The Principles of the Atonement

Transcript of a Debate With Ruth Sisson


As debated in:

Christadelphian Tidings and

Megiddo Message magazines

Motion for discussion: “The Bible conditions our salvation and eternal rewards upon our individual obedience and virtue, and not upon any merits deriving from the literal death or blood of Jesus Christ.”


For the above motion: Pastor Ruth Sisson (Megiddo Mission)

Against the above motion: Mr. Duncan Heaster

8.1.1 The Conditions Of Salvation
8-1-2 The Basis Of Salvation
8-1-3 The Megiddo Mission
8-2-1 Obedience And Salvation
8-2-2 Spiritual Blood
8-3-1 The Problem of Human Nature
8-3-2 Sacrifice In The Law Of Moses
8-4-1 The Word And Blood Of Christ
8-4-2 God's Standard