Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Carelinks?

Carelinks consist of a group of Brothers and Sisters across the globe whose aim is to preach the Gospel and offer pastoral care to our fellow believers, especially those baptised by ourselves. Members are represented in America, Australia, South Africa, the UK and both Eastern and Western Europe, which effectively means that the work continues around the clock and someone will always be available to respond to requests for information and calls for help and support.

Carelinks were initiated to support pastoral and welfare work among the poor and suffering Brothers and Sisters after the principles of Christ's Good Samaritan example, that is loving our neighbour as ourselves.

What do you do?

One of our guiding principles is to follow the pattern of Paul in seeking to take Christ to where He has not been named by other preachers (2 Cor. 10:12-16), and therefore a lot of our preaching work is aimed at those countries which do not already have established ecclesias. The methods we employ are the initial development of interest, tutoring and following up contacts to baptism, encouraging the spiritual development of those baptized with the aim of them forming self-sustaining, independent ecclesias giving glory to our Father in Heaven, and caring for the specific material needs of those baptized. more details...

How can I make a difference?

We invite your involvement especially in terms of prayer, email and postal work, and contributing whatever specific skills, expertise and experience you have towards the huge task of pastoral care for the many new converts scattered across the globe.

Since Carelinks is not sponsored by any specific ecclesia, we are reliant on funds from individuals to carry on the preaching work and to support our new Brothers and Sisters in time of need. The need is always greater than the available funds, so please do consider making a contribution – details can be found on

We would be happy to answer any other questions or concerns. Please address them to