News from Europe / Eurasia

news from albania 

We are delighted to report the baptism of Bro EMERSON in Pogradec; may he run the race faithfully to the end.


news from azerbaijan 

We are still here awaiting for UNHCR. We pray for you all. Please don't forget us but pray for us. May God bless your work on and on!
Bro. N [ex-Iran]

This is N--- , the Iranian refugee who living in Baku , i just wanted you to know that I always hold you all in my prayer although we hadn't any contact to each other .
Bro N

I am trying to learn English, so that I can translate some basic things into Farsi, like a chronological outline of basic Bible facts, to help others understand. We love and pray for you.
Sis. E. [ex-Iran]

news from belarus 

We are really grateful for the work of Brother Igor from Moscow who comes here often and helps us with literature etc. I am in touch with a man I spoke to 4 years ago on Biblical themes and it seems he will respond more. I am very happy about this.
Bro. Leonid

Photo: A newly baptised family in Belarus

The Lord Jesus said that if people persecuted him, then they would persecute us too. This is happening now as a sign of the last days. My flat is always at the disposal of those persecuted for righeousness' sake.
Bro. Sasha

Things have had to change in our lives because of financial problems but I hope all will now normalize. I have 4 more people interested to receive Bible Basics.
Bro. Gennady

I am eagerly reading through the books sent, they are is true spiritual food for me. I would love to have a library of Christadelphian books like this but I know only Russian.
Bro. Vladimir

news from bosnia 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of Brothers D and I in Sarajevo; may the Lord guide them to His Kingdom through their lives in this difficult land.

We reproduce an email just as received from one of our new brethren:

Hey brother i'v got extra good news: Another friend of mine wants to be baptised YUHUUUU I could just scream and sing how happy I am because of it. It came finally, I am so happy, I am sorry if I sound crazy but that means so much to me. Praise the God almighty!


news from bulgaria 

Now I am preparing an exposition. It is a sort of address to younger brothers and sisters. I hope it will have some effect - at least to those with relevant disposition of mind. It may be interesting for you too. I started writing it last night but I was short of time. I hope to finish it today.
Bro. Lyuben

I am now very sick and my father also is about to die, all I think about is to have my burial done by you who taught me about Jesus and the hope. Please pray for me.
Bro. Ivan

news from greenland 

In response to the call we have each received to take the Gospel into all the world before the Lord returns, the Bible Basics Follow Up Team have been expanding work into Greenland and Iceland, where we are unaware that there are any Christadelphians. Response from Iceland to advertising has been excellent- we now have around 50 contacts studying Bible Basics. Seeing the population is only about 250,000, we found the response quite amazing.

Spurred on by this, we have sought to advertise on web sites in Greenland, where the population is even smaller.

We've found that the internet is only just taking off there, and of course people have never had offers of free Bible literature put to them before. Some internet cafes are opening and we are in touch with them with regard to advertising. Further, the small population there is very closely connected with each other, and we found a listing of all home pages of Greenlanders - there are about 30 people in Greenland who have their own private home page. So we've written to the people and asked if they'd like a pen pal with whom to discuss the Bible, and whether they'd like us to send them a copy of Bible Basics. Our working team have also discovered that the University of Greenland has a theology faculty - with one lecturer and four students! The way things are going, most people in Greenland and Iceland who are online and know some English will have been approached by us with the offer of the Truth. We've also learnt that there's a major alcohol problem in these areas, and we are seeking to get our material about "Living with alcoholism: A Christian Response" [see] translated into Danish, Icelandic and the Greenland language.


news from iran 


An Iranian Brother on the run because of persecution in Iran reports:

I hope that God helping to all of us and show us the true way  in every where!  There are some people who want to baptize and I'm in contact with them! God willing they will come here but the date is not clear yet, about the other brothers & sisters in Iran, I have to say that everybody are ok and they are growing up in  believe and faith as well, [brother K] has sent me some offline message, he sounds so busy! And I received an email from [brother D], and brother M called me a few days before  and brother A also. And I heard from the other sister that she is ok too, thanks to God that everybody's living peaceful at the moment!

Lots of love and regard, God bless


news from israel 

I ask for your prayers for my daughter who is still unconscious after her accident, and for my son, who is going to remarry, to a woman who has a child. I have been visited by several brothers and sisters recently, some of them came without a translator so we couldn't communicate, but I send greetings and love to you all.
Sis. Anna

news from italy 

I'm fine here, by the grace of God. Thank you for your letter, magazines etc.  I have heard from Simon Phillips and Anna, who have briefed me about brethren and sisters here in Italy - I'm glad to be one of them.  I'm alone here, as my wife and kids are back in Ghana.
Bro. Foster Ankrah-Pambour

news from latvia 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of EVA and LIGA at the Riga Bible School; and KARINA, TAISA, EDGARS, NINA, ROMAN  and ALEKSANDR on subsequent visits. May God bless and guide them in their walk.

