Jesus Helps the Needy

Jesus Christ is the right person to follow in our lives as far as the truth is concerned. When he came into the world as the Son of God, he made the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the lame to walk the dumb to talk as well as raising the dead (Matt 11:2-6).

I share the faith of the Christadelphians since my baptism at the Buea-Tole ecclesia in 1998.  I now belong to Buea-Wotutu ecclesia which I joined in 2003; there are 13 members.  The love of our UK visiting brethren is much appreciated in Cameroon, but is yearly visiting, much as we appreciate it, right? The money saved could be used towards hospitals and schools.

We have a local problem at our ecclesia in Buea-Wotutu with our Sunday service.  The neighbours play noisy radios, children cry and the landlord holds a family meeting so it is difficult to hold an effective meeting.With limited resources, should other areas in the world get a turn, and Cameroon manage with a visit every three or four years? I pray that my suggestion does not upset people, I am only trying to help everybody in love.

Comment: It is not easy to get a balance between spending money on visits and the further development of the Truth. I hear that in Cameroon when UK visitors arrive the attendances are very much higher, this indicates that the visits are very useful, indeed would the Truth have been established without the visits? MH

Bro George Kum (Wotutu, Cameroon)

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