No Lying

Two Christadelphians entered a furniture shop in City centre.  The two were looking at bicycles displayed in the shop when a delivery man entered.  He didn’t see a T.V. set perched on a stand and with his cart stacked so high with boxes he hit the television and sent it crashing to the floor.  The Christadelphians watched The branch manager said, “You do not need to worry   I understand you are aware that accidents can happen.  We’ll just tell the manufacturer it was damaged in shipping, he’ll give us a new one.”  A blatant lie!  The brethren in Christ left the store without making a purchase.  They would not want to give their business to a man who would lie without giving it a thought.  It’s pretty tough not to fall into a pattern of lying, but if we give in to the temptation to lie, soon we are doing it so often that we’re not even aware of it. It becomes a way of life.  What we don’t realize is that for the few bucks we may save, we have sold out on a basic principle of the Bible (Eph. 4:25) and compromised our witness for Christ.  The standards of God’s Word are high.  We must not lower them for the sake of financial gain or because we fear that it’s the only way our business can survive.  Our rule in business and in all of life should be, NO LYING.

Bro. E. Kagogodza (Concession, Zimbabwe)

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