One Spirit

  Our faith in the Gospel is based upon the Bible, and we came to it by rejecting the false views of many mere men. We are warned very clearly by Paul that in the last times, many especially bad false teachings will arise, and from such who teach them, we must turn away (2 Tim. 4; 3:1). If we are to be true followers of God’s word, then we must take these words of Paul very seriously. We know we are in the last times, and so we must be aware that these things will happen. We are also all aware that there are many who call themselves Christians who do not even teach what the Bible says and are organizing their churches and teaches in order to attract power and money to themselves.

  So I wish to draw our attention to the teaching of the Bible about the one body, because this also is a main doctrine of our faith. We must take this as seriously as we take any other doctrine of the Bible. Any who seek to destroy this beautiful doctrine are destroying the faith which is the Gospel. Jesus died because through His death He would gather together in one the children of God. If we are divided, then we are making His death for nothing. This is why I ask all brothers and sisters to take seriously the command and the Bible teaching to live in one body and with one and the same spirit between us. The purpose of Bible reading for us is that we find the truth, we find the true way to live, so that our way of life is what God wants. He wants us to be one, to learn to accept each other, and live with each other in one spirit. Ephesians 4:1-6 is a very beautiful passage of the Bible, about how there is only one faith, one hope, one baptism, one body. We must “walk worthy” of that calling, Paul says, which means that we must be one, otherwise we are not walking worthy of the calling of the truth we have been given. The ecclesia is the one body, the one temple, where God lives. It cannot be that there are two bodies or more. Each part of the body must be allowed to work with the other parts of the body, otherwise the body will destroy itself. The Lord Jesus Christ wants to work through us, because we are His body. We must be ready for Him, we must allow Him to work through us. Amen.

Bro. Gennady (Poltava, Ukraine)

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