Bible Translations

There are 6,900  languages of which there are still 2,700 into which the Bible has not been translated. A massive effort is underway to complete the translation of the Bible into every language of the world within the next 20 years. Many of these languages are understood by only a few people, others by considerable numbers, mainly in Central and North Africa, China and Tibet. It was 1,000 years  before the Bible was first translated into English by John Wycliffe.  The Catholic Church were so incensed that the Bible should be available to the common people that, 44 years after Wycliffe’s death, they dug up his bones and publicly burned them. It has taken seven years to translate Bible Basics into fifty languages and so we are a long way behind preaching to all the world, our initial ambition is 100 main languages and that would mean, if they could get a copy, over 90% of the worlds population could read or hear about our beliefs.

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