We are both still very much in shock after the loss of our mother. All is very dark for us, and worse, we have difficulty finding even odd jobs, and we now have only a sack of potatoes to eat, we worked on a farm and then they wouldn't pay us but gave us the potatoes. Please pray for us, we so trust in God.
Brothers Sasha and Sergej

Today I was in touch with a great question. Why it is so hard to say to our relatives that we love them? I think it causes many problems. We actually feel, that we care for our dear people, we want to do many things to say it in our actions, but we never say it in words.  I think we are not alone, we just do not realise it. And I know, that our Lord loves us, He has said it many times in Bible, He proves it with His works, but do we say it in our prayers - I do love you, Jesus?
Bro. Janis

I am finding reading hard as my eyesight is so bad, and it is difficult to get a large print Bible here. I would so love to travel to Bible meetings but my health is too bad; I love you all!
Sis. Valeriana

I am hoping to come to the study day in Riga, God willing. I am so very glad Duncan and Cindy are in Riga, they are a great help to us. I would love to go to Russia to see my mother and try to preach the Truth to her but the fare is so expensive.
Bro. Vladimir

I do not cease wrapping you up in my prayers as you continue to work for God in dangerous places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. I hope that even here I can be to others a comforting light in this darkness, and even if there is no response I hope I will remain faithful.
Sis. Olga

I have two weeks holiday from work so I can write to let you know that I feel God working very actively in my life especially through what I pray for and His way of answering or working out those answers.
Sis. Anna

Life here in prison is really difficult, especially as my relatives do not help me at all. I think of the places where I hear there are baptisms and I am with you all.
Bro. Anatoly

I arrived here OK. My life and work is somewhat hard, looking after an old lady who cannot walk at all. She was from St Petersburg before she came here, so we reminisce about what life was like in USSR. Please pray for me. I miss you all   terribly, and wonder who is sitting in my place at the breaking of bread meetings.
Sis. Tanya
[currently working abroad]

I am thankful to all brothers and sisters who organised the 'camp' over the Easter holidays.  There was Bro. Graham Mitchel who introduced us to brothers and sisters in Africa through his video.  It was so moving to see them and also to see brothers and sisters in the Philippines, but it was also terrible to see those about Iran and the devastation of Afghanistan.  Bro. Marcus gave a wonderful talk on the tabernacle in the wilderness.  We also watched the most moving and beautiful film about the life of Jesus Christ;  it it the most wonderful film about Jesus I have ever seen.  It was so nice to see our brothers and sisters again - too many names to list here.  I just say 'Thank you' to the brothers and sisters who organised this 'camp' and many, many thanks to our God and His Son.
Sis Aija

Photo: The Riga Ecclesia

I arrived OK here in Ireland but I am being made to work so extremely hard, and I think to return home to Latvia. I am having to work in the fields very hard and long work. It is also hard being here and not knowing English and trying to be understood. Please pray for me.
Sis. N
[currently working abroad]

I am still very ill, maybe I will not recover. My sight has started to fail very badly. I am surely hoping for the Kingdom of God, it is my only hope. I manage to read some pages from the Bible each day but it is hard for me to concentrate. Please pray for me.
Bro. Fyodyor

news from lithuania 

I am so pleased with the large print Bible sent to me, now I read and read so much. I am sorry to tell you that my mother is at the point of death, the doctors do not think she will last more than a month. Please pray for me.
Sis. Lubov

The Bible School was just excellent, I was very strengthened and look forward to our next meeting.
Bro. Valdas

I continue having very great problems and I do ask you pray for me and my son, as I pray for you. For example, recently, our block had a new door fitted, we each had to pay towards it but I truly have no money, and so they don't give me the key to the front door of our block. So please pray for me in this and many other problems.
Sis. Tanya

news from macedonia 

We are delighted to report the baptism of Brother D; may the Lord guide him to His Kingdom.

You cannot imagine my feelings, that I have been having after every denial of sin. I've been having a lot of dreams, but as never before. I have started a real internal combat, with the help of God. Thank you so much for letting me enter the life that God wanted us to have. I really find that  Bible Basics has certainly been my personal manual for understanding the Bible. Thanks and God bless you and your whole family.
Bro. D.


