"Into all the world�"

Several issues ago we made an appeal for funds to produce Christadelphian literature in languages where there is little or none. Thanks to your support and the wonderful contribution of translation made by many Brethren and Sisters and contacts throughout the world, we are now pleased to inform you that the booklet “What is the Gospel?” [summarizing our basic Christadelphian beliefs] is now available in the following 32 languages. You can view the translations at http://carelinks.net/doc/gospel. We earnestly pray that the true Gospel will soon have gone into all the world, so that the Lord’s return may be hastened.

Albanian French Lithuanian Serbian Turkmen
Aromanian German Macedonian Slovenian Ukrainian
Bosnian Hungarian Pashto [Afghani] Spanish Urdu
Bulgarian Kazakh Polish Tamil Uzbek
Cebuano Kikamba Portuguese Tatar Vlach
Croatian Kikuyu Romanian Tok Pisin
Farsi Kirghiz Russian Turkish

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