News from Europe / Eurasia

news from azerbaijan 

There are still some Iranian Brethren here who have fled from Iran, and we’re praying they will soon be able to leave for a Western country. They write:

It is very good that we can see you soon God willing. Please pray for us and tell to all the Brothers that they pray for us and we do it too for all of you and all of you are in our prayer.
Bro A & Sis B

news from belarus 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of YURI and LUDMILA; may they endure to the end and enter the Kingdom.

I am enclosing my answers to the questions in Beyond Bible Basics and also the answers to Bible Basics from one of my relatives. I so wish Jesus would return soon. It feels now as my only desire in this world.
Sis. Larisa

With great joy I learnt of the successful Bible School in Russia, even though I am unable to join you, I am very much with you. The thing that encourages me the most is news and testimonies from my other Brothers and Sisters.
Bro. Aleksandr

I was very much hoping to come to the Winter Bible School, as I am totally with you and very much remember and respect the wonderful love shown to me in teaching me and then baptizing me. May the Lord bless you all.
Bro. Ivan

I was so happy to hear about the Bible School in Russia and the six baptisms. It is hard for us to get out of the village at the moment because of the heavy snowfall. We are looking forward to the final coming of Spring here, just as we await the coming of the Kingdom.
Bro. Vladimir

I have people here with whom I am working to teach the Gospel. The hardness of this Winter has brought out a great interest from people who are becoming desperate, even though some few people are becoming very rich. I pray for you all.
Sis. Nina

news from belgium 

I have some Armenian, Iraqi, Georgian and Albanian refugees in my classes. I am trying to get them interested in the faith, and to get into Bible study with them. Please send me the Bible Basics in those languages.
Bro. Markus

news from bosnia 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of ALDIN in Sarajevo and DAMIR from Banja Luka. May the Lord guide them to His Kingdom.

Dear brothers,
How are you doing? Is it cold there as much as it is here? Here the temperature is - 25 celzius. It is crazy...brrhhh. I just write to give you a short note what is happening. I got contacted with a brother from Scotland who is sending some clothes at the end of this month. He came from nowhere, I got his mail and it was encouraging to see that there is a lot people who care about others. Halleluja. Last few weeks was totally discouraging, we had no jobs or food, or heating. CRAZY! But somehow with God help we are surviving. I have a big struggle with it. I mean, did you ever been in situation that you can help others, but then again you can not do anything for yourself. Is it just test that God is giving us? We just got bigger taxes and honestly in this crazy winter time I am not sure how we will survive. I just pray that spring comes as soon possible. We would appreciate if you can help us. This country sometimes is hopeless, me and my friends just see no way out write now. but then again, i went before the Lord...and God spoke to me this week: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-- think about such things. (Phil. 4:8). All that we do I believe we do for Jesus and the Truth. This is what I believe. I think that if we have needs we should go before the Lord because everything comes from Him. But he also told us to stay together and look after each other. So dear brother I ask you to pray and support us through this hard time...Sincerelly yours :brother in Christ,

 [e-mail received ‘as is’]


news from croatia 

I hope to help the visiting brother and sister with translating when they come here soon. Nobody here seems interested in being baptized. I would love to go with you to Bosnia but I have to work. Remain blessed always!
Sis. Anita

news from georgia 

Although I cannot exit from this region which is now carefully controlled because of the tensions, I wish to send my warmest best wishes to all brothers and sisters at the Bible Schools which I read about. My connection with you is through the reading by the same Bible Companion. I was sorry to read of the death of several brothers and sisters recently. I believe as they did for sure, in the resurrection.
Bro. Guram

news from germany 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of DOMINIK in Berlin, after a long study of Bible Basics. Our prayers are with him in his efforts to share the Truth with many others.

news from iran 

We receive communications from our Brethren here but they are all in a seriously dangerous position, with Moslem vigilantes searching out all converts to Christianity to inflict the death sentence upon them.

news from israel 

I am now living here, very near to Br & Sis Vezumsky. There is a British Brother now living in Israel and sometimes we are gathering with him for the breaking of bread. I am still working on converting people in Ukraine by correspondence. There is a great need here for the book The Last Days as the Russian population here is very interested in hearing about prophecies about the Arab invasion of Israel.
Bro. Vladimir

news from italy 

As I have received so much encouragement, I would like to share encouragement with you all too. From Ps. 59:16 we read, that God should be our fortress.
Bro. Naizghi [refugee from Eritreaya]

news from jordan 

I want to thank you so much for remembering me here. I greatly commend the new English course sent to me to review. It is truly good. May our Father in Heaven bless you and make this good work prosper.
Bro. Bassam

news from kazakhstan 

I feel very bad for a long silence. I so wanted to come to the Bible School in Kazan. I am missing you all terribly.
Sis. Elvira

