Study Week in Solo Indonesia.

The Study Week had been held in Solo Indonesia during the holyday of the students on the 6th - 10th of July 2005, it was attended by the brethren and sisters from Australia, Singapore, Japan and Hongkong. The last day 10th was held on the slope of Mountain Lawu (village Tawangmangu) that is about 42 km from Solo.The topic of the Study Week was “The Early Days (Acts 1 – 7)” it invited many questions to discuss, really very interesting. Bro John Gilmore who had written this topic said that it was very important to discuss because many churches think that the gift of Holy Spirit is still happening nowadays, so this Study Week was the right time to let us know that the gift of Holy Spirit is no more. The next Study Week will be held in July 2006, so the brethren and sisters who read the Gospel News could attend this to encourage the brethren and sisters in Indonesia.

Bro John Bounaparte from Singapore was very happy and enjoyed the Study Week and he has promised to come the next Study Week with his family.

Bro Sigit G Sugiarto

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