“He Whom the Father Loves, He Chastens”

Hebrews 12:1-11 has some words that touched me day and night, so I want to share them with others.  There are two important words in this passage: “endurance”, which is the ability not to break under pressure and “discipline”, the willingness to let such pressure so positively affect us that we will be better able to do what we should. We have the example of a runner to illustrate these.  The spectators around the field encourage him as he tries to break the records of those who have run the race before him.  For us, these are fellow believers today and those who have lived the life of faith before us. 

  Sin is the great obstacle to winning this race.  We therefore  need the endurance to resist all the pressures and temptations to sin.  At the same time we will submit to the discipline of God which will strengthen our resistance to evil.  These will be painful and sometimes long.  But we should know that God is doing it out of His love for us.

Bro Dzingai Sumberera (Gwevu, Zimbabwe)

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