I have been so ill. The doctor recommended me to have an operation but the cost is $500 and I earn such low income, it is quite impossible for me. I have nobody to turn to apart from the Lord and I feel very desperate.
Sis. Galina

Please pray for my son Andrej, he is sick, and here it is so hard when a child is sick and needs help. I will try to join in the online breaking of bread some time.
Sis. Tanya

news from kyrgyzstan 

We are very pleased to announce the baptisms of RASHID and VLADISLAV. May the Lord keep them in their path to His Kingdom.

I am very encouraged by the baptisms of Brothers Rashid and Vladislav, we are meeting regularly. There are so many people trying to preach here, Witnesses, Charismatics etc, but the people choose which group they want to belong to because of how much they are given by them, of food or money. The economic situation here is worse and worse. We have great peace because we desire to follow only the true word of God.
Bro. Anvar

I am very happy to be baptized. I was formerly a Moslem. My mother was a Kirgiz and my father an Uzbek. I went to listen to the other churches but got no satisfaction. I am so grateful to Brother Anvar that he gave me the book Bible Basics. I have very carefully studied this so many times.
Bro. Rashid

I was baptized recently by Brother Anvar as you know, my great need is for more literature so I can grow deeper in the Bible. I have so many questions, but I am thankful to our Father and His Son that they revealed to me the one truth.
Bro. Vladislav

news from latvia 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of SERGEJ and LAIMONIS. May the Lord keep them in the way to His Kingdom.

I continue here, though this Winter has been very cold and such high bills to pay. I so enjoy Gospel News  it is my lifeline to the rest of the brothers and sisters.
Bro. Petr

I have been very scared to go out as it has been so cold and slippery and my eyes are so weak now. I am hoping to come to the Sisters’ Weekend if I can be taken there by car. I live by the sea and the storms and great cold recently made me always think of God’s power to do as He likes, and especially to save me.
Sis. Zina 

Things are begining to get to big point in my life now, I dont know where all that is leading, but I am growing in my belief constantly. I want to thank you once more for being with me and all the things that you have done for me, I doubt I ever fully will be able to see how it would be like without all that, but I am sure that some people in this world will gain much in their way of seeking the truth. True grace never seeks for its own benefit, in this sense you always have been example for me. Indeed, Jesus was (and is today) acting the same way. Thank you for being with me.
Bro. Janis

I am in a regular rhythm of reading each day by the planner. I was really impressed with the booklet about Living with Alcoholism. It is so much needed here. But I see people addicted to so many things, it seems all people around me are addicted to something. I think we need more literature about those addictions and in this way we can bring the people to the truth.
Bro. Vladimir 

The cost of medicines and hospital for me is too great, so I am now back at home. I await only for the Kingdom. I can’t even afford to call out the ambulance when I feel very bad, because even that costs money. I am only waiting for the Kingdom of God.
Bro. Viktor

I remember the words of old Sis. Aleksandra when I was baptized, that I would have great joy because of it. This is how it has happened, that joy has not gone away. Still I am trying to get people more interested. Because of where I live, not even in a village, there are few people I meet each week, but I am trying to interest them in Bible Basics .
Sis. Sarmite 

I break the bread and read the Bible here every day. I believe that agape love will alone prevent all divisions. The way is not easy as you once wrote in an editorial. In everything be thankful, I keep telling myself.
Sis. Olga

I live with hope but amidst many problems. My old mother is in the hospital now maybe for the last time, it is just as well, as our room here in the village is so very cold. I always carry my small Bible with me wherever I go. I am so sorry I missed the last gathering and would love to come to the next one God willing.
Sis. Vaira 

My diabetes is getting worse, and I have so many weaknesses I fear I may not be with us long. My sight is weakening but I can still read my Bible each day and I am continuing reading Beyond Bible Basics which is definitely helping my spiritual growth. But I need some spectacles, +3.5
Bro. Fyodyor

