12.1 Mary: A Biblical Debate

Transcript Of A Debate With Philip Bartlett

Written debate


Supporting the fallibility of Mary: Mr. Duncan Heaster

Against the fallibility of Mary: Mr. Philip Bartlett (Catholic)


12-1-1 Opening Statement By Duncan Heaster: False Worship Of Mary

12-1-2 Catholic Opening Statement By Philip Bartlett: The Catholic View Of Mary

Duncan Heaster’s response to Philip Bartlett’s opening statement

12-1-3 Mary And Catholic Interpretation

12-1-3-2 Was Mary A Perpetual Virgin?

12-1-4 Questions to Mr. Bartlett from Mr. Heaster: Mary As A Mortal Woman

(Note: Mr. Bartlett was previously a Presbyterian at the time of his debate about the Sabbath transcripted elsewhere in this book

Duncan Heaster, Philip Bartlett

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