A Message From Israel

  Shalom!  The Christadelphians living in Israel send you great greetings! We are writing this letter to our dear brothers and sisters in California! May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus (2 Pet. 1:2).

  Many thanks for your letter for the Christadelphians in Israel. Our country is small. Its area is one twentieth of the size of California. It's population is a quarter of the size of California. There are mainly Judaists here and also Moslems and some Christians of Catholic and Orthodox churches. Christadelphians are only a few dozen people. These are the believers who in recent years were prepared for baptism by the work and correspondence and writings of our brother Duncan Heaster, and were baptized in the river Jordan. Even in the biggest cities here we are only a few people but we don't feel cut off from each other. Two or three times per year we are invited by the English brothers to a Bible School. In between these times we have been visited by our brother Jesse Warner who has hired a car and gathered us together and has visited us at home and held other meetings thanks to God's will. These really turned out to be blessed meetings. Also sister Natasha in Karmiel, who was baptized before her coming to Israel from Ukraine, arranges meetings for the breaking of bread and other studies in her home and also in other places. On 14 February 12 people gathered together in Tel Aviv. We read together from the Scriptures, offered prayers to our Lord, had joyful fellowship, and made the breaking of bread ceremony in the name of the Lord Jesus. How we are blessed to have such a wonderful family in Christ! We see the truth of the words, that if one part of the body suffers, then so do all the others; if one part of the body is blessed, then all other parts rejoice (1 Cor. 12:26). We are joyful to know you are strong and vibrant in the faith. We wish you only peace and joy!

With love in Christ

Bro. Vladimir
May 2004

Bro. Vladimir (Petah Tikva, Israel)

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