Memories from Kamukuywa Bible School

It was a mildly hot afternoon when we arrived at Kamukuywa.  We were received by Brethren Justus Mabuka and Herman Kisabuli and Sister Anet Mabuka on behalf of the other brethren and sisters at Brother Justus’s home.

After a short while after being refreshed with sodas, we moved to the nearby ecclesial hall for the memorial service.  This memorial service was to give newly-baptised brethren and sisters the opportunity to partake of the emblems in memory of our absent Lord.  Bro Robert Ryan (UK) gave a word of exhortation and we were all spiritually renewed.

After the meeting, sisters served delicious meals both in the hall and outside.  I found myself taking many ‘chapas’ (chipatis) cut into quarters.  The fried liver – Woh!

The following day was the real start of the three day Bible School; at 9:30 we started with a hymn, a prayer and an address.  Our first speaker was Bro Peter White (UK) on “Joshua as a Type of Christ”.  He based his talk on Joshua’s faith, so strong that he could be relied upon.  The name ‘Joshua’ is the same as ‘Jesus’ and means ‘The Lord will save’.  “Faith is the confidence of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 1:1).  Dear brethren and sisters, let us all daily meditate upon the whole counsel of God, so that the faith that was in Joshua may also develop in us that we may become men and women whom our ecclesial families and our individual homes may rely upon to the glory of God.

We also had other interesting addresses: “Melchizedek” by Bro David Green (UK), “Events showing the return of the Lord” (Luke 21:20-24), “Abrahamic Promises” (Genesis 12:1-3) and other topics. Bro Peter White came again and spoke on “David and his life”, David also being a type of Christ (1 Samuel 17:39,40,48,49).  Saul’s strength declined and David’s increased –compare with Jesus and John the Baptist (John 3:30). The Millennium, the pre-existence of Christ and an exposition of Daniel chapter 7 were other interesting talks.

We all enjoyed the company of brethren and sisters, most of whom had never met one another before.  Should our Lord tarry, hopefully there will be another Bible School in Kamukaywa; but should he return sooner, by God’s grace, let us meet in the Kingdom.

Bro Geoffrey Chitcher (Kobujoi, Kenya)

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