Comment: We’ve been happy to arrange these spectacles for our dear brother


news from macedonia 

I was out of Skopje for a few weeks to complete my entire rehabilitating process. Everything seems to be fine now. My blood sugar level went up as it was supposed to go and now I have dedicated myself to finish translating the last study of Bible Basics  in Aromanian. I hope everything's fine and I truly believe to finish the translation as soon as possible. I pray to God every day  for my Christadelphian Brothers and Sisters. May the Lord help us all in our cause. Only He can, eventually.
Bro. Dragan

news from moldova 

I am feeling very depressed at the moment because of much that is going on. I simply want to be alone with God and the Bible, I seek for sincerity in my relationship with Him and with all people. Things are a bit better for us materially as Ira also has work now even if she doesn’t earn much. But above all my soul thirsts for God.
Sis. Elvira

news from oman 

I was really encouraged to see the new course for teaching English combined with teaching the Gospel. May God use it and all of you mightily.
Bro. David Jacob

news from pakistan 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of the following in Sahiwal: Ruksana, Nagama, Abida, Saselea, Rubina, Rabia, Anjila, Mahreen, Yasmeen, Nasireen, Saber and Raaqait. May the Lord guide them to His Kingdom.

These days we are going through many problems. Please pray for us. Today however we baptized 12 people.
Sis. Safina

Reviewed the draft of the Speaking About Jesus study manual for students of English. It is excellent and we will be able to use it here in Pakistan in our witness!
Bro. Ash

news from poland 

I find the teaching materials you've made interesting and motivating, yet the students using them should need a special interest in Biblical things.  I tried to use the Bible in teaching languages.But in most of the cases, the students tend to switch the subject and want lessons based on more neutral things. I recently met our new Bro. Krzysztof from Walbrzych and he would like to receive Gospel News.
With brotherly love.
Bro. Val

news from russia 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of EVGENIJ, MARIJA, ELIZABETA, ELENA, LUDMILA and VITALY. May the Lord guide them towards His Kingdom. Our brother Leonid is being providentially cared for whilst serving his alternative service after his tribunal. He sends greetings to all and was recently visited and found in good spiritual shape.

I ask for your prayers for Brother Vladimir, who, although he left us from fear of persecution, was recently arrested and falsely charged with murder by those here trying to persecute Christadelphians. He is now in prison. Let us pray for him and please pray for us too as the situation here is very hard for us.
Bro. A 

My daughter is so sick, the doctors recommend operation and treatment for her which will cost over $1000. We just can’t do this. It is so hard for us now we have to pay for our own treatment. We have no such money. I am re-reading Bible Basics. The basic things we believe calm me down, as I am so worried so much of the time, especially now my husband has left me. Please pray for me.
Sis. Olga

Things are still impossible for us. We only earn enough to buy fuel for our heater. But we plus have to eat and also I have to buy medicines, and the doctor tells me to buy a special diet! It is impossible for us. I have another invalid here who is interested in the truth. We are teaching him.
Sis. Galina 

We are expecting a baby boy very soon, so we are excited about that. I am glad that our whole family has the habit of reading each day from the Bible with the Companion, as now our new child will enter into that way of being regularly close with God. We are in need of Bibles here, they are hard to get.
Bro. Vladimir

I was so happy to have been at the Bible School, and to see that all went off so well. The longer the time goes by, the more thoughts I have about it. I was sorry to hear about the fall and breakage of Sis. Ellen Styles, and we are praying for her healing. It was my joy to baptize Evgenij and Marija, we were all so joyful afterwards.
Sis. Ludmila K. 

You are most welcome to come here and help us with a small preaching effort, maybe to distribute leaflets and to even hold a public talk in our town!
Bro. Alexei

We need more Bible Basics here in order to preach. In this cold Winter we are talking to people and feel much warmth from the love of God we read about each day in His word.
Sis. Tanya 

We the Sisters of Bashkortostan wish to thank you so much for Gospel News and all your love and care towards us. We appreciate it very much as we wait for Jesus.
Sis. Larisa

I am making more adverts for Bible Basics here, praying for more fruit here.
Bro. Andrej

I greet all my beloved Christadelphians. I am sorry I didn’t write recently, my health is not good. But I am still reading with you every day by the plan, which Brother Duncan gave me at my baptism. I promised to follow it, and I do so. I found recently a photograph of myself. When I was very young, I was in Red Army, and we fought the way to Berlin. I operated as a runner carrying information. I crossed the Vistula in Warsaw on the ice. I was once proud of this, and later, I re-visited some of those places, and had my photo taken by the war memorials. Now I see all differently. Those experiences were only my preparation, preparing me to accept the truth from Bible Basics and to be baptized into Jesus. I am sending you one of those photos of me by a war memorial, which I found recently, so you can see how I once looked.
Sis. Aleksandra


Photo: Sis. Aleksandra at a war memorial around 30 years ago.

