Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord?

Hospitality was very important among the people of the East and still is today.  The three men we read about in Genesis 18:12, did not ask Abraham for any refreshment.  He went out to invite them (verses 4 and 5) and was generous to them in the extreme (verses 6 and 7).

Many of us face economic hardship, but let us not make that an excuse to avoid being hospitable.  Read Hebrews 13:2.  These were no ordinary men; they were angels, bringing a message, verses 12 to 14 make this clear.  They were come personally to announce to Abraham the fulfilment of His promise.  Sarah was to have a child - humanly impossible.  What a comfort to know that God can do all things and yet He cares about you and me enough to know your thoughts and mine.

Bro. Dzingai Sumburera (Gwevu, Zimbabwe)

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