ofwono Amos and his friend Onjango, Samuel.

Here in Kabale we are fine, doing God’s work, though we meet difficulties here and there, but with God all becomes possible.  Jesus was born with our nature, but because of his obedience and dedication to his Father, he offered himself on the cross for the redemption of those who were ‘lost’, including me.  So I appeal to all brothers and sisters that whatever is done, let Christ be the Head, because the reward is great as long as we do the Almighty’s will.
Bro. Attikiriza Gnock

We always thank God for you all in spreading the word of God world-wide.  May God bless you abundantly for sending us Gospel News.  We are still living in the Camp waiting for the Government to finish up the few rebels (LRIA) remaining in the bush/villages. The situation is cooling down;  it is not as in the past, so Bro. John Mathias and Bro. Paul Boyd from the UK met us at the Bible School in Mt. Elgon in March this year.  They hired for us three acres (for each family) within the Camp area for growing beans, maize, cassava cutting stem.  It has rained now and we are busy growing so we are expecting harvest by September this year.   Repentance is a sincere sorrow for sin that leads a person to God to do His will. David expressed true repentance when he said, ‘I thought on my ways, and turned my feet to your testimonies’ (Ps. 119:59). We need to turn our thoughts to the Saviour who loved us enough to die for us.  Jesus warned of the consequences of dying with our sins unforgiven.
Bro. Opio Bosco

It is lovely to hear from you, more so in receiving Gospel News.  I give thanks to God for the work you are doing in the mission field.  I am sure you white Brothers do not look down on we black African Brothers, for God has something better for us all, that is why we share the same cup with our white Brothers, being one in Christ.  We are your Brothers whom you have been helping with the same type of love displayed only by our Elder Brother, Jesus; his love has never ceased, despite mankind’s continued wickedness.  Pardon my true words I have used in this letter.  I am still with you as a Brother, as Jesus is still the ‘Elder’ Brother of us world-wide Christadelphians.  God gave you to me, and so I will never give you up, you have been my helper. I had an accident on November 28th 1998 and almost every year as I grow I still feel the pain. I went to the doctor who told me that I needed to go for a scan to find out the real problem, but I have not been able to do that.
Bro. Paddy Sambi

The Brethren and Sisters of Sume ecclesia in Mt. Elgon area express their sympathy to Brother George Otube of Palisa in the falling asleep of his beloved wife.  Many thanks to God who enabled and guided us, the Brethren and Sisters of Mt. Elgon, during the Bible School held here in March this year.  I thank all Brethren and Sisters from the UK and elsewhere, and friends, who managed to come long distances to learn the word of God.  We also thank Brethren Paul Boyd, Manktelow, Godwin Mugasi and Bernard Osendo for the word of God preached to us.  1 Tim. 6:9-10, people who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge men into ruin and destruction.  The tireless Christian listened carefully to Bro. Godwin Mugasi’s elaboration of the word.  For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. Money is empty, it cannot bring true happiness (Ecc. 5:10).  We should not be like this.  We should be like the apostle Paul who says in v.6, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”  “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God”. Man’s heart is the ‘wealth’ that God wants.  At the last day, our Lord will reward all who are waiting with love for him to appear (2 Tim. 4:6-8).
Bro George Kangati

Photo: Bro. Godwin Mugasi (of Mbarara Ecclesia) and Bro. Kule Remegio (of Kasese Ecclesia).

news from zaire 

I am grateful to God for allowing us to receive the message of the gospel via Bro. Eli Bwira and Stephano who came from Goma to see us.  I went on a Sunday to Goma, where I saw a Brother from England and was baptised.  There are good contacts in my area and I thank our Saviour for the salvation He has given us.
Bro. Mutoo Samuel

Photo: Bro Samuel Mutoo Preaching

news from zambia 

Here, the rest of my family is quite fine, except for myself.  I have been down in bed with malaria; I took Fansida, but it reacted badly, crushing all parts of my body.  I thought it was the end. It is cold this time of year. I am planning to write about my life from childhood and how I came to know God.
Bro. Willies Simbowe

May you allow me to introduce myself to you: my name is Agrippa Phiri, aged 33 years, married with three children. I was arrested and sentenced to 15 years and have now been in prison for two years and eight months.  I am a ‘born again’ person and was baptised while in prison and am still very young in faith. I am in need of spiritual help so that I may grow thereby (1 Peter 2:2).  I request you to keep on praying for me so that I may stand strong and I am praying for you, too.

