Nepal from the eyes of a UK Missionary

  On arriving in Kathmandu, Nepal  I was faced with a bittersweet feeling. The tree-covered foothills and Himalayan mountains are breathtaking and beautiful. However, the poverty and suffering that surrounds you, reminds us ultimately of mankind's disobedience and its consequences. It reminds us of  the urgent need of Christ's return. It was an amazing experience to meet  some of my Brothers and Sisters in Nepal and learn what life was like for them in these turbulent times. Quite often the language barrier can be frustrating, but the power of a smile can be so encouraging, showing the love of our Saviour Jesus Christ and the

Power of the hope we share. The importance of talking to friends and relatives about God is evident in both ecclesias in Kathmandu. With no opportunity to preach outdoors, without the risk of imprisonment, both ecclesias have sprung in growth due to their conversations with interested friends and family, this is uplifting to us all as we strive to proclaim the Truth in our daily lives. Our trip to Nepal helped me realise how 'comfortable' life is in the UK and urged me never to forget the needs of our Brothers and Sisters living in hostile countries around the world. The passion for God and His righteous way I saw in those  I met has uplifted my spirit and I look forward to the opportunity, God willing,  meeting with them again in Nepal or the Kingdom.

Bro Jonathan Fry (U.K.)

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