News from the Americas

news from canada 

We are very pleased to report that three more Iranians have arrived here after terrible experiences of persecution. We give thanks to our Father and to the UNHCR for their efforts. Here is a letter from one of the sisters:

My dear brother Duncan,
Forgive me for not being able to write to you for a while.  First, we were busy with packing up to come to Canada and when we got here, we did not have a computer.  I am sending you this e-mail from my aunt’s house but we should be getting internet at home within the next couple of weeks.  My dear brother, I will never forget the kindness, love and caring that you, Liz and Cindy showed me and hope to be able to repay a little bit of it in the future.  In Canada, I have told everyone that you were my first teacher whom I’ve learnt much from about the Bible and that you taught me not only from the scriptures but from your own actions.  And everyone knows that Armita and I have always loved and will forever love you, Liz and Cindy.  I have told all of our brothers and sisters so much about the teachings of you and Liz that they are interested in meeting you, a man who has devoted his life to God.  From the bottom of my heart I am counting the days until I can see you, Liz and Cindy again.  Also, please let me know who you want to use your English manual for because in my opinion, it would be best for individuals who know both a little English and a bit about the Bible. 
Sis Elmira

The bro & sis here are so kind to me especially those who are a bit older. God willing Bro. Mahmoud and me will move to a two bedroom place soon which is nice! As I don't have my passport and documents yet I can't do any thing ... not working .. nor study . What I do is to going to the ecclesia and Bible class and seminar... and in the meanwhile explore more about the city and study some English. I will go to a city with other brothers that is in north of Toronto and will be there for couple of days. There is a meeting there and the city is 600km farther than us . That must be exciting. Please hug and kiss B& M on my behalf when you see them still in Azerbaijan. We pray they too can get here soon.


news from guyana 

Thanks very much for the booklets. Can you send me a Bible for an interested friend? Recently we had heavy rainfalls that caused two out of our three counties to be flooded, that is Demerara and Essequibo.  Some people had to evacuate their homes and stay with friends or relatives or use relief homes provided by the Government.  As for Mocha (where I live) it wasn’t that bad; in fact only two streets had water in several parts.
Sis. Elizabeth Europe


news from hawaii 

I lived on and off in Zambia between 1991 and 1994, it was during this time that I engaged and married Charlotte in Japan. I finally left Zambia for the USA in 1994. I was in graduate school studying meteorology and computer programming at Rutgers University in New Jersey between 1994 and 2000. I then left NJ for Honolulu, Hawaii where I have been working for the US Federal Govt as a meteorologist at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center since 2002. I may leave Hawaii on transfer to Guam (another Island south of Japan) effective April 3rd. I have appealed the transfer.

I lived in Hawaii without fellowship until I Google searched a name I was given by Peter Osborn after he visited me in 2003. I now fellowship with Sister Connie Wiedeman,  the author of "Lies from the Pulpit".  Mike Szabo has just married Fiona from Australia (January) so we are now 4 regular Christadelphians. There is another Sister who joins us once in a while. Starting next week, another Sister just moved from US mainland will be joining us, God willing. So we are growing in Hawaii. Of course the number of Christadelphians in Zambia has grown with those ecclesias in Ndola, Kitwe, Mufulira, Chingola, Lusaka, Kafue and more to be formed in other parts. We do not have an eclessia in Hawaii yet although we meet at Sister Connie's house We are working on that now. I just wanted to remind you that your work for the Lord is still flourishing with blessings.
Bro. Frank Musonda [ex-Zambia]

news from jamaica 

Your sympathy and encouragement in the loss of Sis Mary are appreciated. Right now, the way is rocky and distressing with nights filled with loneliness, but the everlasting arms are strong and our hope in Christ is sure. The greatest sorrow at the present time is that the beautiful meeting hall of my ecclesia in Kingston has been temporarily closed.  (Owing to problems paying the utilities bills MH.) We do not want the ecclesia Mary served for 50 years to close. So we shall see what the response for help might be.
Bro. Alan Eyre

Photo: Bro. Alan Eyre as a young man Preaching on the English South Coast in 1953. The tall Sister on the left is Sis. Mary Eyre. Alan and Mary have been dynamic preachers for over 50 years together.


Hong Kong group of Brethren and Sisters. Left Bro Andy, Bro Steven, Joshua son of Sis Yvone (next to him) her youngest son Oliver, Bro Isaac and Sis Liberty

news from trinidad 

I had the pleasure of a visit from Bro. Colin Badger from Canada in February; it was truly nice to see him again.  I have received a letter from the lawyer who is handling my case and he said that the review of my case has started.  If he comes up with anything that may possibly benefit me, most likely he will petition our President, asking him to send my case back to the Appeal Court for a hearing.

Once it reaches the Appeal Court, God willing, three judges (after hearing arguments from my lawyer and a lawyer representing the State) will decide if my case has any merit, and if it does, what should be done with me.  The whole process may take a long time, so I have to be patient.  My faith remains firm in our Heavenly Father; I hope that it is His will that I be out of prison in the not too distant future so that I will be able to fellowship with by Brethren and Sisters in the truth.
Bro. George Constantine

news from usa 

I’m in receipt of the pamphlet, ‘The Truth about the Devil and Satan’.  Thank you very much.  Since I last wrote I have been baptised into Jesus and the one Hope.  The reason for this brief missive is to ask for a copy of the book ‘The Trinity, True or False?’  You sent me a copy before, but I let Bro. D read it.  He’s on a different yard to me and we usually meet every Wednesday to exchange literature.  He’s been waiting to be transferred.  He has not shown up in two weeks.
Bro. K S (Prisoner)

“We have a sister in our ecclesia who taught herself the Truth on the internet, downloading all of Bible Basics. By the time she got in touch with us she was nearly ready to be baptised.  God is indeed still calling out a people for His name. Although we yearn for Jesus to come, we see that it is of God’s mercy in order that others can be saved that he has not yet come.”
Sis Dorothy Link

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