The Bible says that a prayer of a righteous person has a powerful effect (James 5:16).  My main purpose in writing is that the Brothers and Sisters within the church who have a willing heart to accept me as a Brother in Christ will encourage me and help me physically and spiritually (Heb. 13:1-3).
Bro. Agrippa Phiri

Thank you very much for the books you arranged to send to me, especially the beautiful book, ‘Elpis Israel’, which is helping me and others to a greater spiritual understanding in our walk towards the Kingdom of God.  I would very much like to attend the Africraft training centre at Chipata so that I can learn to make crafts and earn a living.  Some ecclesias have received the book, ‘How to Grow a Balanced Diet’, but why have not we received a copy to help us with our food production?  We have many students and the big problem is communicating with them. We could do with a computer and printer to assist with this.
Bro. Joshua Mushili

Photos Top: Bible students, taken when a visit was made by Bro. David Nicholls (in 2004) with Bro. Muntete.  Bottom:  a group at Kasama



Above: Kasama Sunday School.

I would like you to send me another 10 Bible Basics in Bemba and two in English.  Please kindly assist me.  We were married for two years without a child and people were tempting me to divorce or to go to an African ‘doctor’ to find out the cause.  But I and my Madam, Purity, put faith in God.  I quote the lesson from Hannah who lived for many years without children.  She prayed to God that He would give her a child who would be God’s servant and her prayer was answered (1 Sam. 1 and 2:1-10).  I had faith that we would have a child and I quote the teaching of our Master when he said, “Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened…” (Matt. 7:7-8).  We had faith (Heb. 11:1) and God answered our prayers and my loving wife gave birth to a boy child and I named him Titus Mwansa Thociacky.  I prayed and did not doubt (James 1:2-10).
Bro. Titus Mwansa 

I have been away for five weeks and spent a week in Congo visiting relatives.  Before leaving I took this photo of Mufulira ecclesia. The country’s economy has deteriorated and people live in fear. Although they call themselves ‘Christian’ a large number of ‘witch doctors’ are there causing rampant idolatry; as a result many people believe in their practices.  Many people are dying of various diseases and malnutrition, especially among children.  They have cassava as their staple food and do not have a balanced diet.  They have little access to medical treatment, which is very expensive, so the ‘witch doctors’ take the opportunity to confuse and exploit them.  Congo is in a state of emergency and so I was unable to take any pictures to avoid being arrested.  I also visited Sakania near the Zambian border and spoke to some people about God and they showed interest in our beliefs.  I need a copy of the permit, like the Brethren use in Lubumbashi, so that I can present it to the Congolese Authorities in order to preach the gospel without hindrance.  When I realize the confusion in which other people live, I count myself to be really blessed by our Heavenly Father.
 Bro Robert Miwele

Above: Mufulira ecclesia.

Below idols worshipped in the jungle dedicated to protective spirits.

Left Sis Bwalya Mwenge & Deborah. 

I have noted your message that you have sent parcels for Bro. Alex Mutate and me.  For your information, because of distance we decided to break into three groups, but one committee, so we are really all Kitwe ecclesia.  I have made some mission trips to various places and at one of the meetings brethren and sisters have asked me to study the book of Revelation, which I try to provoke interest in, but many brethren and sisters find it very hard to understand.  If any one can send me books on the subject I shall be grateful.  I am just recovering from TB and am under medication, to which I am responding very well.
Bro. Nelson Bwalya

Photo: Bro Nelson explaining the book of Revelation.


We are saddened with the news that our Sis Joice Dhlakama fell asleep in Christ 20th October. Joice, was baptised December 2004. We pray that we shall see her again at the return of Jesus to raise the dead and put right all the problems of the world.  She is the daughter of our Bro Moses Dhlakama.