news from malta 

We enjoy reading the Magazine.  We have been to the CBM flat in Malta on our twice yearly visit.  We now have Bro. Emmanuel, 82 years old, baptized five years ago approx., and Bro. Walter and Sis. Josephine, baptized 18 months ago;  they are younger and came to us via a 'Fellowship' meeting.  In Gozo there is Bro. Salvu who is very lonely and has had some 'persecutions' over the past five years or so.  Some of his hay crop, used to feed his goats, was stolen and his doorway blocked during the Festa so that he couldn't leave his home and watch his crops.  A few months earlier his cycle tyres (his only transport) were slashed for a joke(!) by the parish priest.  Gozo is small and Salvu's village has three streets only, and a massive church, so all know he does not 'confess' etc.  It is a joy to visit him also.  We have so much to be thankful for.
Bro. & Sis. G. Jenkins

news from moldova 

I have finished the translation of What is the Gospel? into Romanian and I hope it is going to help people know the truth!
Sis. Nastya

I am so pleased that my daughter was baptized and for your visit. She is changing and I see that God is at work in us through your work, thank you!
Sis. Elvira

I am truly happy to be baptized and be your sister. I have many problems, I believe God will help me through. I am proud to be a sister of Christ.
Sis. Ira

news from morocco 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of brethren H and O, and trust that the Lord will bless them and all His scattered flock in this Moslem land unto His Kingdom.

Thank you for your last visit, we were happy to meet you in Morocco, and to meet other brothers, I wish to meet you again in other city with new brothers, pray for us , we will do all in our power to reach people in other places to hear the message of our God.
Bro. H

I was very glad to become your brother by baptism. I have four friends here who need the Arabic Bible Basics for Moslems, this is a very important book for my preaching.
Bro. O

I am trying by all means to get people here to accept the Bible truth and to be baptized, it is a hard job, and we have such people interested in far cities where we need to travel to.
Bro S

news from norway 

Bro. John Benson is going to visit all brothers and sisters in Norway, so he together with some other Christadelphians will visit me. We can speak, read the Bible and break bread together. It was very nice recently to read my favourite book Proverbs. I enjoy reading them. I think Proverbs was the first Bible chapter that I read when I got my Bible many years ago.
Sis. Helena

news from oman 

It is encouraging to receive your mail after a long time. Alice and I are so happy to know about your welfare.  I will give you the list to whom Bible Basics is to be sent. The ecclesia is growing well. Pray for this, as you planted the first seed in Oman. I am attaching the list of the ecclesia. Please pray for this. Please pray for us. All are sending their love to you.
Bro. David

news from pakistan 

The Muslim extremists are behind those who are persecuting J's family. Brothers and Sisters of TTS have decided for me to hide for around two weeks. I am leaving TTS on Monday. Please pray for my saftey. Brothers and sisters, we need your prayers and urgent help for case and other things includinng my two weeks stay somewhere. Please respond me as soon as possible. I am in need of your help. With much love and peace, 
Bro A

I am very thankful for all your efforts. After reading your emails I am very much relaxed and feeling light. I believe that every situation has a time. I can foresee the wonderful time that He will use me abundantly to share His gospel among the lost and bring many to His kingdom.I believe that His provision will reach to me through you all on time. I know that thank you are small words to express my real feelings for all of you.You must believe that He is so pleased to you all when He enables you to share my aims and prove our true love for another. I love you all very much (2 Cor. 2:4) to let you know the depth of my love for you all. In His unfailing Love
Bro. K
[currently on the run from persecution - he urgently needs our prayers]

Recently Moslem extremists killed a boy here. Please pray for Pakistan and for us to be able to even live here as Christians.
Sis. Safina

Here a young boy who is Christian drank water from the tap of a Mosque, so they told him to convert to be a Moslem, and when he refused, they torture him, they peel his nails and give him electric shock and send the body back to his parents. I am sure one day all Christians will be killed here by Moslems. Pray for us.
Sis. E.

Today I baptized two women. I went to their colony,  where we built a pool for the baptism. I asked many questions of them, to make it clear why they wanted baptism and understood the doctrines, did they feel a true love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and how they were dealing with repenting of their sins. At the end I baptized them, I was very happy, and they were too.
Sis. S.

news from poland 

I am hoping to translate some things to Belarussian over the Summer holidays.
Bro. Val

[Note: This will be our first literature in Belarussian language].

news from russia 

We are delighted to report the baptism of GALINA (Armavir); may the Lord guide her to His Kingdom.

I continue to have many problems with my health and with persecution here. Please pray for us here.
Bro. S.

You know that we love you so  much, you are welcome any time you like. I am not sure that we'll have Bible week-end in Chelyabinsk. It seems to me that the time is too short.
Sis. Lena

I very much enjoyed some recent visits here and learnt much about God's word. I am enjoying a great correspondence with Sister Ludmila Kuritsyna, she is a true Christadelphian and very inspiring to me. I have truly much joy in the Lord.
Bro. Oleg

We are so grateful that you brought us to God, and that in your care for us we saw more of the face of Jesus Christ. We have distributed Bible Basics here and there are some who wish to be baptized whom we have been teaching.
Bro. Toly & Sis. Nadia

My great desire, as I think is true of so many of us scattered ones, is to be together, to take strength from each other, and so I pray for this to be the case and for it to be possible.
Sis Elena

Photo: A Group at the Russian Winter Bible School  

I just received a letter from Brother Don Styles from USA, I was much comforted. I am frustrated by lack of response to the Gospel here. Some visitors from CBM came here to see me and told me of their journeys around Russia.
Sis. Ludmila K.

