News from Asia

news from malaysia 

Having read in Gospel News regarding the book Bible Basics I would like to know more about it.  My last visit with Brothers and Sisters of the Christadelphians was around November 2004.  I just don’t know when the next assembly will be; I was expecting some Brothers to come for the Breaking of Bread, but so far there’s no news of them.  During my free hours I do make an attempt to read ‘The Story of the Bible’ which I have.  God willing, I do hope some Brothers will come and visit me at the Welfare Home for the Breaking of Bread.
Bro. Joseph A. Theseira

news from mongolia 

Thank you so much for the literature sent. It is really strengthening to me. I am really not feeling well after my operation, although I know all is by God’s will. Please pray for me here.
Sis. Vera

news from nepal 

Here is a photograph of Bro. Kishan and Sis. Kalawati Gurung who were the first Christadelphians in Nepal, having been baptised by Bro. Peter Fry (UK) on Dec. 25th, 1992.  Thanks to our Heavenly Father for loving us.  He has established an ecclessia by Bro. K. and Sis. K Gurung and has provided an opportunity as children of God (Gal. 3:26-29).  There are now 40 members in our Chabahil ecclesia and we are all happy together.  Bro. and Sis. Gurung are good examples for us in teaching the truth and with activities.  Therefore we hope God will bless our ecclesia to grow a lot and we hope all Brethren and Sisters will pray for us.
Bro. Reuben Rai


Bro. Kishan and Sis. Kalawati Gurung

news from philippines 

We are continuing our witness here, still people are interested even those from Moslem background. We received the parcel of literature from you with the more copies of Bible Basics and also the Cebuano tract of Brother Duncan’s, What Is The Gospel. Thank you very much. We are now distributing them.
Bro. Alfredo

Photo: Young people in the Philippines together with Bro John Bonaparte from Singapore Ecclesia, taken after the evening praise


news from thailand 

I pray to God many, many times each day. I feel very close to Him. I pray for Duncan, Cindy, Jean, Robin and all whom I know, and also for this world. God bless you.
Sis. Ratanapan

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