I want to thank you although rather late for the wonderful Bible School which was possible in Kazan. It was wonderful to be with brothers and sisters. On the way home, I went to Kirov Obl. to visit relatives and I was taken ill, I was alone in the hospital for 15 days. Now I am back home. Here we are meeting each Sunday to break bread and all of us are reading according to the Companion each day.
Sis. Raisa 

I am very worried about how I will be buried, I am surrounded by people here who not only do not care for me, but who also are totally not Christians. My life has been very lonely, my only pleasant memories are of my late wife, now I am alone but I do believe you are my true family.
Bro. Boris

I am now kept very busy with the needs of several elderly relatives. The Government here has greatly reduced benefits to the pensioners, and they are in a very difficult situation in paying for their heating during this Winter. I remember even in Soviet times, we Russians wanted to turn to God in hard times. And so it is now, the people turn to God as truly some of them have no other help.
Bro. Valerij 

I am fine here, but I have to work so very long hours, I am tired all the time. I miss you all and love you all.
Sis. Natasha

Here we are all well and sending greetings. However some sisters stopped coming to our ecclesia, and have chosen for the world it seems. We are very sad and don’t know what to do about them.
Sis. Vera 

I think the new teaching English course is really cool and will do much good. I have thought up a new design for the website and will share it with you soon.
Bro. Rinat

I am so happy because finally my refugee status has been resolved and I have been allowed to take Russian citizenship! I know this is because of your prayers. However I am left with heavy debts from this. I rejoice in the Lord.
Sis. Ekaterina 

You asked if I am still reading according to the Companion each day and I can say that yes, I certainly am. But the more I read, the more I feel compelled to take this wonderful knowledge to other people, indeed I am ready to travel to the most dangerous place to give that knowledge to others.
Bro. Sasha

The Winter here has been so terrible, I have been sick so often, and would appreciate if anyone can send me some warm clothes. My pension is so small, and also, there is nowhere to buy second hand clothes from. I am reading the Bible with you each day. I rejoice to hear there were baptisms even in Moslem places like Uzbekistan.
Sis. Galina 

I have been sick a long time and also Vladimir, only now are we able to focus upon anything. We were delighted to look through the new book for teaching English based around Mark’s Gospel. We think it is excellent and will bring many to Jesus.
Sis. Nina

news from serbia 

I have very little spare time at the moment and no computer any more. But I am so looking forward to meeting Brother Duncan and Brother Valdas on their visit. I have plans for making advertisements here for the Gospel.
Bro. William

news from turkey 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of FABIAN and an Iranian refugee brother M. May the Lord bless and guide them to His Kingdom.

I am hoping to meet with brother M tomorrow. I have bought some Bibles in Turkish thanks to your help. I have some persons interested to be baptized and I am telling them all about Christadelphians.
Bro. Scotty

I am pleased to review the draft of the new book planned for spreading the Gospel through teaching English. As I am an English teacher. May you all be blessed with health.
Bro. Ramazan

I need more copies of the Turkish Bible Basics as I have contacts in Bursa who are very interested to learn our faith, please pray for them.
Bro. Surreya

news from turkmenistan 

We are well here and thank you for your prayers and supports, and thank you to all of you who bought the camels and slippers that we made. It is a great help to us! I am working on the translation of Bible Basics into Turkmeni. But there are many problems with computers. I also find it hard to get invitations from the Government for Sister Liz to come but I will try.
Sis. G.

news from ukraine 

I think it is amazing that Jesus as a man, a normal man, died on the cross for me. He got forgiveness for all my sins and not just sins but what I fail to do and to develop to. I am very, very grateful that you showed me the way to Him and to be baptized.
Bro. Vladimir

news from uzbekistan 

As a person with no education and not being an Uzbek, I am having a very hard time just to survive here, especially during the Winter as cost of heating etc. is so high for me.
Bro. Oleg

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