Here we are fine. It is now about a year since we were baptized and it seems such a long time already. Life is still new for us. I am working through the books sent to me with much joy and learning a lot.
Bro. Andrej

I am reading the books sent to me each day and I would really love to have more such books, I have a great hunger for good explanations of the Bible. I send greetings to all.
Sis. Ludmila

I feel that this world is so evil that unless we are going forward in our spiritual growth, then we will be sucked back into the evil of the world, it is so strong. People are concerned so much with things which we know now to be totally insignificant whereas, praise God, He has given us His Truth!
Sis. Larisa

When I hear about the situation with our brothers in Afghanistan and Pakistan, I realize deep within me that my own problems are not so great. But all the same they are there, like possibly losing custody of my son, my poor health, such low wages now, etc. I can only pray to God but I also pray to Him for my brothers and sisters more now.
Sis. Svetlana

ROSTOV We are fine here and disappointed by all divisions. I have been preaching to a Moslem person by internet, but he refuses to abandon Koran.
Bro. Andrej

Photo: Sisters. Ludmila K.& C working out a Bible passage

I am very excited to hear about preaching in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Christadelphians have a hard time in truly growing here in Russia, there is so much against the acceptance of our preaching. I pray for you.
Bro. Sasha

I continue to be encouraged by Gospel News, it is one of the pieces of literature I read each morning as I seek to start each day with a time for spiritual reflection and prayer to our Father in Heaven.
Bro. Valerij

I have as always many questions. They are about many things. Such as why did the altar built of wood not burn up? Why does God say He doesn't ever change, but He does? Who are the spirits in prison whom Jesus preached to when He died? But beyond all these I do truly love God, and I love you, I am with you in my town here.  
Bro Boris

We are surrounded here by so much spiritual blindness. May God keep me and my family in His way so that we can come into His Kingdom of light and truth when Jesus returns. I ask the Lord to help me carry the many crosses I have here.
Bro. Ivan

VINOGRADOVKA I am feeling very lonely here. I am very grateful to Sister Ludmila from Kazan who writes to me and supports me in hard moments. I am reading the Bible very much but I feel very alone, and I missed seeing you all at the Winter Bible School.
Sis. Galina

news from serbia 

The new legislation about registering churches has now been passed here, and it seems only Orthodox, Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Lutherans and Hungarian Reformed have been allowed to formally register. I know this will make things harder for us as we by all means try to spread the Gospel to the dark world. I am excited to hear of baptisms in Morocco and the way people are brave enough to break with tradition. I am preaching to some Chinese here and would appreciate copies of Chinese Bible Basics.
Bro. Vladislav

I am very busy with my PhD work, and haven't had the chance to meet with Bro. William much. We are OK. Last time when Bro. Owen was here in Hungary, he put Bible Basics in the public library.
Bro. Zoltan

I am preaching by internet still. I have one Serbian man in Norway who is writing and I hope he will convert. That he even answered and replies to me indicates the work of God's Angels calling people.
Bro. William

news from turkey 

We dont forget you. We are very happy for new birth in baptism. We want to remain with contact with you. We so want to see you again.  "for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of  your  souls"  (1  Peter   1.9).
Bro. F. & Sis. R

By God's will I am having to leave where I am now and move to another city in Turkey. For some reason our application for asylum in USA has been again turned down despite all documents in order and we are threatened to be deported to Northern Iraq. Please pray for us.
Bro. H
[ex-Iran and Iraq]

news from turkmenistan 

I have returned from Saint Petersburg. I went to Russia to visit one translation company and was looking for a job. The situation with jobs here is getting harder.  I was looking for a job in the field of translation or interpreter, or even child or old woman care. I went there as many people are going anywhere to find jobs. But I am not sad and everything is fine as God was with me and yesterday I came to Ashgabat. Take care and God bless you.
Sis. G.

news from ukraine 

For a real believer in Jesus Christ, he has been taught to love one another, and always try to help in difficulties within one's possibilities. No laws any more. Just pure love. It is not for human beings to judge disciples in the family of Christ as that is possible only for one Person.
Bro. A

I am trying to work as quickly as possible on producing a new magazine in the Russian language, there is a great need for it.
Sis. Ludmila

I realize more and more how meeting with the brothers from England has truly opened my eyes to a new world, the world of the Bible and of the truth, of Jesus Christ, and of the far better life there is and the hope we can share. I want to say thank you.
Bro. Gennady

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