Thank you so much for your letter and the material about Bible prophecy in ‘Present Day Events’, also letting me know where I can write for Sunday School materials.  My desire, God willing, is to teach the Truth both to young and old alike.  I was attacked by thieves, so I have a deep cut on my head and on my right hand. I ask for your prayers and you all are in mine, too.  Could you also send me a second-hand Bible.
Bro. Paul Chembe 

The sin that dwells in our flesh produces an abundance  of evil desires that lead us to disobey God. In so doing, the evil desire gives a picture of sin as sweet to the taste and good to the eyes, but eventually it leads to death, which is bitter.  In the Garden of Eden, Eve saw the forbidden fruit pleasing in her eyes and good for food.  It was good and sweet for Adam and Eve to eat that fruit, but they had disobeyed the command of God.  We all no doubt know that sin deceives and we will be condemned at the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ if unrepented of (James 1:14-16)

Today, we are living in a world where people have despised God’s love and love money more than Him and are busy chasing after their own pleasures, which will be brought to a halt when Christ intervenes.  They have totally ignored God’s existence, though many people believe that He is there, but do not pay much heed to the truth of His word (2 Tim. 3:1-5).   Beloved Brothers and Sisters, if we have the desire to follow Jesus Christ, our minds and hearts should be full of the gospel and understand it, and full of love for him and his Father;  then our discipleship will be worthy of his Kingdom.  The seed of the word of God will have influence on us as we strive to resist sin and help to build our Christian life with the right motive.  Even though it is hard to defeat sin, we should plant this seed of the truth in ourselves and water it by reading the Bible every day for it to yield an eternal sweet life.  May Jesus Christ come soon.  (Rev. 7:16-17).
Bro. Jaxon Kalumba

Photo: Bro. Jaxon Kalumba in T-shirt and Bro. Teddy.

I am very grateful and most thankful for the book, ‘Where There is No Doctor’;  it is a great help to me and my family and all our neighbourhood around this farming locality.
Bro. Fred Kayata

news from zimbabwe 

Thank you for sending me the Gospel News, they arrived well and I am now happy because I know all the news worldwide.. Here in Zimbabwe rains are now in action making it more suitable for farmers to grow whatever they wish, no thought of drought; of course drought might still come, but to a lesser extent than the last two years. I have enclosed another article and a photo of my friend Pindurai Banda. We were baptised two years ago at Rest Haven in Harare at the Conference after receiving Bro. Tim Genders from South Africa, Bro. Mark and Sis. Paula Buckler and Bro. David and Sis. Eddie Swain, also with Bro. Steve. This was an interesting and enjoyable conference.
Bro. Guard Momba

The change of heart by which we become children of God is spoken of in the Bible as a new birth, it is compared to the germination of the good seed by the husbandman. In like manner those who are just converted to Christ are as newborn babies and have to grow up (1 Peter 2:2 ; Eph. 4:15) to the stature of the man and woman in Christ Jesus, or like the good seed sown in the field, they are to grow up and bring forth fruit. Isaiah says that they shall be called “trees of righteousness, the plants of the Lord, that he might be glorified” (Isaiah 61:3). So from natural life, illustrations are drawn to help us understand the mysterious truths of spiritual life. Not all the wisdom and skill of man can produce life in the smallest object in nature. It is only through the life that God Himself has imparted that either plant or animal can live. So it is only through the life from God that spiritual life is begotten in the heart. Unless a man is born from above (John 3:3) he cannot become a partaker of the life which Christ came to give. Do you ask, How am I to abide in Christ in the same way as I received him at first? As we have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him. Do you ask yourself, Why do I believe in Jesus? To me he is the Divine Saviour. And why do I believe in the Bible? I found it to be the voice of God to my soul. We have the witness in ourselves that the Bible is true, that Christ is the Son of God.
Bro. Fibion Ngozi

Photo: left Bro. Guard Momba with Bro. Pindurai Banda

I would like to thank you for your letters and the handbook ‘How to Grow a Blanced Diet’. I started my gardening project in 2003, am blessed because where I live is a perennial river called Doondo which flows across the farmland. My garden is situated along the riverbank (about 200m from my house), and is 100m x 50m squared. There are a few trees of guavas, banana, paw paw and sugar cane. I grow cabbages, rape, tomatoes, onions, butternut and a few beds of potatoes. I don’t have any engine or water pump, I use cans to water the garden. This is from where I get my living, as well as helping Brethren and Sisters in our ecclesia.

