The Value of Seminars

  The meetings held during seminars are very helpful because they have helped in getting to know each other as we share in the word of God and the fellowship of the brethren. As seen from the photo, last year it was very wonderful to have the brethren come and join in fellowship. The brethren gave each other turns to bring the understanding in exhorting each other for good works.

  Another encouragement is that God is pleased when people come together and praise him unlike when they are divided. I emphasise to my fellow brethren to have real love, where giving is concerned, and many other things.  Agape love comes from the depth of the heart, where forgiveness is granted, loving people unconditionally whether one is working or not, whether one is a widow, an orphan, etc. The greatest love that one can ever receive is that from our Father, who freely gave His only begotten son to come and die for us on the cross, so that if we believe in him we should never perish but have everlasting life. I can proudly say that the meetings that we have been having have really helped me and the entire family because we are able to reflect on the love of God each moment these meetings/seminars come along.  We praise God for this.


Photo: Standing left is Bre Herbert, Arnold, Ozious, a friend and Bro Davies, kneeling Iron Zulu, Sis Mary and Sis Theresa.


Bro. and Sis. Herbert Tigerepasi (Lusaka, Zambia)

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