We are living in very disturbing times. In every part of the world there are wars or disturbances. With such a threat hanging over the human race it is not surprising that fear is spreading like a malignancy in every strata of society. If we have a positive faith in the living God we will not allow fear to control us. In spite of the facts that are obvious to every one, behind the apparent unrest that is seen in this troubled world, there are spiritual forces at work for the salvation of the human race.

Elisha’s servant looked out over battlements of Dothan and could only see the army of Syria arrayed against Israel and was terribly afraid. After Elisha had prayed for him, he saw the army of God waiting to protect His children. Only the awareness of God’s living presence, with the resultant spiritual perception, will enable us to stand firm amid the fear that is abroad in the world today. I would be most grateful if I could have Shona Bible Basics to use in the rural areas where vernacular is mainly used.
Bro. David Yelulani

I am writing this letter to my young brothers and sisters. Do you know that you are the foundations of the fellowship? Look to Daniel, he was merely 18 years when he first witnessed the truth of God. Joshua and Jeremiah they were fully hooked with the truth-at-youth. My young brothers in Africa, shall we be punished by God like those of the world? How many are being killed by AIDS? Look at Numbers ch.14, God said that the youth would enter the promised land, so we are promised to enter God’s Kingdom if we do His will. I want to warn my brothers about marriage. The Bible says, marry from your own people meaning those with the same faith as you.

I am using an NIV version. This version is easy to understand but gives problems with some of the basics of the Bible of our faith. My heart is longing to see young people in Africa have faith like those in Europe. In Britain for example, they have youth gatherings. The thing that is pulling young brothers and sisters down is that when they marry outside the faith things start to change. In the Bible we read of Samson, he sinned because of the wife which he married. Things can only adjust if the young get time to meet and have youth activities. When we read Faith Alive we get news from Britain or America. Let us have goodness and truth in our young brothers and sisters in Africa.
Bro. Dzingai Sumburera

As we proclaimed that we want to be God’s people we should prove it by bearing fruits. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Gal. 5:22-23). The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. We should be faith-filled and believe in God’s ability to answer prayers. Remember that the Lord is far from the wicked but hears the prayer of the righteous. If we pray for something we must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by wind. We should not think we will receive anything from the Lord since we will be double-minded, unstable in all that we do, (James 1:5-8). Once we truly believe, we will wait patiently for the promised Kingdom to come as we seek to bear the Spirit’s fruits. Even if we encounter hardships we will stick to the Almighty.
Bro. Tofara Gibson

I have enjoyed the article “Signs of the Times” and it helped me when I gave a lecture about the signs at one of our Bible studies and a lot of people enjoyed it, our current situation is a very good example. Crops have died as there is no rain and we are in yet another drought. As I write we have started to queue for maize meal, it is really hard out here.
Bro Richard Phiri

John 1:14-18 “The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” How do you see God’s glory in Christ? God’s glory can be seen in many ways. One of the best ways to see it is to spend time with Him. Praising God should be a significant part of your personal time with Him. As you think of ways to tell God how wonderful you think He is, you see His glory. That is exciting! Look for God’s glory all the time you spend alone with Him.

I was very excited when I received a big envelope and found six study tapes. I would like to tell you that the studies are helping me to grow spiritually
Bro. Emmanuel Akwaa Kondowe

It is my undoubted hope that this letter finds you in the best of health. I am all right down here with the exception of the long-foretold earthly turmoils which are only a herald of the Lord’s coming. I’m thrilled just watching how things are happening. It makes me believe all the more in the inspired Word of God because I am really witnessing some of the prophecies coming to pass. Take heart, my dear Brother, we are almost there. Thank you so very much for sending me the book ‘Where there is no Doctor’. It is sure lovely of you to think of me the way you do. May the Lord bless you all the more. If it’s not too much asking, I would also be grateful if you could send me, “How To Grow A Balanced Diet.” Times are tough my dear Brother, especially in this small southern African piece of land, but I like it because it really makes me bold and glorify God.
Bro. Thompson Changata

Photo: from left to right: Bro. Zao Isah, Bro. Emmanuel Kondowe, Bro. Anthony Manswa, Bro. Shadreck, Bro. Julius Pondo, Bro. Chakumanda Kondwe and Bro. Innocent, taken after their baptism, on 1st August 1998.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1). There can be moments in life that are barren and full of uncertainty, your thoughts become confused, with the result that your life loses its sense of direction and your confidence in yourself starts to dwindle until it becomes almost non-existent. It is inevitable that when this happens you become unsure of God, your faith weakens and life starts to lose its purpose and meaning. A sure way to build up a confidence in life, that will enable you to live free from fear of inadequacy and inferiority, is to be vividly aware that God is your all-sufficiency.

Because God’s presence is real to you, you can face the future with joy, peace and confidence. Nahum 1:7. “The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.” As a master farmer I am always interested in farming, so I found the book, ‘How To Grow A Balanced Diet’ very useful to me, especially to know about nutritious foods. Thank you very much indeed. God bless you.
Sis. Joyce Seremwe

Photo – Sis. Joyce Seremwe

I leapt with joy when I received eight Bible Basics books and one “Where There Is no Doctor” book. This is wonderful love, thank you. Acknowledging that the process of getting these books to us is very expensive, we are going to distribute them wisely. First they will be registered by the ecclesial secretary in the library book, then we will give to those whom we see to have an appetite for the word of God and always asking questions about it, but not to someone who requests the book and locks it in a box.
Bro. Stanford Kuuzha

What had happened to Saul on the road to Damascus? Had the long journey or the heat of the midday sun perhaps debilitated him? Determined to find natural explanations, modern sceptics offer scenarios that include delirium, hallucination, a drastic psychological crisis provoked by the qualms of Saul’s tormented conscience, a nervous breakdown and an assumed predisposition to epilepsy. The fact was that Jesus Christ appeared to Saul in that blinding light, convincing him that he was the Son of God. Some pictures depicting this episode show Saul falling from a horse. Though it is possible, the Bible simply says that he “fell to the ground” (Acts 22:6-11). Whatever physical fall Saul experienced was not nearly so great as the fall from the pride of his position. He now had to recognize that what Jesus’ followers were preaching was true. The only course open to Saul was to join them. From a militant foe of Jesus’ message, Saul became one of its staunchest proponents. After regaining his sight and being baptised Saul kept on acquiring power and was confounding the Jews that dwelt in Damascus as he proved logically that this is the Christ (Acts 9:22).
Bro. Davison Mupariwa

God is loving, He is peaceful and merciful, He is the Creator of everything our eyes can see. However, He destroys people when they are full of deception, greed, idolatry, selfishness etc.

The Israelites received much loving care from God, yet they turned from Him to worship idols and so were punished, but whenever they repented and turned back to God He forgave them, and so it is with us; if we wholeheartedly turn to God He will save us.
Bro Steven Tedza

Thanks very much for ‘How To Grow A Balanced Diet’. This will help me to grow. The Faith Alive, Glad Tidings, and Gospel News, help me to confess my sins, because I know I am a sinner. I want God to change my life, I want to give my life to Jesus. The Bible is the most important book. Talking about the situation in the earth, we know not the day or the hour when Jesus will come again to the world. Jesus told us to be ready all the time. It is true the world is full of troubles but the Bible has good news. The best way is to flee from the bad things in the world. The return of Jesus Christ is near.
Sis. Alice Mlambo

To me, I am the very least of all the saints, His grace was given to me to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ and to help all to see what is the plan of God who created all things. It is the good news about God’s Son, Jesus the Christ, our Lord, who came as a human baby, was born of king David’s royal family line and, because of his righteous life, although crucified, was raised from the dead and given the Divine nature of God Himself. “Have this mind among yourselves, which you have in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied, humbled himself taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men” (Phil. 2:5-7).
Bro. Joshua Pakali

Photo – Bro. Joshua Pakali

With sadness, but in the hope of the resurrection, we record the falling asleep of Bro Revi Chamboko on 20th July at his rural home in Karoi, following a distressing illness. He was a member of Kariba ecclesia since its infant stages and has been very active in the ecclesial work.Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time.

On June 19 on the weekend of our AGM we were pleased to witness the baptism of Sister Sekai Mawodzeka, wife of Bro Fanuel Mawodzeka who live in isolation in Guruve.We are encouraged that in these last days the Lord is still calling out a people for Himself and we pray that God's word may guide our new Sister in the right path.

Many thanks go to Bro David Swain and Bro John Butler from UK who were with us on the weekend of the AGM for their efforts and work in helping Brethren and Sisters in Zimbabwe.
Bro Godfrey Mungazi

Paul said, fear not what is happening, it is God’s will, you must go forward preaching the gospel of God to your fellow brothers and sisters and pray day and night so that God will give you power. Thank you for sending me Bible Basics. I thank you for your love and faith, for giving us light in our area, Lupane.
Bro. Balewa Nywenga

The gift of ‘Where There Is No Doctor’ shows us that we are not alone in this dreadful world. Please help us with the book entitled ‘How To Grow A Balanced diet’. I read your letter about the signs of the times. Let us pray day and night and spread the gospel of God to our fellowship Brothers and Sisters so that they change their lives and follow our God’s laws, because the time is near for the Son of God to come and set up his Father’s future Kingdom. In our country, Zimbabwe, there are many kinds of diseases, people are dying day and night, hunger and robbery. It is true the time has come, there is nothing we can do because it was spoken of.
Bro. David Ngwenya

I would really like to thank the Almighty Lord as He has led my life through history. Many people are dying because of hunger, crimes, violence, committing suicide, but by his grace I am alive to preach the gospel to all nations as our Lord said before his departure. Finally Brethren, pray for me to be of sound doctrine, as I am far from other Brethren and find it difficult to break bread with them as I am at college. Brethren and Sisters world-wide, preach the gospel without ceasing, till he come. (Luke 19:10; Heb. 2:11; 2 Pet. 3:15).
Bro Simon Mudavose

Bro. Moses Dhlakama visited me and we did our Bible reading from Deut. 16, Ecc. 8 and Acts 7. Deut. 16:1-20 tells us about how the Children of Israel were to keep the Passover feast to remind them of the time they were delivered out of Egypt. God gave them laws to follow during their way from Egypt to Canaan.

Ecc. 8:1-17 says we must keep God’s commands and fear Him by doing what we know is good. God always knows our ways but we don’t know His ways.

Acts 7; Stephen’s speech. He told people about God’s power to believers in the Old Testament; from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses who led them out of slavery to Canaan, a place which flowed with milk and honey. But they ignored this history and stoned Stephen to death. Stephen prayed to God before his death and said, “God forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”
Bro. Stanford Masika

I would like to thank you in the Name of God for I have received the book “Where There Is No doctor”. I live in a remote area where transport is very scarce and the place is still poor in terms of development, so if I have these books they will upgrade my standard. I would also be very happy to have the book “How To Grow A Balanced Diet”. These books will help my family as well as the community.
Bro. Isaac Guzete

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. How is life over there? Here in Zaka I am very happy. I thank you for the book you sent me “Where There Is No Doctor”, it is very useful and easy to understand. I am getting more knowledge of identifying various illnesses.
Bro. Faustino Svuure

I am always worried about the number of people who attend the bar for beer drinking and worldly joy, compared to the number of people who attend the church for salvation; surely a few people will be saved and many will see decay. What worries me most is when a believer turns to the wide road for worldly joy and decay. This worries me because it is very hard, especially in this village of mine, to convert a person to truth, but I am seeing it is easier for a person to be converted to the world, especially beer drinking. Here we are OK and we try to follow the steps of Jesus and, as we know, the first step is baptism. We are walking with hands together so as to pick up those who may stumble on the way. Let me take this opportunity of thanking Bro. Obert Wiki for all his help towards our plans for making our isolated ecclesia a light in this area. Also, thanks to Brothers and Sisters for their prayers and, above all, I thank God that I have found His way and that He is keeping me strong; at just 21 years I have a lot to do for Him.
Bro. Moses Ajiweka

Photo Bro. Moses Ajiweka

Many thanks for the wonderful work being done to preach the word of God tirelessly through ‘Gospel News’.
Bro. Sibangawi Maka

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